1. P

    Muscovy making squeaking noise

    Hi there! I have a 7 month old Muscovy female but the past 2 days she has been making a squeaking noise, almost rounds like a rubber ducky. Other than that he’s behavior has been normal. Any one know what could cause this?
  2. TyjTheMighty

    Giant Muscovy Duck Hen

    Hi, 1st ever post ^_^ does anyone have any abnormally large duck hens? I'll have to get some pics for you guys, but I have a muscovy duck that's the same size as my drake - for a while she's was larger than him! I was wondering how common this is? Or is it possible she's intersexed? She and her...
  3. M

    Muscovy in chicken nest boxes?

    Hi all! All my birds (8 chickens, 4 ducks) are laying except my muscovy. The ducks make their own nest in the coop and lay there until I let them out and I've been getting 3 duck eggs a day. Yesterday I saw my muscovy jump into the nesting boxes my chickens use and thought maybe she'd curious...
  4. Squeak61

    Female Muscovy and Ancona

    I’m selling my female lilac looney Muscovy and my female lilac Ancona with heavy chest rust. They’re both from Al’s Quackery, and I have all their birth dates. I’m asking $50 dollars for the Muscovy, $20 for the Ancona, or $60 for both. I’m open to other offers. I’m in CT :)
  5. dude with the ducks

    Are Muscovy Ducks Worth It?

    Can muscovies be profitable since they take longer to grow out than other breeds, like a pekin? I've also heard that they eat way more than other ducks. But apparently the meat is leaner so idk if they can be sold for more because of that. Has anyone had any luck with making a profit? Or are...
  6. slashroot

    Female Muscovy duck with eye issue

    This spring I bought 3 Muscovy ducks, two females and one male. Since the start I noticed that something was a bit different with the right eye of the white female. During the summer months it didn't seem that bothered with the eye but now that the weather is around -3C to +9C here in Norway...
  7. M

    Muscovy sexual maturity?

    Hi all! I have a lovely muscovy girl and I'm not sure when she will be laying. All my other ducks and chickens have just started within the past couple weeks with supplemental light. My muscovy doesn't have very prominent cornucles at all but they are very red. She gets excited and follows...
  8. M

    Help with muscovy behaviour

    Hi all, my partner and I (NZ) rescued an injured Muscovy back in May. Bandit is her name, or BB. Looks like she'd escaped from a farm and had a run in with a car, her wing was shattered and rotting. The vet took it off and she's been with us since. After about 3 months we tamed her up to the...
  9. M

    Who laid this morning?

    So I know it was one of my 4 ducks! It was a small white duck egg. My silver appleyard has been laying her big eggs and my runner just started up her greenish eggs. My last two are muscovy and magpie. I'm thinking it was my magpie since she's 7-8 months old and my muscovy is 5-6 months old and...
  10. M

    Looking for muscovy female 6-8 months old WA

    I have four ducks one of them is a muscovy and she needs a muscovy friend. Female only, within an hour of Vancouver, WA. Thanks!
  11. FathertoFeathers

    Muscovy duck acting off

    One of my female ducks has been acting odd lately. She kinda hangs out by her self instead of with the other girl muscovy ducks and doesn't move much. She has been sitting all puffed up and sleeping way more than usual. All the other ducks have been acting normal lately. Some background: I had...
  12. Squeak61

    Drake with gander?

    Hi everyone. I’m thinking of getting a Muscovy pair that would live with my other two female ducks, and my goose pair. My male goose is rather dominant and doesn’t like when any of the other waterfowl step out of line. Do you think he would have issues with a Muscovy drake? I’ve heard that...
  13. P


    Hi there! We have 1 female and 1 male muscovy duck and this weekend we decided to get another to help with the ratio a bit however, they are being quite mean to her. We put her in to see how they would react and they kept biting her neck and feathers. I read that this may be normal but I have...
  14. Squeak61

    ISO Muscovy

    Hello, I’m looking for somewhere to get some female Muscovy. Does anyone know of a breeder or hatchery that sells them? :) I either need a breeder in New England or a breeder that ships.
  15. FathertoFeathers

    Aggressive Muscovy Drake

    About three weeks ago I purchased three Muscovy Ducks two hens and one drake. The first two weeks went by with no incident and they got along well. But this week he has completely switched personalities. He has been relentlessly chasing my other ducks and pulling out their feathers. He'll grab...
  16. Kiwibird

    Muscovy claw question

    Several of my muscovies have a claw which appears to be broken off short. In each case, this claw is on the outer side of the foot - the "little toe" or "pinkie toe" side if they had human feet. Is this common in muscovies? Does anyone know how it happens?
  17. FathertoFeathers

    Muscovy questions

    I purchased some Muscovy Ducks about two or three weeks ago and I have some questions about them. Ive read that they like to perch and have things to roost on so I found some scrap wood and made a place for them to perch. (They have wooden fence beam 4in x 4in x 8ft to perch on outside and a 2x8...
  18. FathertoFeathers

    Why won't my Muscovy ducks roost

    I just recently bought some Muscovy Ducks. I heard that Muscovy Ducks like to roost so I built them a place to roost but none of them have touched it. They even have a place to roost in their coop but they sleep on the ground. Is this normal? Do some ducks prefer not to roost or are they just...
  19. P

    Raising Ducks & Chickens together... post your experiences here!

    I have 2 Muscovy ducks (1 male and 1 female) and 3 hens (silkie, buff Orpington & black Australorp). We are planning on keeping them together sectioned off in our yard as they all grew up together so we are hoping it worked out. I would love to hear your experiences/advice on raising ducks &...
  20. FathertoFeathers

    Will my Muscovy Ducks fly away?

    I just got some Muscovy Ducks. I know that they're able to fly but I don't know how well they're able to. Can they fly long distances like wild ducks do or do they fly few inches or feet off the ground. I ask because I don't want them to fly away and there is a small pond in the woods behind my...
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