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  1. MysteryChicken

    Non-Fighting Muff GameFowl Project

    I have everything planned out, & in the order the I want Sire(s), & Dame(s) to breed in. Sire(s) Black Birchen, Easter Egger. Black Copper Maran/GameFowl cross. Dame(s) RJF Hybrids. ____________________________________ Pictures of Sire(s): Black Birchen, Easter Egger.He looks to have a quite a...
  2. MysteryChicken

    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    Hello chicken peoples, I would like to hear your breeding projects for 2020? Here's a couple projects I'll be working on, and/or continuing. My 2020, Breeding Projects: #1. Wheaten Crele Orpingtons #2. Non-Fighting Muff GameFowl My Future Breeding Projects: #1. Crele Silkies #2. Rainbow Laying...
  3. MelissaRose

    Creating a new breed

    Hey! I want to breed a new kind of chicken to practice breeding, genetics, and stuff, and to create something that is everything I like in a chicken. I have a list of the details I want it to have, and some breeds that I have that I can use to create this new breed. Below is a list of the...
  4. bonsaiherb

    Dominant Copper chickens ???

    My local Farm and Feed store is selling these NEW Czech hybrid chicks that they call Dominant Copper. A take on Copper Maran and these are apparently sex linked black chicks with a touch of white. Supposedly a Cross between Copper Maran and other chickens. Description reads "Large copper and...
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