1. Sacri

    Need antibiotic ASAP.

    my chickens and ducks were attacked by a fox. Many died. One duck survived but needed staples. Dr says she needs tetracycline. I can’t find a place that carries that. This is compounded by the fact places are closing due to the hurricane. What else can I use? PLEASE HELP!!
  2. MasterOfAllChickens111

    Medication Question. Please help.

    I have a chicken that eats like crazy but loosing weight. She is not gaining it. Well, someone suggested that she has a parasite. They suggested giving her “Valbazen”. The question is What is the dosage for a chicken? I saw that it was for cattle. I just don’t wanna overdose them.
  3. LemonyCatapult

    Best medications to have in your pantry??

    Hi there! I’m from a small town in rural Ontario, but I’m making a trip to the USA in a couple weeks on a vacation. Whenever I have a mild chicken emergency or illness in my flock, I post it here and get lots of replies, thankfully! Unfortunately, the majority of treatments I’m told about are...
  4. snip2377

    Dosage for Tetroxy HCA - 1400

    For anyone wondering as I was: I contacted our State Veterinarian and he confirmed my math for the dosage of a 2 lb bantam at 800 mg per day to be 1/8 tsp for the daily dosage or 1/16 teaspoon twice daily (which I am doing because the potency of this medication once water activated is short)...
  5. Mamasea


    About 3 Days ago my dads small yorkie took a bite of feathers out of my buff Orpington’s fluffy butt. I thought it was just feathers... today I can tell it’s worse than I thought and it looks infected... like she got more than feathers. Since her feathers are missing, she can’t get on the roost...
  6. MsBentleyboy


    I may have messed up. I hatched 8 chicks successfully and all seem healthy but I’m just now finding out about medicating them. What I read had them on a schedule with one vaccination at a few days old etc. My chicks are 8 weeks old; is it too late? I prefer putting medication in the water...
  7. CosmoNOT

    1/2 Sized Sick Baby

    I need suggestion for treating a sick turkey, please! Turkey raising newbie... I received an order of day old turkeys, guinea fowl, and chickens from a hatchery on July 18th. One turkey never seemed to grow but was eating and drinking. This turkey is now obviously sick - half the size of the...
  8. SpinningJenny

    Tiny white flecks in poop?

    What am I looking at here? Very tiny white flecks, non-moving, about the size of the commas in this text. ( , ' ) This is a "night poop" from under the roost in the coop. Fresher poops from the day showed no signs of this. I don't know who made this poop. They bed on straw right now and I...
  9. A

    Chicks & Red Poop: should I be concerned??

    Hello BYC. So i have been raising 15 chicks for 2-3 weeks. I bought them from and they have all been doing splendidly, with no deaths so far. I've been keeping them in a kennel/cage (perfectly sanitized new) with towels (changed every few days) pellets, medicated chick feed a...
  10. CapricornFarm

    It hurts!

    Hello BYC folk! For whatever reason, lots of us have to suffer with chronic or acute pain. So this thread is for those folks to discuss, complain, vent, brainstorm or otherwise try to deal with it. Usual rules apply, be nice and helpful so we can keep up the discussion. You can also discuss...
  11. venymae

    Are all poultry feeds medicated??

    My father was told by orschlens and our local coop that they add something/medication (don't ask me what!) to all their poultry feeds except the wild gamebird feed. I'm not sure what it is or what it treats (again, second hand info (ranting) from my father!) But he said the guy at the coop said...
  12. Salman93

    Pullet acting a little lethargic

    Hello frnds. I have a flock of 12 birds out of which a pullet seems a little lethargic. She is not so active and its feathers seem a little puffy. I had given them amprolium 3 weeks back and again today. She eats and drinks fine also I assume that she is down at the pecking order. Attaching a...
  13. EmilyJoTx

    Eye swollen shut

    About a week ago I had some younger chickens (about 8 wks) afflicted by some upper respiratory disease. Symptoms in the worst case were watery swollen eyes, sneezing and wheezing, lethargy and not eating. Not all the chickens came down with it, but I treated them all. They all seem to be over...
  14. UrbanBarnCat

    Chick with possible cocci declining in health?

    so I recently bought 2 adorable Rhode Island reds last week from a hatchery. One of the unfortunetly died last week and now the other one seems to be declining in health. She has a small eye infection that I've been putting vetrx in. I'm putting probiotics and electrolytes in her water and...
  15. Donna Dolittle

    Hen mourning her friend & refusing to eat. Any meds that will help?

    Hi, my favourite madcap hen Pammie died last week (she had salpingitis which was treated but recurred) her best mate Joanna has lost the will to live since she died and hasn't eaten or drank really for 6 days, I've tried every favoutite food possible including nutribullet smoothies with...
  16. L

    Mangled Duck Foot

    We found our duck by the pond in the morning and he was all bloody. He let us just walk right up to him and pick him up. We found that it appears his foot may have been attacked by a snapping turtle. One of his little toes are broken and the bleeding did stop. We have soaked his foot in epsom...
  17. H

    Hen With Injured Back - Infected

    Hi. So, I have a little Amaraucana hen that was pretty brutally henpecked, and her back was tore open down to bone. It's now starting to look infected. I don't have pictures of the infection, but the initial wound from a couple days ago. It should be somewhere on the post. She is being treated...
  18. Jared F

    Sick duckling

    We bought two Pekin ducklings a few weeks ago (one female, one male). They're about 4 weeks old now. Yesterday morning I found him on his back and he's been acting sick ever since. He peddles his feet like he's swimming, arcs his back, and pushes his head to the side. And his peddling isn't...
  19. Replacement for VetRx

    Replacement for VetRx

    I've noticed a lot of people from Canada have an issue with buying VetRx due to many suppliers not shipping it across borders. This is understandable as not all countries have the same medication regulations, but for all my Canadian and Non-U.S inhabitants I have some easily found oils that...
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