1. RevlisRemmah

    Hoop Coops in the wintertime

    I’ve been reading up on making a hoop coop to expand our BYC operation. I have a wooden Amish-built coop, but it’s a max capacity with the 16 we have now. I’m interested in building a permanent hoop coop to house my next flock. However, even if it has areas covered in tarps will the chickens be...
  2. hannahgriffi

    silver phoenix roo for adoption or trade❤️

    hey everyone! we have a adorable roo for adoption or trade. he is so sweet and loves treats:) he is about 5-8 weeks old. we are located in the kalamazoo/mattawan michigan area. zip code 49071. feel free to text 269-491-9667 if your interested:)
  3. dgivens

    planning & coop modification help...

    I am looking for some help. I have wanted to build a coop where I currently live for some time now and I’m finally getting to it. After quite a bit of searching, I decided on the Wichita Cabin coop. I am fairly handy. I can follow a set of plans pretty well. The plans for the Wichita coop...
  4. Chickeng1rl567

    Michigan Chickens: Stories of our Flock

    Hello! I have many fun stories of our backyard flock. We have 5 hens and 3 pullets right now. We’ve raised chickens for over 5 years now. Our flock has had many adventures, from notorious escapees to lost chickens, bullies, misplaced eggs and more! Let’s start by introducing 2 members of the...
  5. WinWolfz

    Backyard Hens in Inkster, MI?

    Hi Folks! I did a bit of searching around and can't find an answer one way or the other. Anyone here from Inkster with backyard chickens? I'm looking to purchase a home in the area on a quarter acre lot (but firmly within the suburbs) and was curious. The only local ordinance I can find is what...
  6. D

    New duck parents from Michigan

    Hi BYC members! My wife and I have often discussed getting ducks through recent years, but never had the time for the duckling stages of their life. Well, due to the current pandemic surrounding COVID, were both working from home for the majority of the year, leaving us plenty of time to raise...
  7. E

    Hello from Freeland, Michigan

    Hello! just saying hi and where I’m from Incase there are any other peeps out here by me! Brooke
  8. R

    Free in SW MI

  9. CCsRanch

    Hello from a new Back Yard Chicken member

    I started yesterday, and thank folks for the ideas on how to deal with the injured hen we have, and the suspected instigator...the one young rooster. It will be fun to get better educated in the article section too. We've probably had chickens for about 7 years. Currently there are 7 free...
  10. Beccazon

    Michigan Breeders??

    I see on the list there are 2 MI breeders and only one has chickens. Can anyone refer me to any other breeders in Michigan? NOT hatcheries please. The Thumb/Mid-Michigan region would be best really anywhere in the LP is worth a look see. If it is helpful, these are the particular breeds I am...
  11. J

    Roosters in need of a home ASAP

    Help! I’m a novice chicken owner. My knowledge is limited and I don’t own any of my own yet. A group of 8 roosters were abandoned in my neighbor’s yard last week and we don’t know what to do with them. They’re good, but we have a coyote problem and there’s not enough room in their coop for...
  12. allergymama

    Ducks, ducks, everywhere-Michigan’s thumb

    We have become a repository for other people’s ducks and we have too many now and need to rehome some. We have 10 ducks to rehome, aged from 1-4 years, that are mostly laying females with a couple males. They are all mixed breed ducks (mostly pekin mixed with something else). A few are broody if...
  13. MichiganSilkie

    Silkie Bantam Chickens For Sale - $75 ( SE Michigan)

    As hard as this is to believe.... I have too many chickens :p Selling five silkie bantam chickens as a group, four hens and one rooster. The splash rooster is three-years-old, the white hen is two-years-old and the three blue hens are all one-year-old. These chickens were all hatched on my farm...
  14. Csparling

    Looking for ducklings near Alpena Mi

    I really want to add to my duck family. Looking for ducklings for sale near Alpena MI.
  15. G


  16. Beccazon

    Hey Michigan...anyone in the Thumb?

    Anyone in Michigan from the Thumb? Whereabouts? We are outside Caro...wondering if anyone on BYC is nearby!
  17. Amerauchick17

    Two Free Easter Egger Hens

    Two almost three-year-old Easter Egger Hens available to a good home. They are great free-range birds, cold-hardy, come running for treats, but don't love being held. Both are poor to fair layers of green eggs. You must assure me that you have a proper coop for them if they'll be kept as layers...
  18. Amerauchick17

    Looking for Button Quail in Michigan

    Hello, I’m located in Southeast Michigan and I’m looking for a couple of button quail to keep as indoor ornamentals/pets. I’ve had chickens for years and I’d like to have some funny little birds to look at indoors too. I’m not having much luck finding breeders, anyone know of any in Michigan...
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