1. averyyr

    Lice and Molting

    Hi! I recently discovered a lice problem on my chickens and I’ve been trying to figure a way to treat it but it seems all my chickens are molting. They have all the signs and I would like to treat them for the lice but I’m not sure how to do it without hurting/stressing them. They have been dust...
  2. H

    Novice owner. Chicken losing feathers, recently started acting funny too.

    Hello, I'm very thankful there is a community for something like this. I am relatively new to chickens. My flock is 3 laying hens. My oldest is sick. She was my first chicken as we found her abandoned in the Australian bush. We took her to the vet when we first decided to adopt her. He said...
  3. Lanari

    Black Australorp rooster

    We have a black Australorp rooster that I thought was molting but he’s looked this way for about 3 months now. Any clue what’s going on with him?
  4. Apollos-Quackers

    Beyond Molting?

    We had 17 Pekin ducks hatch Mother's Day 2020 (pandemic incubation Science project). We kept 3 hens & 1 drake and rehomed the rest. One of our hens is... "molting"?? I read other threads and I'm wondering it there's something more than molting going on. During the winter we consistently got 3-4...
  5. Molt or something else?

    Molt or something else?

    My Rooster seems to be missing neck and lower back feathers. He is in a coop with 7 other hens. They are not quite a year old yet. My Rooster is a real Bastard so I can not get close to really check him out. All other hens looks good and don't seem to be loosing feathers. Is this a molt, or...
  6. fancyfarm

    1 yr Australorps bullying or molting? bald back of necks. Help

    hi y’all. I’ve read through several threads and haven’t found anything to help with my concerns. I have 3 Australorps that were a year on March 4. there is a pecking order that was established quite a while ago but never had serious issues. within the past couple of weeks, two of my girls have...
  7. waywind

    Molting, diaherra, staggered walking

    Hi all, I've had a good search around the forum, but am concerned for my poor buff orpington I just wanted to make sure there isn't anything else I should be doing. Buff Orpington Standard 1.5 years old Undergoing heavy molt at the moment, no signs of pecking (only have another standard her...
  8. Katielovell530

    Molting or something else?

    Hi there. First time chicken mom. Is this molting or is this something serious? She is acting normal except she has stopped laying eggs about 3 weeks ago.
  9. TheChickenLady1

    Hen Molting for a Second Time?

    I currently have three hens and all of them molted about the same time in September or October. All of them lost feathers, but my girl Florence lost the most. About 3 weeks ago, I took a short trip for about 5 days and had a friend watch my birds. She didn't let them out at all during that time...
  10. D

    Molting or Being Picked On?

    We have an 8 month old Buff Rock hybrid who has been looking different lately. Finally got some pics tonight. It looks like some of her feathers on the sides of her neck and near her comb have broken off close to her skin. She isn't bleeding though. As a first time chicken mom, I don't know...
  11. A

    Is this Molting or Mites?

    I am about 10 months into raising chickens for the first time ever. And therefore, my chickens are also 10 months old! I went out today and noticed that all of a sudden, at least 3 of my chickens (one rooster and two hens) have missing feathers on their back (near saddle area). My questions are...
  12. Catbutts

    Is this molting??????

    Hi. My 11 months old Hybrid hen lose her chest feather since last month! Is this molting or some kind of disease? she doesn't show any sign of sickness and doing pretty well. Ps. She is a leader of the flock so I don't think it's pecking
  13. E

    Inspect a molting chicken's crop?

    Hi, my poor hen just started molting earlier this week. Horrible timing, as the high has been in the 40s and the low has been in the mid-20s. The past few days she's been acting very peculiar. Initially, I thought it was because she was so cold, but now she's acting like she is dizzy. She takes...
  14. calichooks

    premature molting?

    I have a buff brahma girl aged 9 months old that started laying september 24th and stopped laying november 10th. it was really odd because she’s young, but we didn’t know what to think of it. came outside to clean the coop and noticed she looked a lil scragglier than before. turns out pin...
  15. wat_da_cluck

    7 month old chicken - nasal discharge, stopped laying, comb isn't as bright... molting? light?

    Gertrude (our 7 month old barred rock) suddenly stopped laying about 3 weeks ago after giving me 6 eggs a week for 6 weeks. At first I thought it was was the lack of sun (we are in CT) but November 1 is a little early to stop, no? So in case of worms I decided to give some DE mixed in food, but...
  16. chickmamat

    Muscovy Losing Feathers + Lethargic

    Hey all! To start, yes, I know Muscovy are not technically ducks. Now that that’s out of the way lol.... I am a chicken person, never owned water fowl. A friend at our local animal shelter reached out because they had a Muscovy that was dumped at a local park. She is unbelievably sweet and...
  17. K

    Strange Feather Loss & Scaly Dry Skin on 14 Wk Old Silkies - HELP!

    Hello. This is my first post on backyard chickens. As of this past summer, I am a new chicken mama to 3 silkies (hopefully hens, but still not sure!). I have read so many helpful threads on this site. Hoping someone with more experience can provide a little guidance on a feather loss issue! My...
  18. Norma_Lorp

    Odd feather loss

    Hi all- I just went to close up the coop and noticed one of my hens has a bare spot on her bottom. Feathers everywhere in coop and in the run . The fluffy down feathers and also some big ones that seem like they’d be tough to pull out. She shares the area with two others that she grew up with...
  19. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Should I treat my hen for c. perfringens/necrotic enteritis?

    My 1.5 y/o BO is just coming out of a major molt and a de-worming. For a while I had noticed her poops were watery and oftentimes contained undigested grass, or in one case a whole sunflower seed. Since the de-worming (gave second round of Valbazen 3 days ago) she her issues persist. Here's some...
  20. Z

    My girl is lethargic, molting and not eating or drinking

    I raise all of my chickens as pets, eggs are secondary. Anyway, Skye is about four now, an Orpington. She's my favorite and my oldest girl since her sisters have passed. She is normally quite rambunctious and picks on the others but has always been gentle and cuddlier to me. She's going through...
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