mouth breathing

  1. A

    Duck opening and closing bill and making rasping sounds

    This morning, I heard my 15 month old Welsh Harlequin, Solrikka, making rasping noises and was opening and closing her bill to breathe. The opening and closing of the bill has gotten more frequent and her bill is opening wider. I opened her bill to check her mouth/cloaca and I didn't see...
  2. E

    Help! New hens have Breathing problems

    Just bought these 2 dual purpose hens 2 days ago. They are very large and are about to start laying. My sister bought 2 from the same guy about a month ago and hers have just started laying. The guy could not tell me their breed. Red Flag #1. They seem like they may actually be Red Broilers? now...
  3. analyticalblonde

    Keeping the Girls Cool in 90s & 100s temperature...?

    Hi All, I have 10 young girls (2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Lavendar Orpingtons, 2 Ameraucanas, 2 Barred Rock Plymouths, and 2 New Hampshire Reds) which I selected because of their Heat/Cold tolerances and their gentleness and who are supposed to start laying in the next couples of weeks. I go out...
  4. CLovesDucks

    Adult Female Duck Open-Mouth Breathing

    Hi friends! One of my adult fawn & white runners is open-mouth breathing, almost as if she’s panting. It’s warm today but the ducks have 24 hour access to the pond in their enclosure. Any thoughts?
  5. Milkywayranchsc

    Duckling with bill injury

    Welsh harlquin duckling injured her bill between her nostrils at hatch,presumably with her toenail. At 4 days old, she now has shrunken nostrils, causing her to breath through her mouth. And, her bottom mandible is growing faster than the top, causing an underbite. I found an older thread about...
  6. Moonanite

    Mouth breather

    Ok so I’ve done some searching and I can’t find anything related to our issue. I also hope I posted this in the right spot cuz it seems more like a behavior than an illness. I got a male roo silkie recently. He’s a house pet. I didn’t notice his mouth breathing until the diaper was put in him...
  7. H

    Drooling Chicken?

    Hi everyone, Ive had this chicken for about a month, shes around 3 years old and an isa brown. When I first got her I noticed she was shaking her head a lot. As time has passed things have gotten worse. Shes been drooling excess saliva for around a week now, usually clear/foamy. Today it was...
  8. M

    Hens no longer laying in box

    hi there I know this has been asked before but I’m new to forum and new to chickens so any additional, personal responses will help! We have 3 hens-rhode island red, leghorn, and Ameruacana, pullets I guess, raised by us from chicks that are a little over 7 months old. They all began laying...
  9. N

    Bobcat trapped in chicken coop

    My Rooster Buck was injured by a bobcat that somehow got in chicken coop but couldn't get out. He's breathing through his mouth which he keeps opened , his eyes are closed and he won't open them, I tried to put water in his mouth but it makes his breathing gurgles. I think his neck may be hurt...
  10. JosieMae

    Possible gapeworm or maybe nothing? HELP!

    Hi All! My five girls are in an outside coop and the run is filled with sand. I noticed a lot of them sneezing sometimes, but they don't have any other signs of respiratory anything. I have a young Polish who, for the past months or so, has sometimes breathed through her mouth, sometimes not...
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