1. TheAlrightyGina

    I went on an adventure!

    Happy Friday-almost-Saturday-and-actually-already-Saturday-for-some-folks! Yesterday I had an order of 25 adorable little Silkies to pick up at Cackle Hatchery, in Lebanon, MO. That doesn't sound all that adventure worthy I'm sure, except for the fact that I live in Memphis, TN. If you pull...
  2. ChloeSilkie08

    WANTING Silkie Hatching Eggs

    I am wanting some silkie hatching eggs. Any colors except black, white, splash, and blue will do. I'm specifically looking for paint, lavender, red pyle, partridge, and such. I don't mind if they have to be shipped. MUST be purebred silkies or as pure as you know. Please message me if you have...
  3. Yonny

    Lot of magpie ducks Kansas City Mo, 64117

    Hi I am looking to sell 8 of my magpie ducks (4 drakes and 4 females) as a lot -$160 The silver/lavender colored one is a drake. (They are free ranged I just penned them to get the pics)
  4. J

    Raising Quail in Missouri

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and wanted to pick some locals brains. I have seen people mention a "State" thread to only have local people see it, but I have no idea how to find this. My questions, with domestic quail such as the Coturnix, what are the regulations for selling in MO. I...
  5. halefamily_flock

    Can you accurately sex day-old Olive Egger chicks (Legbar-Welsummer)?

    I just hatched 4 chicks from a Cream Legbar rooster x Olive Egger F1 hen (Cream Legbar over Welsummer). It looks like I have 3 pullets and a cockerel. What do you think? Here are close ups of the chicks... Chick #1 (Pullet?) Chick #2 (Pullet?) The two lightest colored chicks pictured...
  6. halefamily_flock

    Chicken Math & Genetics Experiments in Southeast Missouri

    I recently left city life & corporate America after 20+ years and moved to rural southeast Missouri, to restart/rebuild the family farm where my dad grew up. I got my first chickens --4 Dominique hens and a Rooster--from Cackle Hatchery in June 2019. I thought I might expand the flock in 2020...
  7. ichigogirl83

    Looking to buy eggs in SW Missouri area

    I am looking to buy eggs from a local source that has ethical practices such as: Treating their animals with the best care, Not butchering their chickens, Not a business, Chickens treated as loved pets. I don't want to support big businesses that abuse their animals and would really love to...
  8. C

    2 Indian Runner Drakes Free to Good Home

    My husband and I were dumb. Well, I was 8 months pregnant and he was most probably too afraid of angry hormones to talk me down but we brought home chickens and ducks from our beloved spring planting festival (we are avid gardeners) back in May. What can I say? Momma was in full blown nesting...
  9. W

    Last resort for my beautiful boy.

    So, we ended up we a roo from a straight run, surprise surprise. A beautiful Lavender Orpington, who at six months old, crows incessantly. We tried a "no crow" collar, no luck. I don't want to do this, but I need to find him, and his bonded Olive Egger friend, (I think it would be detrimental to...
  10. K

    Tolbunt Polish chicks or similar

    I am currently seeking Tolbunt Polish chicks or a similar coloring. Would also consider splash polish or white crested blue polish. I am wanting frizzled, but would consider smooth feathered as well. I am located in SE Missouri (Potosi, MO). Willing to travel up to an hour or two to meet.
  11. Anita Scott

    Pearl gray Guineas

    I still have lots of keets for sale. 14 -3 week olds 26- 10 day 3- 1 day olds My incubator is full and still hatching. Running out of room for them. These seem to be the healthiest and hardiest batch that I have had. Selling for $4 each I am in Ozark County Missouri. South central part of the...
  12. SansDuck

    Ancona Drakes for sale in the Ozark Missouri Area

    I have two Ancona drakes that are ready for a new home, they are currently four months nearing five months old. Both Drakes are beautiful and friendly, both have purple and green feathers mixed in with their black feathers. Raised together, would prefer if bought together. For pets or...
  13. Anita Scott

    Pearl gray Guineas

    I have fertile eggs (about 90% hatch rate ) and keets for sale in southern Central Missouri- SE of Springfield. My guineas are pearl with a line of lavendar in the past. This results with a few lower wing feathers being white on some of my birds. My keets range from 1 day to 3 weeks at the...
  14. M

    2 week Emu chicks available in Southeast Missouri

    Hey all. I have a group of emu chicks ready for their forever home. They are almost two weeks old, and I plan to hold them until that time to ensure you are getting a healthy chick. I am looking for $200 per bird, but I am open to some flexibility if you are a person who will give them a great...
  15. Thunter1317

    Hello all from Missouri

    Hello everyone! My name is Tania and I live in Washington, MO. I have been wanting to raise backyard chickens for a few years now and finally decided to just do it! We got our first flock this past Saturday ( 2 RIR, 2 Ameracaunas, and 1 buff Orpington). So as of right now we have 5 babies...
  16. TashaFrancois

    Wish the ladies luck!

    We just shipped pullets for the first time. We sold 4 started Ayam Cemani pullets to @Tyrovive. Shipped overnight from Kansas City, MO to Yulee, FL. I gave them all a spa day yesterday and added electrolytes to their water. In the box are fresh apples and zucchini. Below are some photos. I’m...
  17. Birdpeeps

    GIANT Red Cochin Roo's for sale!

    I've got a handful of roosters I would like to sell. They are giant cochins, a few that are solid red, and few that are mainly red with some black tail feathers. The black feathered roo's are still pure giant cochin, but they are of a red hen and a black cochin rooster. They were all incubated...
  18. Amiloo928

    KC, MO Easter Egger Roo for sale $20 OBO

    Hello! My name is Tux. I am 20 weeks old, aren’t I handsome? I am a very docile boy, and not at all aggressive with the ladies. I have recently started practicing my crow, so my mom says I can’t stay. I only crow during the day (so far), none of this early morning before sunrise stuff for me! If...
  19. Midwest Feather Wrangler

    Wanted: hatching eggs from pure White Silkies

    Ready to fire up the incubator and looking for fertile hatching eggs from a quality flock of super fluffy bearded pure white Silkies.
  20. Midwest Feather Wrangler

    Hello Fellow Chickeners

    Greetings from the Midwest. With a quick Google search I found BYC. Raised chickens all my life. Various poultry breeds and other fowl. Anything with feathers grabs my attention. Currently I have about a dozen free range laying hens, a few Silkies. Wanting to raise quail, butler and snowflake...
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