meat chickens

  1. H

    How much space will I need for my meat chickens and ducks?

    Hello! We currently have 5 laying hens who will be transitioning to their coop/run soon. Their run is 80 Sq ft. and their coop is 120 Sq ft. We also have 3 ducks that will be sharing the coop with them. Could the ducks also share the 80 Sq ft of run or do we need more space? Also, in a few...
  2. beaches4me

    ISO Meat Chicken hatching eggs

    Looking to buy some meat chicken hatching eggs. Let me know what you have and how much. Shipping would be to 24422. Looking for anywhere from 12 to 24 and will be a repeat buyer if the price + shipping is a good deal. Thanks!!
  3. D

    after cleaning Cornish Cross - next step?

    Hello everyone, My husband and I are raising 25 Cornish Cross and plan to harvest them this week and next, but we just came across additional information we weren't aware of would appreciate some help in understanding. So after we kill, scald, pluck, clean we read that you need to rest in ice...
  4. MsRebekah

    Discolored (green) Meat

    Hi! This is my first post here. We have been raising meat chickens without ever having an issue. In fact the meat is always juicy and soooooo delicious! But last night I cooked up a chicken and when cutting into it, the meat looked darker than it should have been in the lower portion of the...
  5. LittleHillFarms

    JG Crosses???

    has anyone crossed Jersey Giants with another breed to get a faster-growing bird? I would like to start selling some of my own meat birds. I am looking to create my own version of the Cornish x with Jersey Giants, of course, nothing that grows as fast as the Cornish x.
  6. C

    Feed for best tasting meat?

    This is our first try with meat birds and I wonder, what feed should I go for to create the best tasting meat? That is the whole idea, right? Backyard chickens should taste better, not just be fed the same thing they are getting at the factories. Other than free ranging, and various treats...
  7. ElevenM

    How much fermented feed do I feed meat birds

    I have 200 Red Ranger chicks a 100 of them are three weeks old in chicken tractors on pasture, 100 of them are 2 days old in a brooder, I'm just starting out feeding fermented feed and looking for a guideline on how much to feed. Would anyone have an average guideline?
  8. UluLaté

    Lower protein for Cornish Rocks?

    First time raising meat birds. We've lost 7 so far. Crows (grrrr) and coccidiosis. They are 8 weeks and not as big as they should be, but only one with a leg issue, and even that one was very active. I have fed them variable feed. Two weeks of 18% organic with plenty of dried worms....Then...
  9. EggMan207

    Can I feed my broilers the same starter/grower I feed my layers?

    Can I feed my broilers the same start/grower I use to feed my layers? It's blue seal multi-flock and has a protein content of 22%. I know I should feed my layers broiler food, but this seems like it would work... thoughts and insights needed. Thank you.
  10. PatriotShar

    Does "Finisher" Feed come in Crumbles ???

    I'm told I need Finisher in CRUMBLES & I'm only finding it in PELLETS ??????
  11. PatriotShar

    Meat chickens

    I'm new at this & this is my 1st batch ??of 10 I'm being told that I need to now feed my chickens (just finished 2nd bag of "starter crumbles") turkey finisher ??crumbles?? The only finisher I'm finding is pellets ?? Anyone raising meat chickens out there have any advise? I'm not sure what...
  12. LovinThisFarmGirlLife

    Dual purpose chickens?

    Hi there. I've been researching the chicken breeds we have and I'm wondering about birds who are good for eggs and meat. I have several chickens who are at the end of their laying days. They were hand-me-downs from the people we bought our house from. Most of them are meat/egg birds, so my...
  13. Jennifer K8686

    Looking for Slaughter/processing in CT

    Hi, I have some chickens and ducks that I need butchered and unfortunately I cant do it myself. I'm finding it really hard to find a local place. Any suggestions?
  14. K

    Are they big enough to slaughter?

    Here is a pick of the meat birds I’ve been raising. I’m not exactly sure on their age (stupid me, I lost track), so I’m wondering if they’re ready yet or if they need another week. This is my first time raising chickens of any kind. TIA! BE779A21-F240-4B07-AEFF-EDA303EAFDE7 by Kaycie Jones...
  15. L

    **New Chicken Owner**5-6 week old chicken - sitting and limping alot

    We just recently were gifted 4 chickens (new chicken owners) and the woman who gave them to us didn't know what kind they were. She took them to a Tractor Supply and they told her that 2 of them (they are solid white) were meat chickens and that their body usually gets to big for their legs. He...
  16. MamaHen11

    What common meatie ailments do you see?

    Hello all! I'm about to start harvesting my first batch of meaties (Rainbow Rangers, then Grey Rangers later). I know some of them breathe heavily, but it seems like it is from the weight they lug around, rather than an infection or defect. They do sneeze right when I first put food down, but I...
  17. M

    So, I'm thinking of raising some meat chickens...

    Good morning, everyone! I'm new to this website, so I won't keep y'all too long. I have egg laying chickens right now, and a large variety, but I'm interested in expanding my "herd" to include the meat breeds, as well. I'm mostly tired of paying for store bought chicken without knowing where...
  18. MamaHen11

    Question on Ranger Growth Progression

    Hi wonderful BYC community, I bought a batch of 13 gray and rainbow ranger meat birds back on 15 August. This is my first time raising chickens and I have a mixed flock of egg layers and the meat birds. I've been feeding them an 18% protein feed and they are now at four weeks old. I don't...
  19. MamaHen11

    Cockerels or Pullets?

    Just for fun... Please tell me what you think they are and most importantly WHY! From the big details to the little. I'm trying to train my eyes to what you are looking for.... Thanks!
  20. Smuvers Farm

    Culling Recommendations?

    I have never raised chickens. I have never lived on a farm, nor even visited one for more than a little tour when I was quite young. Having purchased my first home, AND home STEAD, in 2016... and at over the age of 40, everything has been exciting and daunting at the same time. I currently...
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