1. Turnips

    Moving in Metro-Detroit with Hens

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to move to a new home in the metro-Detroit area, particularly near Milford, MI. Does anyone know of an area near there that will allow me to have my 10 EE hens? I'm having a hard time finding clear ordinances about chicken or farm animal ownership. Does anyone live in...
  2. Blueberrysilkies

    NEW! Michigan- Hubba Hubba Yewoozer- rehome me! Handsome Silkie Roosters

    I have FIVE handsome white Silkie Roosters. Non Bearded and bearded looking for love and a new home. Only Dizzy is a jerk. The rest just hang back. And honestly Dizzy isn't a jerk, he's doing a great job at protecting his flock. He just prefers it if I don't dress him in bows and skirts or dye...
  3. davidmpenning

    How to find specific breed Breeders?

    As I’ve been researching which DP to get for meat birds, I keep coming across people saying to make sure to buy from a breeder. It sounds like some hatcheries are good, but breeders (breeding for meat quality) should be better. I’ve searched on other websites and here on BYC, on Facebook and...
  4. oakridgefarm

    Turkey Pheasant Hybrid

    I can find no recent information or research online regarding turkey pheasant hybrids. There are some historical articles, however, nothing seems to indicate the ability as of recent inquiries. Well, here we have a turkey pheasant hybrid incubated from a egg we took from our blue slate hen. We...
  5. rbnk1

    Seabright Rooster needs new home asap Mid-MI

    I live within Village limits and cannot keep this almost 7 week old little guy. From Tractor Supply on 4/14/21 No health issues. Has not crowed yet but makes a squeaky attempt. I can bring him and meet anyone who can give him a good home within 2 hours of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  6. F

    Wanting to re-home Brown Leghorn Rooster, Lower Michigan

    Have a brown leghorn rooster thats 2 years old, very handsome boy. He does like to try to assert dominance over people, but as long as you know how to assert dominance, he shouldn't be an issue. Wouldn't do well with children though. He does very well with hens. He does well in a coop as well as...
  7. H

    Marcellus, MI, no chickens

    Section 37-2 * Fowl prohibited at large - It shall be unlawful for any person, being the owner or keeper of any poultry or fowl, to suffer or permit the same to go or be at large in the village Section 37-4 - Keeping Certain Animals - No person shall keep or house any animals or poultry, other...
  8. H

    Three Rivers, MI ordinance

    4-21.16 Housing for Rabbits and Domestic Fowl. It is unlawful for any person to keep any rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, or any poultry in the City unless the same be kept in a sanitary condition and in an enclosed yard or coop which shall be located not less than twenty (20) feet from the...
  9. H

    Dowagiac, MI No chickens

    The second section states animals that are not considered household pets include, but are not limited, to wild animals, horses, pigs, sheep, cattle and poultry. These animals are prohibited in all zoning districts...
  10. C

    Potentially need to rehome a cockerel in Michigan

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I got 4 chicks from tractor supply that were supposed to all be pullets and one them (90% sure at this point) turned out to be a cockerel. He is about 8 weeks old now, was supposed to be a New Hampshire Red but is probably some kind of broiler or sex link. Here's...
  11. P

    Hi, I’m obsessed with chickens!

    Hello fellow chicken people. I’m new here and have been lurking for awhile. I have a flock of 8 chickens at home with my Dad in lower Michigan. I moved to the UP and had to leave my lovely flock behind... I was their number one caretaker so I’m heartbroken... I was hoping to get a flock up here...
  12. P

    Upper Michigan anti-chicken ordinance in Houghton County

    So my boyfriend was going to get me a little flock for my birthday. I have chickens at home but I had to move out and leave them there with my family. Technically they’re my dads chooks so I couldn’t take them. I miss my chickens so much and I miss taking care of them and seeing them. They’re...
  13. E


    Hello everyone! I am brand new to chickens. 😐 My husband was sent to Tractor Supply a couple days before Easter to get a cute pair of pink rain boots for our little girl and he came home with four baby chicks! It was a big surprise to all of us. I have been working very hard trying to play catch...
  14. MysteryChicken

    2 Malay Cockerels For Sale!! (Critically Endangered)

    Hello, I have 2 extra Malay cockerel chicks I don't have room for. They're 3 weeks old right now, but won't sell them until 12 weeks, to let them grow out more. For more information such as address, please PM me? I'm offering them for $35.00, each. Pictures of the Birds
  15. LaurLaur

    Rehoming 2 Roosters

    I need to rehome two roosters. One is a Blue Orpington and the other is a White Sussex. Both were born in May 2020. Located in Michigan.
  16. davidmpenning

    Camper or Shed for our next coop?

    Hi friends! I’m looking for some guidance and help with our next coop!! We live in southwest Michigan - our summers can get in the 90°+F and our winters can get below 0°F. We have the option for our next coop to be either a typical coop built with lumber (like a shed) OR to repurpose a camper...
  17. JessBradley

    Accident Hatch. Free Chicks

    When I was at the end of my pregnancy, apparently I had a Cemani go broody and hide a nest under the nesting boxes. When recovering from having my baby I wasn't going out to the coop, my husband was (he is NOT the chicken lover of the family). Needless to say the nest kept getting passed up...
  18. Turnips

    Very Cold Weather and Young Pullets

    Hello, I am a first-time chicken parent and am looking for advice on transitioning my 10 EE pullets outside. They are currently 4.5 weeks old and all look fully feathered except for one. I live in mid-Michigan and the weather has been ranging from the low 20s during the day and below 10 degrees...
  19. A

    Too many chickies in Northern Michigan

    Hi there! I’m a new chicken owner in northern Michigan. Our family of six just moved up here for my husbands job and our desire to live out of the city and homestead. We just got our first chicks, and I probably overdid it and ordered too many. The hatchery also sent extras, so we’re totaling at...
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