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  1. The Enchanted Tiki Coop: Our New England Suburban Coop and Run

    The Enchanted Tiki Coop: Our New England Suburban Coop and Run

    Spring 2020: I've been quietly lurking on BYC for four years, planning, waiting... And last October, my small city relaxed the chicken keeping laws, allowing flocks of up to 6 hens on a residential property, if properly registered. Over the winter, I hatched my plans, and in March–just before...
  2. R


    Hi everyone, Just want to introduce myself a bit. Name is Josh I live in Rhode Island and for Mother's Day my family is deciding to surprise my mother with chicks and to start a small family homestead. We have 3 RI Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Buff Orpington, and 2 Easter Eggers. We are picking the...
  3. GinaShay

    Western Massachusetts pullet chicks for sale Black Sex Link & Black Jersey Giant 13 days old

    2 pullets for sale located in Worthington, MA Black Sex Link & Black Jersey Giant both are about 13 days old. $10 for both at the moment since Ive only fed them a couple weeks. Sweet girls. Purchased as pullets. Also wing and vent sexed. We also have hatching eggs blue, pink, cream, brown...
  4. S

    Sand as Coop Bedding?

    I have read some articles recently about using sand as bedding inside our chicken coop and I'm looking for some feedback/more information/answers about this method. We are currently using the deep litter method with straw in our coop but it gets pretty smelly after a few weeks and its hard to...
  5. chickendvm

    Custom Coops in New England

    Can anyone recommend any place that makes coops in New England? Has anyone used in Maine? Thanks!
  6. Deano603

    Breeders/Hatcheries located in New England

    Hi there, My apologies if this is a redundant topic, but I have searched high and low for months now in an effort to track down some local people in the New England region, particularly NH, who are looking to sell/swap eggs/chicks. I have been researching much of the winter looking at...
  7. sobell

    Silkie pair (pullet and cockerel) in Massachusetts

    Young (~5 months) pair of Silkie project birds. Healthy, sweet, available to a good home through no fault of their own. Cockerel and pullet (similar to one another) red Pyle/Millie cross. Metrowest Boston area.
  8. Naturegirl155

    Because my Facebook Friends are Tired of Chickens

    Just sharing some pictures from today! I'm new to chicken life but I'm enjoying to learning curve. Gotta love when the gate opens and the dogs NEED to check out the chicken run and the chickens NEED to check out the dog yard. I guess the hay is always fresher on the other side... Mindy the...
  9. Naturegirl155

    Worried About the Weather

    As I head into my first winter with chickens in CT, I'm starting to get nervous that I haven't done enough to prepare for winter cold, especially after last night. I'll post some pictures of the coop, the modifications I made for the coop, the run, and the modifications I made for the run. Any...
  10. LadyBirdie

    In Search of Showgirls and Turkens in eastern MA

    Casually looking to expand my flock
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