1. DontChickenOut14

    What Are Your Chickens Named After?

    I just wondered what everybody else is naming their chickens after, such as favorite TV show characters, food items, etc. I named my first group of hens names that all end with the letter a, and my second group is named mostly after anime characters. Lol, show me your best names!
  2. DontChickenOut14

    MY BABIES JUST SHIPPED! HOORAY!! (Follow this thread to see first pics of them!)

    My chicks I bought from Meyer Hatchery just shipped today at 1:01 pm! I am excited to say that they could arrive as soon as tomorrow! I also am thinking about names for the babies. Comment below your best name ideas for two Gold-Laced Wyandottes, a Green Queen, an Easter Egger, and a Speckled...
  3. Name Your Chickens!

    Name Your Chickens!

    If you are wondering, "What should I name my new chicks?", you are in the right place. Note: This article is NOT long AT ALL. But that is how it's meant to be. Boy or girl? If you have chicks you will probably not know if they are a boy or a girl until they are around 6 weeks old. Lot's of...
  4. oDuskDawno

    Any Advice?

    Hello, I haven't been on here for a while. In the time I have been gone, I have persuaded my family to let me get some Coturnix Quails. three girls and a male are what I have decided on getting. I wanted to know if anyone will like to give some advice, I have had two other quails in the...
  5. bantiemomma7

    What should I name my Easter Eggers???

    I am very particular about what names I name any animal..I like different and sometimes funny. Right now I have a white Old English Game Bantam named "Lu" (short for Little Ugly), a white silkie named "JJ", and a black silkie named "Black Betty" (after the song). JJ is raising 4 easter egger...
  6. MasterOfAllChickens111

    Naming Chicks! Place your vote!

    I have a rooster that is the son of one of my favorite chickens that passed. He has a mate. I think he had a “affair” with another hen. He already has children. I really want it to be a girl. If it’s his kid. I have two cute names that are German related. The rooster is blue and the hen is...
  7. FathertoFeathers

    Name Ideas For Jersey Giant Chicks

    About a week ago I ordered some baby Jersey Giant chicks (females) which are expected to ship on Wednesday! Im usually pretty good with names but right now im stumped! Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. munchkinlover

    Chicken Dorm Mother

    Hi ya'll. Glad to find this site!!! I am a first time mother of 13 wonderful birds. They consist of 2 Silver Wyandotte, 3 Black Australorp, 3 Easter Eggers & 5 Golden Wyandotte. We didn't get exactly what we ordered and ended up with 3 roosters, but they really get along fine (at least for now)...
  9. silkiemother

    baby names!

    I need ideas for names for my two 3 day old silkie chicks! the 2 names that get the most likes by the 10 win, yeah I'm desperate and I can get pics of them.
  10. analyticalblonde

    What is Your Favorite Word to Describe Your Flock?

    So, I have seen wonderful terms of endearments on BYC that oozes love for each person's girls. I was just wondering what word or term of love you use when talking about your girls...? List them away because I would love to see what you call your girls....
  11. CaramelKittey

    Chicken Names?

    Good evening! I have 2 Millie Fluer D’uccles who are in desperate need of names! All together, there are four Millie Fluer d’uccles. They are all girls about 8 weeks old. So far two girls have been named Comet and Twilight. Please help! I’m so confused when it comes to finding great names...
  12. C

    Cute names needed for baby chicks!

    help! I’m getting about 4 buff Orpington and 4 silver laced Wyandotte chicks this this weekend and I need a few name suggestions.
  13. MarthaTheRooster

    Business Names, Any Ideas?

    My husband and I have been in the chicken business in the past and after about five years of not having chickens we are finally in the position to purchase and raise egg and meat chickens again. As it was in the past, we have had an overload of requests for 'eating' eggs, 'hatching' eggs, and...
  14. Mimi13

    What’s In A Name?

    Every time I am on BYC I always try to figure out how people come up with their “user name.” I may be the only one who tries to figure these out, but I’ll bet not. Some names are straight forward like, JaneDoe or maybe with a birthdate or year, JaneDoe42689 JaneDoe1989 and some even tell us...
  15. R

    Duck names needed!

    Unfortunately our Pekin duck squeak had to be out down the other day, leaving a very lonely bubbles. At the weekend we are going to a farm to pick up a cherry valley to be her buddy, but need a name that goes with bubbles. All I can think of is bubbles and squeak :( I'm not naming the new one...
  16. ChickenGirl.Cluck

    Vote for what I should name my silkies!

    highest vote and second highest vote win! :jumpy:jumpy:barnie:jumpy:jumpy:barnie:jumpy:jumpy:th be warned vote closes in 7 days!!!
  17. MiBirds

    Solved What do these mean? "Chilling' with my peeps" "Flock master" "Out of the brooder"

    Hey guys! Can someone please reply telling me what these mean? I've seen a few that don't really have to do with chickens too. I assumed they were labels hat the website puts on users depending on how active/new/what/etc. they are. I'm not sure if I'm correct though. If that's true, then what...
  18. Katu

    My new Sussex Pullets!

    Greetings BYC! I've just joined Backyard chickens so I may need a little Help around here. So, I guess I'll tell you about my new babies! My grandfather bought 2 sussex chickens 2-4 days ago From his friend who lives at a chicken farm. They where a bit shy to come out of their little coop. so we...
  19. RocheeBum

    Names for 3 Silkies

    Our Silkie eggs are currently in a friends incubator ready to hatch end of April. If all goes well we should have 3 new Silkie chicks to take home! This is my first time keeping chickens but my husband had chickens as a child. I am very excited for my 3 ladies to arrive and to also care for...
  20. Acre4Me

    Names? Opinions/votes welcome!

    17 chicks and 6 breeds. 3 weeks old. Personalities are beginning to show up - of course as they mature, this may change, but we are wanting to name the chicks and have come up with some ideas. 1. Easter Eggers: They have muffs and look like they may get the "beards" so the 11yo wants to...
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