1. nannanc

    10 Week Old Naked Neck

    Is the black Naked Neck a boy or girl? Pic of same age brown pullet for comparison. I can't make my mind up!
  2. S

    Hello, from Levy County, FL

    I have five naked neck hens, and one mottled java. It was just eggs I was after, but I love my little flock, and think its time to get a rooster. So, maybe a breeding flock of naked necks in the yard, and some liege fighters in the (currently empty) pasture coop.? That should cover a big part...
  3. CannedMonster

    Chronic Crop Problem

    My 4 week old chick still has a huge crop. It never goes down! I posted about this when she was about 2 weeks old and everyone said it’s just full.’s huge. I have 5 other NN chicks the same age and none of them have a crop anywhere near this size. It feels squishy and there’s no bad...
  4. CannedMonster

    Huge Crop On Turken Chick!

    My 2 1/2 week old NN chick has a huge crop. It’s been like this for at least a week now. I thought it was strange but the chick doesn’t act distressed in any way. It eats at drinks normally. I put the chicks outside for about an hour today so they could scratch around and sunbathe. I picked...
  5. CannedMonster

    Aggressive Chick - 2 Weeks Old!

    My brown NN chick is starting to be very aggressive with me. It approaches my hand boldly without fear and cocks it’s head and bites me! A two week old!! I’m very surprised by this. Any advice on how to teach the chick respect without hurting it would be appreciated. I’m pretty sure it’s a...
  6. McTurken

    Naked Neck Turken Not Sure

    Naked Neck-turken Not Sure Created by McTurken Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: This is my first experience with this breed...AND I LOVE THEM!! They are so unique and an absolute PLEASURE to watch. Gender Age Thumb Description / Information Male 43 My favorite in...
  7. Nava

    Naked Neck Turken Sop Colors Black White Red Buff Other Colors Blue Splash Mottled Dun Khaki And Pla

    Naked Neck-turken SOP colors Black,White,Red,Buff. other colors: blue, splash,mottled,dun,khaki and Platinum Created by Nava Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: I love this breed they are very calm and docile, lay in winter too and eggs are huge, I have one of the SOP colors...
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