1. Qui1980

    Please advise asap! Odd candling results? Muscovy Duck Eggs. Mom setting. Day 36. Pics included!

    Soooo… mom had been setting for 36 days today. These are the eggs, and have been this way for the last 4 days. Not sure what to make of them? No external pip as of yet, if they have internally pipped, it’s not the same as the last 40 eggs that have hatched🤷‍♀️. The beak is normally quite...
  2. E

    Baby Muscovy Ducklings St. Clair County Michigan

    Baby Muscovy ducklings, just hatched Thursday morning June 9. Strait run, unsexed. Multicolored ducklings White Muscovy, brown, brown and white. Hand raised.
  3. S

    Muscovy x Cayuga ducklings

    Hi all, Hatching out a few eggs from my Muscovy girls. Assuming this is a mix with the cayuga and not the white runner :lau Just thought people might want to see the mix results- two more currently preparing for final zip :)
  4. NikkisChickies

    Mama Muscovy

    My Misty girl hatched 3 babies…I knew she would be a good mama💛 Just wanted to share, I’m a proud Muscovy mama lol
  5. D

    Makeshift Duckling Food?

    I have 5 four week old muscovy ducklings I'm currently raising. I fed them the last of their duckling crumbles today and didn't get a chance to run by the store to get more like I intended (a crisis came up in the chicken coop). So... I put together a quick batch of something to hold them over...
  6. Mandrogora

    Ordered Muscovy Eggs, These Hatched

    I ordered Muscovy hatching eggs online and these two ducklings hatched on the 28th day of incubation. The other two that hatched are Muscovies and hatched on the 35th day of incubation. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas what they are. I have contacted the seller to ask and am waiting on a...
  7. Qui1980

    Muscovy incubator hatching- first time. Day 36 please help!

    Muscovy incubator hatching- first time. Day 36. 8 eggs. 4 external pips and one egg with dark circle on small end of egg?? What is this spot. Does it need help? Also, is external pips large enough? Anything I should do? Lockdown Temp at 98.5 and humidity at 62%. Is this okay? 1 vent fully open...
  8. Hatcher1997

    Please help me! Do I go to sleep and leave it or make a hole?

    Hello, I’m on day 32 of hatching a muscovy egg. Thursday around 4pm I candled the egg before placing into the incubator to lockdown. (Day 30) This is it here on that day… Today is Saturday 3am (day 32) and I’m so worried. Because I’ve been told that first video it hadn’t pipped, and I’ve been...
  9. L

    Female Muscovy Squeaking and Sleeping

    I have 2 indoor female muscovies. Recently one of the girls has been sleeping a lot and seems disinterested in things. When she is excited, she seems fairly normal but she spends most of the day sleeping. She will eat if you bring food to her, but won't get up to get food very often. She's...
  10. Hatcher1997

    Has this Muscovy internally pipped? What temp / humidity for lockdown

    Hello I’m on day 30 of hatching my first and lonesome Muscovy egg! Is today lockdown and should I be lowering the temp and what to? I’ve been trying to stick to more of a dry hatch the whole time and the article written on here states to not even increase the humidity all that much in lockdown...
  11. B

    Muscovy duck egg in incubator: turning or tilting? What about weight loss of the eggs?

    Dear muscovy duck owners, after several successful batches of chickens, I will try to hatch muscovy ducks. However, I am not sure if I can put them in the automatic egg turner which only tilts the eggs 45 degrees or so. Does this work with muscovy duck eggs? And so far a have not found anything...
  12. Ashleecarol8287

    Re-homing ducklings Florida

    I am located in central Florida and have very healthy ducklings I am looking to re-home. They are French white Muscovys. Let me know if your interested…. Or if you have advice. Thank you!!!! (I have three adults and 28 babies…. I’m looking to keep 6 ducklings and re-home the rest.) i don’t plan...
  13. D

    EMERGENCY! Muscovy Nest Emptied. Can The Eggs be Put Back?

    Writing this fast, so pardon any grammar errors. This is the situation: Late this March, Jamboree (my female duck of a drake-hen pair) began laying, and soon after became broody. I don't know if she had ever laid/hatched before since I bought her as an adult, but she was super faithful about...
  14. D

    Muscovy pushed hatching egg out of the nest!? What do I do?

    First time Muscovy hen has been sitting on nest and this morning we found a hatching egg pushed out of the nest. My teen pulled the egg out and brought it in, we took it back out right away but Mama started pecking at it. What do we do now?? Baby is moving and making sounds. I will attach picture.
  15. Qui1980

    Please help!!! Prolapsed oviduct in Muscovy Hen? pics included

    Noticed today that my 1 yr old Hen “Cocoa” seems to have a prolapsed oviduct. I gave her a warm bath, applied olive oil and preparation H. She has been put in the broody pen in a crate with blanket draped for total darkness. Is this okay? Should I keep her inside? Currently 3 broody hens are in...
  16. TheQuackHouseCW

    Muscovy is broody but not laying

    My one females has been broody for almost 2 weeks but she has not been laying... can i put eggs from the other females in her nest? Can i collect them for a few days and put them all in nest at once or should I be adding them the day they are laid?? never had this happen before
  17. Hatcher1997

    NEED HELP! First time hatching, they are Muscovy

    Hello, I’m on day 20 of hatching two Muscovy duck eggs. Turning 3 times a day. 37.5 degrees and I’m so confused on humidity because I’ve read so many different forums and articles online. I try to aim for more of a dry hatch so it’s usually around 47/48% I’ve tried cooling and misting one or...
  18. ScrambledEggsSuper

    Boy or girl called Crash - Muscovy

    Hi guys, Crash is almost all white now a little bit of yellow fluff is hanging on. I want to know if he’s a boy or she’s a girl so I can get friends. Still just peeping for now so can’t go by sounds.
  19. Ashleecarol8287

    Re-Homing ducklings Florida

    My two hens had 25 ducklings between the two of them. They are three weeks old now and I can only keep 6 (based on my pen size). The babies are French whites. (The three dark colored ducklings I traded with the owner I got my original three from) Because I have three French whites, I wanted to...
  20. Ashleecarol8287

    I call myself the “Mother Ducker” Hahaha…. Ashlee Carol ❤️

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have three adult Muscovy ducks (1 Drake…2 Hens) I hand raised these three in my house. They are a year old and just had 28 babies between my two. My hens went broody together and co-nested and are co-parenting. I only lost three...
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