1. KDOGG331

    Some Chicken Humor!!!

    I found these tonight and I died laughing and had to share!! :lau :th
  2. puffypoo

    Gen Z Humor

    As you may know, the young generation has a wacky sense of humor. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes you have no idea what you just looked at, and that is the charm and appeal of it all. Your mission now is to find or create the funniest or most bizarre memes you can think of and post them...
  3. DiYMama540

    Truer words were never spoken...

    My sister sent me this today...I can't agree more!!
  4. Quail_Kid

    Chicken Challenge! post as many chicken memes before October!

    Let's try to post over 200 chicken memes before October i'll do the first!
  5. Crazyforbantams

    Make a meme out of your Bird

    I hope I'm not the only one to do this, but the birds are so funny with their great personalities and expressions. I find that I'm always thinking of funny quotes when I look at pictures of them. I wanted to start a thread for comical pictures and memes of your little feathered friend's so I can...
  6. Fanci Feathers Marans


    Dis be where you post da memes.
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