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  1. H

    About the Same Chick

    Hi this is the same chick about my other question. The chick is maybe 6 days old now and something new has occurred. Since this chick was a surprise we warm up 3 bags of water and put towels on top so the bags stay warm throughout the night. But today I went to a massage and a small errand for...
  2. R

    I need help identifying these 6 week old beauties

    Hi everyone! I could really use some help identifying my baby girls!!! The grey ones looked different as baby chicks but seem to look more and more alike each day. They have amazing personalities! All very unique and very friendly and curious! Thanks again for the help!!!
  3. J

    Chick is significantly smaller than the others!

    I have 2 chick from someone who has no info on them. One has scissor beak and what I think could be wry neck. She is about 1/2 the size of the one she care with. And seems to need ‘mom’ more. I put her in my bag so she can feel as though she is being sat on by mom. The other chick is with...
  4. Chickmamaa209

    800$ brand new chicken coop for 300$...500$ SAVE!!!!

    hello friends and chicken family. Today I went to purchase a coop for my 2 week old chicks and decided to get the Snap & lock large chicken coop. It was on display for 300$ at my local tractor supply BUT its normally 800$ purchase online. I was a little confused because I have seen the same coop...
  5. RedDol

    I’m back

    I hope this is the right place for this. I was a member over eight years ago I think. In the meantime I will soon become a chicken momma again. Super excited waiting for my daughter in laws chicken eggs to hatch in kindergarten classroom. Hopefully this week. Wish me luck.
  6. HamiamHens

    Intro of the top Hen :)

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes. I first got chickens in April of this year. My community has a really nice sustainable living organization called 500 Gardens and 500 chickens. Every spring the 500 chickens group does an intro class to raising chicks, gives...
  7. Trinitydraco

    The chicken math is REAL!

    Hello! For about a year I thought about raising chickens and this Feb I decided to do it! I started as many do, with 6 chicks from Tractor Supply and a pre made coop. Now I am building my own, have a Rooster and 9 ladies and 9 eggs in the bator with more on the way! Gotta love that chicken math...
  8. Motivesgeek03

    New Chicken Momma

    Hi! I am new to the chicken community. Just started being a chicken mom in the last 3 weeks. My daughter’s science class hatched eggs and we volunteered to take 3 chicks home. Built a coop and fenced it up in our back yard! We live our new animal addition, even the new puppy loves them. We...
  9. Jamie Molihan

    New mama to new Cleveland City Chickens

    i live nearly smack in the center of the CLE and I love it, but I never thought that I would be able to have my own chicks while I lived in the city. Then I bought a house in a Latino community and there were city chickens all over the place. Beautiful homes and yards, lots of laughing kids and...
  10. H

    Hi, I'm new

    I"m Hannan, and a couple weeks ago, my family bought six new chicks, three black sex links (mine to care for) and three yellow chicks that I forgot which species they are, but my sister, who's in charge of those, probably remembers. They're all hens, because we don't have a large enough estate...
  11. ChickenMamaSue

    New Chicken Mama! Nervous about rooster puberty

    Hello to all chicken mamas, papas, and ma-pas! I had been doing tons and tons of research about what it is like to have chickens. And after careful consideration, planning, building of a coop, and a spontaneous trip to the local feed store almost three weeks ago, (breath) I NOW HAVE 12...
  12. chickyrookie

    Any incubator tips out there?

    I'm hatching my first batch of eggs. I put 13 in the incubator (2 not fertilized...removing today) and I'm using Little Giant still air incubator 9300. I am super insecure that I'm doing this right. The instructions said to set temp at 103.5, but that seemed super high and nothing I read out...
  13. TheBadaWingClub

    New babies

    Sooo.. here is my story, I was gifted/pranked one night at 3am., 2 hens and a rooster with a semi broken, but manageable coop, about 1.5 months ago. I have no idea what chickens do, what they are about, nor did i expect to ever own one. But someone thought it would be funny to leave them on my...
  14. flwrldy

    New baby

    We have our first ever broody hens. We are in NH where it’s getting down in the 20’s and 30’s at night, and even the teens occasionally so far..The broody hens, are 2 of our buff Orpingtons. This morning one chick hated, and was found in the run with mom. We put her and the baby back in with the...
  15. L

    Soon to be silkie mum!

    Hello from London! I will shortly be getting three silkie chicks and I’m just looking to read up more and learn as much as I can! My Grampa had chickens when I was younger and I’m very excited to be getting these fluffy girls! I’m eager to hear your stories of having silkie chicks
  16. M

    Hello Mom of 8 Hens and 2 Lil Roos

    Hello All , My name is Kendra . I live in NC ... I work full time, have 4 teenagers and been married almost 6 years .. Thats about it with me.. I fell in love with Chickens after working on a farm where me and my husband took care of her landscaping needs. We have our own business and when I...
  17. M

    Respiratory Issues with my Teen Chicks

    Hello to all, Im new to the site, but this site has been so helpful in helping me with my lil chicken family... I currently have 8 Hens and 2 roosters. I got pullets from TS about 2 months ago.. Was told I had 2 leghorn hens and one barred rock. As the Leghorns got bigger and were growing...
  18. Boss8

    Leghorns not growing?

    i introduced 2 new, approx 14 wk.old, white leghorn's last month to my 26 wk. old ISA Browns...the Browns are still going after the leghorns, the leghorn's don't look like they have grown any in a month...I'm trying to feed the leghorn's separately .... Any ideas of what to do? The only time...
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