mating chickens

  1. A

    Introducing the young girls help

    I have 4 SLW pullets and one SLW rooster that are 3 1/2 months only. I also have a big French Coco Maran rooster and two hens, that are about a year old. I have been keeping them apart but i thought i would try introducing them, the hens did fine with the young ones, you average pecking order...
  2. Oreoandhens

    Rooster getting hormonal!

    Hi! We are quite new at chicken keeping so just had a question about our rooster. When we got our exchequer leghorn rooster and hen they were both supposed to be hens but turned out one was a roo ha. He is maturing now as well as the hens are however he has recently started pulling their...
  3. S

    Aggressive rooster

    I was wondering what you guys thinking on dealing with aggressive roosters? I have three 15 week old Anconas that are in a large pen by themselves, with no pullets. They aren’t aggressive to me but I tried putting my 15 week old Cochin pullet with them for a minute and they pecked are her and I...
  4. TwoPitsInaPod

    Rough Rooster

    So I know that roosters can overmate the ladies when their are not enough ladies....but what do you do when you have enough hens and only one of them is getting beat up? I have a Barred Rock Roo who will be a year old in May I think, and I have 19 hens of various ages and breeds. He seems to...
  5. H

    Does Mating Hurt The Hen?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a rescue. He’s a very sweet rooster. He’s nice with people and the hens and is not aggressive. I introduced him to the hens yesterday and they largely ignored him but he tried his best to win them over. Today...
  6. Fun Chicks

    Roo & mating

    I have a Roo who is 2 now. Last spring he only had 7 hens & I ended up having to buy them all saddles. About 7 months ago I got him 5 more hens hoping that would help on my hens being over mated and loosing all of there saddle feathers & head feathers. Well it has not sadly. His spurs have come...
  7. AbigaelR

    My Hen thinks she’s a Rooster?

    Hey all! I have two hens, and one very docile Americana/Leghorn mix Rooster. He was placed with the adult hens when he was fairly young but he is coming up on a year. He does his dipped wing dance to my Barred Rock Hen and she either ignores him, chases him off, or dips her wing and does a...
  8. Stacyoung13

    Looking for love

    Just a quick question, do hens actively seeking out the roos for mating? Or is it just the roos that get in the mood. I've never noticed my hens asking for love. Just curious.
  9. cbass422407

    First time breeding chickens.

    I've been raising hens for three years now and have gotten to the point of wanting to add a rooster to the flock to try and produce chicks of my own. I'm planning on keeping the new rooster in a separate enclosure directly next to the girls so they get acquainted. Question is, after that, what...
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