muscovy ducklings

  1. shessowitte

    Muscovy duck colors at 12 weeks

    My Muscovies at 12 weeks, interested in hearing from other Muscovy folks what they think the colors might be? Left to Right (by feet, not heads): June, Helen, Mother Maybelle, Johnny (photo bomb by Trixie)
  2. Dayswithducks

    Muscovy Ducklings

    I am in central Pennsylvania and have 3 ducklings looking for a home. We believe they are French muscovy, not sure on gender, age somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks. They are very friendly, will eat out of your hand and cuddle up to you. They lose their minds if they are separated or alone. They...
  3. Jimshad Rahman

    When Ducklings separate from Mom?

    When the Muscovy Ducklings separate from thier Mom?? And when the mom mate again and lay eggs?
  4. Claires Poultry

    Magnificent Marvelous Muscovies!

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the thread where we can talk all things Muscovy! You can talk about what your Muscovies did today, what colors of Muscovies you have, how many you have, and so on! You can post pictures, too! I would love to hear about your Muscovies and see pics of them! :wee I have...
  5. Brycycle

    Will my ducks go bush if I let them free range.

    I've owned three muscovy ducks, a mother and two ducklings (about 7-8 weeks old) for about a month and we've had them in a enclosed pen, but we won't to have them free ranging. However, there are two problems. The first problem is that we have a large area of dense bush around our home and we...
  6. MarlyMonster

    At what age to feed live fish?

    Hi lovely people! My Muscovy babies are 3 weeks tomorrow and getting big fast! We had our first bath tub swim yesterday as opposed to their shallow kiddy pool and they LOVED diving down to the bottom! I’d love to get them some small feeder fish but just afraid they’re too young for those still...
  7. MarlyMonster

    Crooked duckling?

    Hi lovely people! I hatched out a Muscovy duckling last week, and he appears to be a little lopsided? He’s perfectly happy and healthy and eats like tomorrow will never come, so it doesn’t seem to affect him that way. He is however a bit slower than his sister and because he tilts to the left...
  8. LoveScovies

    Muscovy Ducklings for Sale in NY

    Hello all. We have 14 muscovy ducklings for sale, approx. 3 weeks old. $5.00 each. Parents are pied, most ducklings look like they will be as well, there is 1 all yellow duckling who looks like it could be an all white muscovy. Contact if interested and I will provide more pictures. Pics...
  9. Upper Brook House Farm

    Muscovy Ducklings for Sale - UK

    Hello. I was just wondering if anyone was interested in a pair of lovely two-week old muscovy ducklings? They are currently off heat, due to the weather. They are both female, but we can supply a male if wanted. One is a chocolate, and the other is a lavender. Please respond to this post if you...
  10. Breemae123

    I never see Muscovy Duck off her nest. Should I move her to candle the eggs?

    I check on my ducks a lot. They have a good portion of the yard fenced off and I can peek over. I never see my brooding Muscovy off her nest. I know you’re suppose to remove bad eggs but I haven’t even candled them once since I have never seen her not sitting on them. Should I try to remove her...
  11. Breemae123

    Muscovy laying eggs but not sitting on them

    I have 3 females and 1 drake. This is my first time having ducks and they just started laying. We are up to 17 eggs but I have not seen her sit on them. She made a nice nest for them in the duck house and lays the eggs there every night. There have been 2 new eggs in the morning last few days. I...
  12. Soon2BChixMom

    My new muscovy ducklings!

    I just got these feathered sweeties from @Nyla. They are almost a week old. 3 ducks and 1 drake - as of yet unnamed. I have read so much and still feel like I know nothing!
  13. Ch0cob0

    Found A Baby Duck Need Help

    Hello, I was walking out at night in my back yard and stumbled upon a baby Muscovy duck without a mother. I decided to take it home, but I have NO idea how to raise or care for a duck. Naturally, it was frightened of me, yet it would not stop "peeping" until I picked it up and layed it in my...
  14. dirtydunlops

    Meet my Muscovy Ducklings-any guesses on sex?

    So this morning I got 4 Muscovy ducklings from a neighbour. It’s colder weather and the mama duck did not have a good track record with taking care of babies, so she didn’t want to worry about them. So I took them in and I’m in love :love Anyway, here’s some pictures and maybe you could help...
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