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  1. Alice's Amazing Moult ( Molt )

    Alice's Amazing Moult ( Molt )

    This year my hen, Alice, had the heaviest moult I have ever seen so I am sharing a time line of images to show what chickens can look like when losing and regrowing their feathers. Warning: images of semi-naked and spiky chicken to follow. 25th January 2020 This is Alice (front). Alice is an...
  2. newtochickens78

    Moulting? Sick? Hep

    My one girl was born in March 2019 appears to be moulting. It’s February in Winnipeg and very cold. Does this look like a moulting hen? I’m worried she might be sick. She’s eating fine and still laying.
  3. J

    Chicken Moult

    Hi, I really need some advice please. It is just beginning to get very cold here in France, 21 December and my Silkie hen has started to moult. I am unsure whether this is a normal moult or whether she is stressed since introducing a new companion 2 weeks ago. Her companion died a year ago...
  4. Lake2day

    My poor naked tailed little Roo

    First time chicken owner here and my chicks are all grown up now, approaching 6 months fast. Now, I know chickens moult, but is it normal for a 5&1/2 month old cockerel to loose all of his tail feathers in one night? I also had 2 hens out the morning I discovered Arlo’s little naked butt..... No...
  5. mjvv88

    Is it moulting?

    I have these white specks on my black silkie's feathers before. It has come and gone and doesn't seem to affect her. Just want to know is it part of the moulting procedure?
  6. oxymoron71

    Coturnix Quail feather loss

    Hi.....can anyone tell me if this is a normal amount of feathers to lose overnight for a moulting quail? She has also not laid for a week. She shares a 10’ x 2’ cage with 1 other female, so plenty of room. I don’t think they’ve been fighting, and all the feathers are definitely from the one...
  7. Saaniya

    Moulting Behavior

    Hello! I know that moult hurts My rooster teetee and tootoo (2 year old) I see tons of mini feathers on neck area and other sides of his body Tootoo doesn't seems irritated as teetee Also , he's comb is little pale Is it normal during moulting he's not naked lol Just seems very angry mood...
  8. alexisrambles

    Feather Cysts? Treat or see if it'll fix itself.

    Hello guys! I think one of my girls, a dark brahma, has feather cysts on her wings. She's about 6-7 weeks old. I thought at first it was just her picking at her first moult, but her wings don't look too fun. She's acting fine, pooping fine. When my girls started moulting, it was really hard on...
  9. alexisrambles

    Itchy Chicks- is it moulting or parasites!?

    Hi guys! So my chicks are all growing in their feathers, some faster than others, and some of them have bald patches for days while the full feathers grow in. Some of the chicks seem to grow feathers right out of the follicle with the down still attached, lucky things, but one girl in...
  10. toriyr

    Losing feathers, white powdery face and dull comb

    Hello (again) chicken friends! I have a chicken who I've had for over a year, she has always been subdued and a little shy compared to the rest, but doesn't get picked on and is part of the team (I have five chickens all together). I think she's third in the pecking order. She's never been a...
  11. gozbird

    difficult goose moult

    I'm hoping that someone will be able to advise me . I have two pet geese in Somerset West (South Africa) the male is about twelve years old and is in rather poor shape . He's managed to moult both his primaries and secondaries but the rest of his plumage is really scruffy and not waterproof. I'm...
  12. coltgrizzz

    Is my chicken sick??

    So one of my newer chickens (she turned 1 in April) just finished moulting about a week ago. The thing is, her comb is still pale pink and she won’t allow anyone very close to her. I haven’t had this with my other birds, any suggestions as to what’s happening with her?
  13. M

    My molters are being mean to my silkie. Please help.

    Hi, I could really use your help. I have 6 hens. 5 are large breeds and all are moulting (2 RI Reds, 1 Sussex and 1 Americauna, 1 silkie). The silkie is the oldest. Historically they have all gotten along great over the last 2 years. Last april we lost a silkie to cocci. All of a sudden, when...
  14. S

    Possible Diva?

    Backgound: I had four chickens in July 2017 - two of which were Marans, Grizzi and Pauli, that were nicknamed ‘the Krays’ after the London gangsters and who eat twice as fast, a Sussex, Sammi, and another chicken, Cilla, who was either a Limousine or an Andalusian. Cilla died in July 2018 of...
  15. Rebecca dean

    Young hen

    I am now at my whits end what to do with my girl. She wasn’t well and was showing signs of gapeworm. I wormed the whole flock and kept her in for a few nights, she was eating but being fussy I have changed their feed to something a bit smaller as she’s quite a small hen compared to my other...
  16. S

    What Is Going On With My Hen??

    **Edited the chaos of the repeating post** So I got a 12 week old Buff Orphington pullet back in April. It only took her a couple weeks to start laying and quickly became the head hen of the flock. About a month ago, we went broody. But it started while my husband a I were away on vacation for...
  17. S

    Crowing Hen?

    So I got a 12 week old Buff Orphington pullet back in April. It only took her a couple weeks to start laying and quickly became the head hen of the flock. About a month ago, we went broody. But it started while my husband a I were away on vacation for about 2 weeks and the 'feather baby sitter'...
  18. insertwittychickenname

    one breed of hens losing tail feathers, possible bullying or issue

    So me and my father own a few breeds of hens, we own plymouths, orpingtons (i believe), some ameraucanas ,and some Wyandottes. in the beginning when our first batch of ameraucanas got old enough, their back feathers were pulled out and eventually, we lost all of them to death from what i believe...
  19. Willberta loveee

    Moulting Muscovy ??

    hi can anyone help ?? I noticed willberta my Muscovy started loosing her feathers started off as the little ones and then gradually went to her flight feathers I figured okay maybe she’s moulting but now I’ve noticed that she’s taking out almost all her flight feathers.. there’s no bleeding or...
  20. C

    Why Are My Chickens Losing Feathers?

    Hi there - new to chickens here - :) About 4 of my 9 hens are all missing feathers on their backs right before their tails - you can sort of see in this terrible photo... We thought they were just moulting but the feathers don't seem to be growing back. Then we thought the rooster is pulling...
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