needs surgery

  1. ChickenKeeper8

    Small Impacted Crop: To Perform Surgery or Not?

    Hello fellow chicken lovers! I hope you guys can give me your opinions on my poor little chook, and her small impacted crop. So....Let me start to explain.... 2 weeks ago, my Rosie was acting constipated but had a large squishy crop. So, my first thought was sour crop. I gave her some yogurt...
  2. DianeB

    Chicken dying will be putting down soon...very sad

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread. Sorry if it's posted in the wrong spot. I have a beautiful and sweet RIR that is showing all the signs of ovarian cancer. There is no point in prolonging her suffering. The earliest I can take her in is Tuesday, so at least I have the weekend to say...
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