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  1. The Coop on PAL's Acres

    The Coop on PAL's Acres

    Welcome all to my Chicken Coop and Run build article! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by to read and/or just look at the pictures. Just a bit of forewarning, I tend to OVER TAKE pictures as I like to to capture the whole process from start to finish. Background: A year ago, my family...
  2. Coop Cod Estate: Our Charming and Eleggant Family Coop

    Coop Cod Estate: Our Charming and Eleggant Family Coop

    Not unlike pregnancy, building our chicken coop took about 9 months of hard work, worrying, waiting, and wondering. Along the way, we appreciated the journey for all its highs and lows, successes and disappointments, lessons and memories. There was blood, sweat, and tears...And with one final...
  3. Parks2peaks

    Chattaroy Chicken Coop

    Hello everyone I wanted to share some pictures of our coop and some of the process of building it. First off a huge thank you to The Witchita Cabin Coop. After a quick scan of this site you will notice a ton of people have been helped out by this coop. Please check it out if you haven’t yet. A...
  4. Ms Biddy's Little Red Chicken House

    Ms Biddy's Little Red Chicken House

    My little chicken house seems really plain (and dusty) compared to some of the chicken mansions here! I love it though because it reminds me of the coop we had when I was a kid. It gets in the low 20's here and snows once in a while. Although it may seem like a lot of ventilation, we've...
  5. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    When the idea of chickens came about in our family of seven in January of 2012, it seemed like a rather odd one, considering we live in a pretty urban neighborhood. However, we all fell in love with the seven little chicks when they arrived later that spring. Now, we are home to 18 chickens, who...
  6. Rancho Heltez - Our New Coop!

    Rancho Heltez - Our New Coop!

    Here's how I built our new chicken coop this spring! Since the coop has been completed, I built an 8x10x9 covered run complete with a misting system and a hose attachment to make filling up their waterers a lot easier! I attached a few more photos of the run and interior. :) The video is...
  7. Upcycled Swing Set to Chicken Coop

    Upcycled Swing Set to Chicken Coop

    This is a story of two kids that met and fell love while working on a farm in Northern MA and ended up with 2 kids and an unloved swingset. The swingset was purchased second hand. It had seen lots of kids playing on its slides, swinging on its swings, and had been moved around the yard more...
  8. odchickens coop mansion

    odchickens coop mansion

    This is the bottom of the new area where the new chicks are living. This is the new run area for the babies that are about 8 weeks old in this photo.
  9. Brandt Creek Farm Permaculture Coop

    Brandt Creek Farm Permaculture Coop

    Before I ever even considered getting started with chickens, I got very invested in Permaculture education. A few years ago it would have been difficult to find a lot of information about Permaculture on the web, but now there are people a resources in almost every city in the country actively...
  10. Mouse Proof Coop and Run

    Mouse Proof Coop and Run

    Okay, so my coop and run are not completely mouse proof but that was our goal. We had lost 2 different flocks of chickens to minks and I did not want to lose any more. We started by excavating out 1 foot of dirt and then framed that area in landscape timbers. We moved in a used shed and...
  11. Over Easy Chicken Coop

    Over Easy Chicken Coop

    When I first decided to have backyard chickens, I wanted to start out small, and I did at first, but then I wanted more chickens. Which meant I needed a bigger coop. After checking out some coop ideas on here I decided on one. Then I had to sweet talk my dad into building it. some of the key...
  12. Garden Chicken Coop & Run

    Garden Chicken Coop & Run

    Here is the coop that my husband and I built last spring. The coop is 8X10 with 8 foot walls (the roof area is open also) The run is 12X12. It is fully insulated, which we are glad for as it got down to -44C this winter!! Oursix buff orpingtons just love it! (They will be a year old in June) No...
  13. Crossroads Ranch Chicken Coop & Run

    Crossroads Ranch Chicken Coop & Run

    A dilapidated garden shed was dismantled and re-purposed into our chicken coop and run. New metal roofing panels were used to match the look of the adjacent existing barn. Using the deep litter method. Hardware cloth over dirt with corrugated metal perimeter.
  14. Coop Love

    Coop Love

    It all started when our friends bought chickens. And then my mom insisted that we 'needed' chickens. My husband and I both looked at her like she was crazy. We have two kids under three... we have no time for chickens! And then I played with the idea for months. I started reading blogs and...
  15. Wichita Cabin Coop - Northwest Edition

    Wichita Cabin Coop - Northwest Edition

    Here's a description, and photos, of my new chicken coop. It was modeled after the coop created by the Baldessaris of Wichita. Many, many thanks to them! And thanks, also, to...yes...the HENleys...Chick---en--ma-a-a-a-n! and ChickenMama. My coop-building journey started on a cold, gray...
  16. 5 Christmas trees, 40 bricks and a jungle gym. Our coop building adventure

    5 Christmas trees, 40 bricks and a jungle gym. Our coop building adventure

    I dragged my city loving husband out to "the country" (not really that rural, but he likes to complain) five years ago. I often joke that I was born 200 years too late, and knew from the moment we set ourselves up that I wanted to get some chickens. Of course, life, work and having a baby got in...
  17. Mukilteo Coop

    Mukilteo Coop

    My interest in housing chickens started after receiving a chicken coop building book as a gift. I chose the "How the Chicken Crossed the Road" coop design, and began assembling it in my garage. My coop is mostly identical to the design presented in the text, but with a few modifications and...
  18. Girlie Coop

    Girlie Coop

    Well, here it is. My first building project EVER. She may not be the straightest coop ever, but I guarantee you she's sturdy. The floor and walls are pallets. Originally, the intent was to build the coop off of the ground, but the pallets were too heavy, so I improvised. I've spent a small...
  19. Old Wooden Playhouse Coop Conversion Cluckleberry Cottage

    Old Wooden Playhouse Coop Conversion Cluckleberry Cottage

    August 14th, 2012 So we decided to get chicks a few weeks ago after months of discussing the idea, but had not really put too much thought yet into what kind of coop we wanted to make. I built the brooder box from two kitchen cabinets back to back, and the morning we went to pick up the...
  20. An Old Corn Wagon

    An Old Corn Wagon

    This coop was built with a whole lot of help! A little over a year ago I acquired an old corn / hay wagon and I wanted to build a coop that I could pull around the pasture. My Dad, some neighbors and myself started construction with a very rough design and built a very unique hill billy coop...
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