1. KaleDaDuck

    My female quailis being injured by my male quail

    Iv'e seen my male quail mate with her but every time they do so the feathers from my female quail gets pulled and now he pulls on the skin Ouch... Is this okay or should i do something?
  2. leighjay33

    4 Sebrights Together?

    I have 4 Sebrights, 2 boys and 2 girls. I adopted them from a man who kept them all together in a small coop. They are extremely attached to each other (which is adorable) but I have some concerns. The girls started laying sweet little eggs about 2 months ago, somedays 1 egg a piece which I...
  3. KaleDaDuck

    I scared my male quail while mating with the female.

    So i was preparing a sand bath for my beautiful quails when it was amelia's time to take a bath (the female quail) i saw fred (the male quail) mating with her so i just removed fred from her and put her in the sand because i noticed fred was pulling her head feathers fred made some noises and...
  4. Lob21

    Why is my hen standing weird

    My hen Susan was acting normal then she froze still like this. She was like this when they mated last week but the Tom didn't do it today. Susan would freeze like this then run towards me rapidly and bend her legs like she was going to jump. She is a very non-agressive turkey as well as our tom.
  5. M

    Normal female duck behavior?

    Hi all!! So I have a a few ducks, one muscovy, one runner, and one magpie. Runner and muscovy are about 20-22 weeks old, magpie is 5-6 months old. We think they are all girls. But the magpie, when mounting the runner today, shot out a white liquid from "her" vent. That raised alarm for me. I...
  6. DiYMama540

    Goose mating behaviors

    Ok friends, educate me! What are some of the tell tale signs that geese are ready to mate? Do they do any head bobbing or dancing like the other birds?
  7. S

    Is it possible??

    is it possible for a rooster and hen to mate after a few hours of being introduced?? I borrowed a rooster for half a day to see if he would mate. That was 2 days ago. My chickens never sit on their eggs but today one was sitting on 6 of them! Do you think they could be fertile??
  8. WallyBirdie

    Young Roo, Big Bully

    I have a young Wyandotte roo (almost 4 months old) who is surprisingly large (I've been told he's a meat bird, but I will not be eating him). Not long ago, he was showing signs of being territorial and possessive of the flock, which was fine until he tried to bite me for refilling their water...
  9. AMoritz

    When do guineas pick mates?

    I've had guineas for a couple years now but I've never paid attention to when the young ones choose their mates. Now I have 3 young lavenders that I want a pair out of. When do they pick their mates? Before breeding season in spring? I'm thinking about possibly putting the lavenders in their...
  10. TwoChicksChix

    Rooster Determining Chick Sex?

    Hey everyone, I have an older silkie cockerel who is very randy. He often tries to breed my 11 week old and 19 week old silkie chicks. Of course, most of the time they run away from him like he’s a pervert, which he is, and cry for my protection. My main question is, will he only try to mount...
  11. J

    drake, duck pair size difference will the duck drown??

    I have two 3 month old ducks One is a mallard looking runner duck and even compared to other runner ducks she looks to be on the smaller side but I'm not completely sure about it and the other is a Abacot Ranger (streicherente) drake who is definitely much bigger and heavier than the runner...
  12. Ziekioe

    Big rooster, small hens?

    Hi everyone! I’ve just raised some fluffy chicks almost to the point of lay and they haven’t had a single day of being free-range due to some NASTY magpies in our paddock. We lost 4 chickens when they were younger by being dug out of their coop, these maggies are very aggressive. We just got a...
  13. Thechickentrainer1999

    Calling out capon owners

    This is a thread for people who own a capon (nueterd rooster) only. I currently have a 20 week old cockerel who is starting to become really aggresive with my hens and there is one he absolutely loves to terrorize constantly, all day literally and it absolutely puts her into shock I'll say and...
  14. Thechickentrainer1999

    Where to get a cockerel castrated?

    With no redirections or questions as to why, where can I go to get my cockerel castrated? I've read that people have been doing it for years at home but would like someone who knows what they're doing to do it for me whos certified. Any places or specific vets who will do it?
  15. Thechickentrainer1999

    Dead Cock/Rooster from mating?

    I just found out that cockerels/roosters can die mating, what would cause that and how do you prevent it? I've also read that a rooster can kill a hen mating how?
  16. T

    Red butt

    i have only had chickens for a year. We have eight hens and one rooster. Our rooster is a barred rock. I just noticed this evening after throwing them scraps that his butt under his tail is featherless and red. He seems fine otherwise. I have had to get saddles for all but one hen because he is...
  17. B

    Male coturnix quail having trouble eating, sticking his tongue out a lot.

    Hi there! I am currently raising four lovely coturnix quails. They live indoors in a hutch in my apartment, which is surprisingly unobtrusive with regular cleaning! Generally, the birds seem very happy. I have three females and one male. Two of the females are kept in the lower half of the...
  18. Pfau

    Peacock not mating with hens

    My Peacock seems to have some sort of problem, he isn't mating with any of his peahens. They're all over 3 years old, so I'm pretty sure they should be mature. He'll fan out his train and stare down a potential mate, and when she presents herself to him, it's like he just doesn't know what to...
  19. G

    Raising Ducks with Chickens

    Currently, I have some chickens, mainly hens. I am planning to get some ducks, hopefully males. I was wondering if I were to keep them together will the male duck try to breed with the hen? If so, will the eggs be fertilized? I don't want them to breed but I do want them to co-home together.
  20. Kris5902

    Missing feathers back of neck

    Ok, I know why this is happening... my cockerel has a favorite hen, the first to lay and at the Top of the Pecking order. I’ve even watched her peck and chase him when he gets frisky with the other girls. She has lost a lot of feathers at the back of her neck from him mounting her though. No...
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