1. Anime2lover

    This is our new rooster, sammy. What is he???

    Sammy is a bantam rooster we got recently. He's not even a year old. He has an incredibly high pitched crow, and loves crowinng. He does so every ten or so minutes. The no crow collar doesn't work on him so we probably won't keep it on him. He has four toes on each foot, bright blue ears, and is...
  2. HippyChik

    Pullets or cockrels? + mystery chicken identification

    Hi all! First time chicken owner here. I have 10 chicks that are 5 weeks old as of this past Thursday, and I'm hoping someone here can help me identify their gender as well as the breed of two of my mystery chickens and a couple of Bantams. They were all bought as day old chicks at Tractor...
  3. Swinneg

    These aren’t buff orpington chicks right?

    Hello! I bought three “buff orpingtons” pullets at my local farm store about a week and a half ago and as they’re feathering out I’m starting to think that they might be something different.... any guesses on breed or gender? first up is Parmesan who is very yellow/creamy with these new...
  4. Hoopoethick


    We are hatching a mixed breed of duck, the drake is believed to be a mix of Cayuga, Black Swedish, and Mallard. The hen is a Welsh Harlequin. Anyone know what their babies might look like?
  5. Katniss_Everdeen

    Uhhh We are not expecting babies! Is this fertile?

    So I cracked open this egg to give to my dog as a treat and then noticed this little white dot in the middle of it. I know that can mean it is fertile, but I have never had fertile eggs before because we only have a 23 week old silkie boy and 7 hens and 2 little silkie girls the same age as the...
  6. Shancat_

    Mystery chick

    Hey everyone! Got my shipment of chicks in. I did have 2 pass away before they got to the store but I also got a mystery chick inside. I’m assuming it’s an Easter Egger chick. What do you’ll think. (Excuse the nails) Thanks!!!
  7. cloverhs

    Ideal Poultry *d'Anver* with feathered legs?! Mutation or mistake?

    So we have a two week old Self Blue d'Anver chick, Fig. We got him February 11th along with 16 other varied bantams (*not Ideal's choice of assorted bantams, we picked them all out ourselves!). I got three d'Anvers in total, 1 Quail d'Anver, 1 Blue Quail d'Anver, and the chick of the hour, Fig...
  8. C

    What breed is this?

    Hi everyone! So this baby hatched out today, first ever from this parentage and I was surprised by the coloring! The hen was a 1st gen silkie mix (no idea the other breed) and the rooster is an EE. It doesn't look like my other EE chicks from the same rooster either. Does anyone have any ideas...
  9. eclectic-em

    Mystery Hatch

    hello!! first time poster although i’ve gotten so much help reading these questions and forums before. so hi! i was hoping if i could get some speggculation about what breed my chick could be! this is georgie who came from a “mystery” egg photo included if shell color helps and then here are...
  10. Kimmyh51

    Duck sneezing, tongue noticeably swollen at base of tongue??

    I have a duck who was sneezing and assumed it was a respiratory infection that seems to plague some of my ducks, particularly during spring which it is now where I live... normally the symptoms disappear after a few days on oxytetracycline antibiotic which my vet prescribes for me to use for...
  11. Kikai

    Mystery chickens!!

    I got 4 eggs from a farm and decided to try and hatch them in my incubator. 2 were fertile and hatched. I have no idea what breed or sex they are. Because they are farm chicks, I guessed initially by shell color and chick color that they were some type of sex linked breed, which would make...
  12. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Anyone Else's Chickens Have Watery Poop in the Morning?

    So my flock of 7 is 18 months old now, and over the last year or so I've had many a panic episode due to intermittent weird poops, almost always in the morning. I'd done de-worming, treated for cocci, and added supplements like probiotics or ACV to their water, but I still get some weird poops...
  13. Feathers & Friends

    SURPRISE CHICK mayham!!!

    I am new to true blues! They are simaler to easter eggers/americaunas, etc. in the sense that they come in many colors and variations. I purchased them from McMurray hatchery. I narrowed down my mystery chick down to one of these three....Can you help me? Which 2 are true blues and which one is...
  14. chickenchicklady

    Mystery Bird from McMurray Hatchery

    Hey all! I got a mystery bird thrown in my order of Meat birds (If I could have, I would have opted out of receiving a mystery bird because I think it will be too cold for it pretty soon), and I’m wondering if anyone has any guesses on what it could be? I’ll update with pictures every so often...
  15. M

    What breed are my chickens? And are they male or female?

    Hi I'm new to BYC and needed help identifying 2 of my chickens. The backstory is I ordered hatching eggs from my pet chicken and they gave me a sheet with codes so I can tell what chicks might hatch from the eggs I bought. I bought a random mix and 4 chicks hatched. I'm positive I have 2 cochins...
  16. F

    What's Up With My Chick?

    So, I have a batch of 9 assorted chicks; all are approximately 6wks old. I have attached pictures of one that I believe may be an Ancona, but uncertain. Before it feathered, it was yellow with a distinct black pattern down its back/head. It is considerably smaller than the others. At about...
  17. freezerpops

    Sold as a black leghorn, but clearly isn’t!

    This pullet (named Craig) was bought at TSC as a black leghorn. She’s about 15-17 weeks old. Single comb, very small, black legs with 4 toes, feathered legs and partially feathered feet. Relatively lean build. Any ideas? Pretty timid so hard to get pics of. Thanks!
  18. H

    Please help - anyone have any guesses on this mystery illness?

    Hi! Thanks so much in advance for advice here. I’m devastated that I keep losing birds and panicked that I will have to cull the whole flock including four new babies. 18 months ago, got 4 pullets. Immediately, one was very sick. Symptoms: lethargic, no “chicken behavior” like scratching...
  19. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    My 1 y/o EE Has a Laying Issue and I Don't Know What to Do

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help with an ongoing laying issue I've been having with my EE, who is just over 1 year old. When she first started laying, she had intermittent issues with laying thin-shelled and shell-less eggs, sometimes back-to-back. After a month or so, she seemed to have...
  20. arfarmstead

    Entire nest and hen missing!

    Any ideas on what would take an entire nest of eggs and a hen? A little back story.... About 2 weeks ago one of my hens was missing from the coop each night when I locked it up. But I’d see her every morning at our bird feeders before the coop was open. I followed her one day and she scooted...
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