1. JamieMcClain

    Icey ducks

    we’ve got negative temperatures today. My ducks free range during the day, I waited until after noon to let them out but it’s still negative. Some of them went ahead and decided to take a bath in their water dishes and now have little ice sickles all over them. They’re locked up for the night...
  2. salshep20

    who else likes muscovys??

    I love muscovys because they are way quieter than raspy loud ear raping duck breeds. If u like mucovys talk in this thread and lets make a muscoy community together.Post videos,images,tips,and etc about muscoveys:)
  3. T

    Lighten The Mood

    Figured with the passing of my Pekin today I'd lighten the mood with a little humor. Enjoy.
  4. H

    Muscovy feeding, care, and bullying questions

    Aloha. I free range five hens of different varieties in my backyard, and about 5 months ago my children convinced me to get a pair of Muskovy ducklings. I haven’t yet figured out how people free feed their birds. The minute my birds step away from the feeder, at least 20 wild birds swoop in...
  5. JamieMcClain

    Muscovy hiding eggs!

    One of my female Muscovy has been laying eggs for a few weeks now. She was hatched in May of 2020. I guess she got tired of me taking all the eggs (it’s winter time and I really don’t want babies), now she’s found a hole in the top of a very tall dead tree. She goes up there every morning, and I...
  6. SolarDuck

    Can Muscovy hens raise other birds?

    Hello! I am thinking about adding another bird or two to my flock, but I am curious of a couple things. Currently I have 3 Muscovy hens that should start laying soon. I was thinking about either getting 1 more Muscovy, or maybe 2 of a different type of duck that isn't too loud(I have neighbors)...
  7. chickmamat

    Muscovy Duck weird stomach bumps

    I posted about my Muscovy molting a couple weeks ago, but I can’t find that thread. We adopted her. She couldn’t walk well and we assumed she was over weight and her legs were weak from her previous living conditions. She has since lost weight and moves and runs well. I noticed though, a couple...
  8. JamieMcClain

    New Muscovy.

    My husband went and picked 4 new adult Muscovy hens up today for our male and the person we got them from threw this little guy/gal in for free. It was outside with the others but it’s not fully feathered yet so I’m not comfortable keeping it outside with the big birds. Will it be okay inside...
  9. chickmamat

    Muscovy Losing Feathers + Lethargic

    Hey all! To start, yes, I know Muscovy are not technically ducks. Now that that’s out of the way lol.... I am a chicken person, never owned water fowl. A friend at our local animal shelter reached out because they had a Muscovy that was dumped at a local park. She is unbelievably sweet and...
  10. C

    Muscovy ducks - any interest in NE Indiana?

    Hello, I have decided to either pair down my flock or find new homes for all. Currently I have 7 muscovy ducks. They have been raised as pets. My original 4 are 2 yrs old. My newest 3 were born in August. I have 4 females and 3 males. If I found homes for them in pairs I'd be willing to let a...
  11. S

    Duck ratios and mixing flocks

    First post, so please bear with me. A few weeks back after much research I finally jumped into the backyard fowl and got 5 Muscovy who are now 8 weeks old. These are a complete first for me, I've never had ducks or chickens before. As nature would have it I ended up with three drakes and two...
  12. Gerby26

    Muscovy pouncing? Body slamming? other Muscovys and me

    I have young muscovys who when they get pet by me or its like a high energy moment, they start like 'vibrating' or 'shaking' their head before like pouncing at me or or other ducks. Its mostly the drakes that do this. Is this just them trying to dominate another duck/me or are they just in that...
  13. Gerby26

    Muscovy drakes available MA

    I have 3-4 month old muscovy drakes who need new family's, 2 would make perfect pets(silver and chocolate), the silver drake is the most tame, chocolate is tame, other white is a good large drake but hes just skittish around people. Located Agawam MA. Can go seperate. Re-homing fee for each...
  14. mshap7

    Spraying Muscovy eggs

    First time egg mama here, I’m such a worrier and I’ve had tons of questions! I read spraying Muscovy eggs after day 10 is good for them. So, lacking a spray bottle at home, I rinsed out a hair detangler bottle and sprayed the eggs once each. I didn’t realize until after it still smelled a bit...
  15. mshap7

    Muscovy eggs?

    For those of you with muscovy ducks, do these look like muscovy eggs to you?
  16. M

    HELP Muscovy duck eye problem..

    I have a 2 year old Muscovy female that has an unusual eye issue. It started out as the foamy eye which I was treating and it cleared up but now it looks like this and she has a loss of vision. She's the only one with this issue. I'm at a cross roads and need assistance to help her.
  17. Gerby26

    Clipping wings? Muscovy

    Hello I have a 11-12 week old female Muscovy who has started flying 5-10 ish feet at a time and 1-5 feet off the ground, I read you have to wait till ducks are 15 weeks to clip wings, but would I be able to clip hers now, she seems to be almost ready to fly! I don't want her to make it into my...
  18. M

    Is my duck grieving?

    Today i had to put down one of my beautiful Muscovy ducks at the vets. My concern is how to spot grieving in my other duck. He wasnt there with us as he was left at home but of course we left with puddle and came home without. I cant tell if hes trying to talk to her or look for her or is just...
  19. ChickStavie

    Muscovy unsure age gender

    Muscovy ducklings around month old one is clearly younger by a week or two so hard to judge that onetheyellow white duck is the young one
  20. SolarDuck

    Help sexing 1 muscovy duck

    hello, I have 1 muscovy duck that I have been spending all of my time with for the past 49 days, it is 49 days old. I'm thinking girl because she is feathering in very quickly and is still pretty small. I would love to get opinions as i want to get a friend soon for the little one but I don't...
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