1. H

    Adding a Rooster to my Pullet flock

    Okay so I’m lost here because I see so many varying opinions- My flock is 14 pullets, they’re barred Plymouth Rock, buff orpington, and australorp. Thoughts on adding a rooster to a flock of my 17 week old pullets? They’re all just now beginning to lay. When I first got them I only wanted hens...
  2. missmaqs

    QQ- Do roosters have a way of sensing gender?

    Apologies if this is silly, but I've been super curious. My rooster puts on a dance for the ladies, and lately he's been dancing for some of my straight runs, ranging from 1 month to 6 months old - he picks specific birds in my flock of young ones and dances for them? Can roosters instinctually...
  3. ThatChickenLady708

    Balding hen

    I have this poor hen that is a favorite amongst my roosters. They have never been a problem until recent.. for obvious reasons. lol They keep pulling her feathers out on the back of her neck! 😖 Otherwise, they're great roosters, but the poor girl is starting to get sunburnt! Is there something...
  4. G

    My goose is gay

    Okay, don't have any idea why. One of my female geese (I know she is female because she is laying eggs), runs whenever a gander comes near her but, lets 2 of the female geese stand on her back and pull her neck feathers. This has been going on for about a month. Should I put her and a gander...
  5. MangoDuck

    Premature pekin ducks mating

    So, we bought two pekin ducklings a few months back, and they’re almost four months old now. One is a female and the other is a male. We saw them mate two days ago (we think it was the first time) and they’ve mated two more times after that. I’ve heard that most ducks start mating at around 5...
  6. L

    Rooster separated from hens?

    Hi everyone! So here is my dilemma, I live with my parents while going to college and I have 4 younger siblings all under 8. We used to own a rooster that was friendly enough, but he'd attack the kids when they got close to him which made them never want to go outside when he was around. I...
  7. MartinFamilyHomestead


    I’ve owned ducks for a few years and for some reason tonight I had the question on how many eggs are fertilized through one mating session. Google helped me come to the conclusion that typically the sperm will stay in hen for up to 14 days, so essentially a clutch of eggs is fertilized by the...
  8. Adil_Ali

    Bantam cochin egg fertility issues

    I bought a trio of bantam cochin chickens. And the hens are laying eggs, and I have hatched a few of their eggs in the past (6), but the fertility is extremely low. Their age is about 3 years, and I feel like the problem isn't with the age, I think they face difficulty in mating. The male does...
  9. M

    How long should I isolate a breed to make sure their babies are of that kind?

    Hi! I have 2 breeds of chickens: Lavender Orpingtons and Black Marans. They all commingle together as a big family. Each of the breeds have a rooster so I have 2 roosters total. I'd like to know how long do I need to isolate one breed to make sure that the fertile eggs are of that specific...
  10. Jaimes09

    unknown breed

    Hey i was I wondering if anyone on here knew what breed these guys are. My rooster is short but older and the hen is definitely younger but taller. Having issue breeding as the hen never allows rooster to mount. Really wanted to know their breed and Get tips on how to get them to mate.
  11. QuailTail

    Over mating one female cortunix

    Hey everyone! So I have 2 male quails and 7 females in my aviary - lots of space and hidey holes provided. I recently swapped 3 males for 3 females, although one new gal has turned out to be a guy. I was originally aiming for only 1 male, but here we are. One of the new females came to me...
  12. R

    How to explain chicken sex to young children

    My 6 year grandson comes often to visit us. He loves chickens, feeding them and gathering eggs. I just dread the situation if he sees rooster mating a hen. I really don’t know what I should tell him. Any advice is appreciated. thanks
  13. 5

    🐓🐓Flock Integration Advice

    Hello chicken enthusiasts! Back in April, I was only able to get two barred rock (due to some specific circumstances). I had them in the run for a few weeks, so that they would know that it was their home and such. My older flock, free ranges and would come and go from the run as they would...
  14. OrlandoMama

    No eggs yet but breeding

    My flock is 17 weeks and 1 day and with the exception of my rooster that was gifted to me that’s for sure over a year. I have 2 rhode island reds, 2 light brahmas, and two prairie bluebell easter eggers. I have seen absolutely none of the girls squat or lay eggs but for the last few days I’ve...
  15. J

    Introduce new chick/ens to flock issues, and roo trying to breed underage new hen

    Hi so I'm having issues with introducing my 2 new chicks to the flock. For reference my original flock is made of all silkies and has my roo and hen and then they have 5, 14 week old chicks. So since their chicks are 14 weeks already and I can already see some of them are roos I decided that it...
  16. froggyphore

    are hens okay with mating?

    i want to get a rooster or two next year but i don’t want to if the ladies will feel harassed by his behavior. i know they don’t think about stuff the way we do but i don’t like the idea of some roo running around and grabbing my unwilling ladies by the neck. i plan to get a silkie since they...
  17. J

    About mating!

    People bought a trio of button quails a week ago, I'm sure it is a male and two females, even though my male does not have the collar he has the colors blue and brick red that I was told here even though only the males have. My question is the following, since I bought them I haven't seen them...
  18. oakridgefarm

    Turkey- Pheasant Cross?

    Hello! I am new here, not new to chickens (and an aviary with many other types of birds). I have a very interesting question. I have tried to research and cannot find anything. I have a solo turkey hen in the aviary and a ring-neck pheasant pair. The male pheasant has been "mating" with my...
  19. MartinFamilyHomestead

    Will wild ducks breed with domestic?

    I’ve noticed some wild ducks landing in our creek with our domestic flock. They seem to get along and get closer than I thought they would have. My son wants them to breed our hens so we can have a wood duck mix. I told him probably unlikely but it sparked some curiosity. Has anyone had any...
  20. RayrayB

    Rooster and Hen fighting

    Hey guys, I have a silkie hen who recently started "refusing" our rooster's advances and now is fighting with him. They were raised together and they've never had issues before-she was his favorite and is the head hen. Is this a little "lover's quarrel", or will I never get fertile eggs from her...
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