1. Chick-Mania

    Say what i'm going to get chickens!

    I'm Sam, aged 24, FT mum to 3 kids. I plan to have 2 chickens (to start) by end of September 2019. I fully blame my friend for introducing me to her fantastic 2 soon, to be 4 then 6 Chickens. I looked after them for 2 days and loved it. I was hooked on idea to have own and get my children...
  2. Hinch0614


    Hello Everyone, After a few springs of thinking through this idea, my youngest and I decided to bring some Khaki Campbell Ducks/Drake into our care. We are excited to have them as pets and egg layers for now. We are hoping to add a few more KC Ducks and maybe a M/F Pekin Pair or M/F Black...
  3. SniperGoose

    Hello everyone!

    Hi all! So I'm not really new to BYC. I just realized today I completely neglected to post an introduction! I originally joined earlier this year when my goose, Sniper, was ill and I needed help trying to figure out what was wrong with her (she's doing great now though thanks to help I received...
  4. KLIL

    Let's learn more about each other?

    Thought it would be nice to learn more about each other. 3 questions: Where are you from? How big is your current flock? What made you fall in love with the idea of having your own chickens? I will go first. My name is Krystal. I'm from Queensland, Australia. I currently have 8 Australorp...
  5. W

    Finally Decided to Join!

    Hello! So, I finally decided to give Backyard Chickens a try! Pretty excited to see all that I learn from everyone and hopefully one day am able to help others! Below are a few things about me... (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? - Fairly new, I started...
  6. fawnfriend

    Hello from Norcal

    Hey everyone. I have been frequenting this site for a few years, first time making an account. ;P I live in beautiful Humboldt county, and living here has its own specifications, I wanted to see if any other flock owners here in our micro climate, and how their chickens deal with the fog and...
  7. Chicken Lover!

    How much space should a chicken have?

    Hello everyone, I own two chickens, (Soon going to get another 1 or 2) and I was wondering how much space should chickens get in their coop? How often should you clean out their coop? Thank you, I appreciate all your help :)
  8. fluffiechick

    I hope to make happy chicken friends here I'm new peep peep

    I hope to make happy chicken friends here I'm new peep peep. I live in Missouri by Cackle hatchery and couldn't resist a few peeps. Now I'm hooked! I have 4 kids under 12 and we all love the farm life in my suburban home.
  9. xbunbunchanx


    I'm allie, I have a total of five amazing baby chicks and I'm new to this place, Just announcin myself here like the inbox told me to. ;]
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