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    Developed chicken egg has air bubbles?

    One of the eggs that my hen is sitting on has mobile air bubbles? The egg is fairly far developed but i'm starting to worry :( As you turn the egg the bubbles follow along with you ... the normal air sac is perfectly where it should be as these air bubbles are actually inside the membrane.. Does...
  2. Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Originally, I wanted to build my own brooder for out in the barn so that I wouldn't have to borrow a neighbor’s anymore. Three cats & three dogs at home - and me at work all day made the idea of brooding in the house a no-go. Last year I borrowed one that was essentially a big, long box on...
  3. Bungaree Chickenss Page

    Bungaree Chickenss Page

    Here she is, the work is complete...well we do need to paint it, maybe. I really want to paint a silhouette of a chicken or rooster on the sides of the hen house! I installed roosts yesterday and covered the floor with pine shavings to make them nice and comfy, and also dry out the poop (think...
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