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  1. Silkiechicmom

    My Broody Hen is finally getting what??

    Hello! My silkie hen has been broody for almost a month. I have finally sourced some silkie chicks and I am planning on getting a few and sticking them under her come nightfall. I would love advice on this process. Do I need an additional heat source in the coop? I have a radiant heat...
  2. Grimx18

    I don’t know how to get a few new chicks to safety

    Hi guys, I haven’t been on here for a very long time, but I came back with an issue, we got some new chickens a while back, that are very timid and afraid of human contact, I have been staying with them most days to try and get them to feel comfortable with me, recently one of these chickens...
  3. C

    Sexing help!

    Opinions on what these littles might be! 1. Lemon pyle brahma 2. Cream legbar/brahma cross 3. Cream legbar/brahma cross
  4. B

    Chicken+ Guinea Update

    We've gotten addicted. It's only been a few months and I'm hopeless. Update on the Chicken Flock We got 22 new chickens. All of them are female but three, but the person who gave them to us accidentally bought full Rhode Island Reds instead of Bantams, which is definitely a problem seeing as we...
  5. chickenbritt5908

    How to vaccinate freshly hatched chicks...?

    I have a week before my incubator babies are supposed to hatch. I want to give them the best chance so I understand vaccinating can help with that. When, what, how do I vaccinate them once they hatch?
  6. snkjohnson

    bigger chicks picking on smaller chicks

    I have four 5 week old chicks that I got as babies. Yesterday I was picking up feed and was offered three more chicks for free with my purchase (getting older and they're trying to get rid of them I suppose). They must have looked a lot bigger in their small brooder at the store because when I...
  7. BluebirdHomestead

    What Do I Need On Hand

    Hey all! I’m getting a batch of 2 week old chicks tomorrow and I’m wondering what do I need to have on hand aside from the obvious (brooder and feed)? Thanks!
  8. S

    I have three new natural chicks

    My broody hen was insisting on sitting on unfertilized eggs so i went out to my son's ranch and grabbed a rooster. She sat on her eggs like a champ and has been a great Mom so far but I worry (I'm new to this chicken thing). I moved her from the coop with the eggs into an extra large dog kennel...
  9. K

    Introducing chicks to mama hen with chicks of her own

    Hello!! I had a hen we call Georgia, she hatched two chicks about 8/10 days ago. We wanted to grow our flock and the only thing available were chicks about 4/7 days old. I purchased 7 of them and after reading I went to the coop at night and introduced them to mama Georgia. She was making a...
  10. JenEgrrrL

    Would you try to add 1 week olds to a mama with 4 week olds?

    I have a 2 yr old broody that is now a 1st time surrogate mama. Couldn’t break her broodiness for weeks and finally gave in, giving her 2 EE day-olds. 2 days later, we added two 1-week old broiler chicks and she accepted them no problem. I have chicks hatching at a breeder today that I’ll be...
  11. Hartchicks

    Weird clicking?

    I have 4 chicks, all the same age (3 weeks), but one is still so much smaller than the rest! And when she breathes in i can hear this weird click. It's only when she breathes in! She's progressing at a very slow rate and doesn't have nearly as many feathers as the other chick. I got them from...
  12. MomJones

    New Yellow Chicks, Ideas Welcome

    You guessed it: got them from a straight run. They are approximately less than a week old. And of course--using Chicken Math guidelines--I bought 12 instead of 4 :barnie
  13. Daybreak19

    Hi I am new and temporarily in Central Mexico

    Hi to all! I am new to join and looking forward to reading everything to learn more about raising chickens. I am from Rowlett/Rockwall, Texas but temporarily living in the Querataro state of Mexico since March. I am living in a mountain community in the Varequeries. I love it here, but...
  14. L

    Only 1 chick hatched: can I add more?

    So out of my entire incubator I only managed to hatch 1 chick. I'm on day 25 and my chick is 3 days old... That being said, my husband bought 3 chicks that look like they're probably a week old so that my baby isn't lonely. How do I introduce them together? Should I quarantine the 3 he bought...
  15. StephanieZo

    Introducing chicks to first time broody mom?

    We just recieved 2 chicks on Wednesday by mail from a hatchery. They were hatched on Monday. Our 4 year old Buff Orpington all of a sudden decided to go broody for the very first time on Friday! Our plan was to raise the chicks in a brooder and then introduce them to our flock of 4. Now we are...
  16. E

    1 of my baby chicks is 10 days younger than the other 2, when can I introduce them?

    Hello, This is my first experience with baby chicks. My hen went broody, despite my efforts to break it she was relentless so I let her sit. I wasn’t aware that other hens would drop eggs into her nesting box until 2 weeks later. There were 4 eggs, and I then separated her from the other...
  17. ammyg

    FL chick

    hello, I just recently got 4 chicks and cant wait for the eggs. I have 2 that are about 2 months now and the other 2 are about 2 weeks. They are different breads and they are like night and day. The 2 older ones are outside now and really seem to be loving it and I cant wait til they all can...
  18. Leelu13

    New babies-not sure of the breed

    Someone gifted hubby with new chicks for our coop that they couldn't keep 5 I know are brahmas, but three I am not certain of? I have attatched pics of the little fluffballs. Also, not entire sure of the age. Any help appreciated!
  19. C

    Broody hen hatching in shared coop

    I'm new to this site, so hopefully I'm doing this right. I got my first batch of chickens last year. I built my coop (4×4×4 with 4 nesting boxes) and run. Not sure dimensions on the run but it's really big! I currently have 7 chickens, 1 silkie rooster, the rest hens 2 ameracauna, 2 unknown(I'm...
  20. E

    Lethargic baby chick, what to do?

    Hello! I recently bought 4 chickens recently, two commercial yellow chicks and two hybrid chicks (seem to be smaller). I have unfortunately have already lost one hybrid chick, and now I have noticed the other, bigger one, seems to be looking quite lethargic. I'm not too well versed in what to do...
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