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  1. A

    How old is this chicken?

    Hi, I got her about a week ago. The seller told me she was about 5 months old. My old chickens started laying eggs when they their waddles were even smaller than this chicken. As far as I know, she has not layed an egg before after we got her. But I'm scared that it might be an old chicken that...
  2. MMF20

    Wheaten Marans Cockerels

    For sale in NH I have 2 Wheaten Marans boys who need new homes. One is 5 months old (hatched 6/25) and one is 3 months (hatched 8/21). Both are non aggressive. Hatched from breeder focusing on SOP. Dual purpose heritage breed with dark egg gene can be used for breeding or for meat. Price...
  3. edgarmongold

    New Hampshire Bantams bred to SOP

    Discussion on New Hampshire Bantam Check out FB page New Hampshire Breeders Club of America New Hampshire SOP
  4. ChickChic00

    New Hampshire x Columbian Wyandotte

    Has anyone done this cross before? NH Male and CW Female? Also is it a sex link? Does anyone have any pictures? Any help is appreciated!!
  5. A

    13 Week Old Olive Egger Cockerel - MA

    Making a new update post because we're having trouble finding Parsley a new home. If anyone in my area has any suggestions please let me know. We are willing to drive a reasonable distance to re-home him. We've reached out to the MSPCA and they told us they prefer we find him a new home...
  6. I

    What breed and sex are my chicks

    Hi so I have 3 chicks which I was told were New Hampshires and that they were female. I'm not exactly sure if they are or aren't. I'm not allowed to have roosters in the city I live in so I'm a little worried.
  7. Chickmamaa209

    What breed are my 6 week old chicks ( Rhode island red, new Hampshire or other ??

    Only Wondering about the red and yellow chicks in the picture the other ones are most likely Easter eggers ( was told Americaunas but doubt it ) but I was told the yellow one is a new hamshire but shes looking a little too yellow or will she become more red as the time goes by. The red one I was...
  8. hysop

    Is this a New Hampshire or mixed breed?

    I found this rooster 4 months ago. It was at a local shopping center. We asked around and they say he’d been there for weeks and were happy to hear we wanted to catch him and take him home. He had mites, we isolated him and doctored him up. Now he’s well and happy. He’s really nice. He...
  9. NH-Song

    Two roosters (one Easter Egger, one Frizzle) to rehome in New Hampshire

    This is my first time raising chickens and two of the cute-as-pie fluffy balls of fuzz have turned out to be roosters. I'm not allowed roosters where I live, so either I have to re-home these cuties or eat them. They're both only about 6 months old. I've attached pictures of them both; it should...
  10. Scissors65

    Confused about my New Hampshire Pullets

    My girls are 14 weeks old. I purchased them at TS. I was wondering why my Scarlet has a bigger wattle than her sister Ruby? Could she possible be older? Or does it just vary by the pullet? Oh, I just had to add a Scarlet butt photo, it is just so darn cute! Thanks for your help!
  11. Kluggie

    What breed/s and gender are these two?

    Hi all Recently we got a couple of chicks from a hatching program run out of my son's kindergarten. We have had them for about 2 months now and they are starting to get a bit bigger. I was hoping for some advice on what breed and if they are hens or roos. The website from the organisation that...
  12. Scissors65

    Hello! First Post, need help Roo or Pullets?

    I am a newbie to backyard chickens. My "hopefully" girls are 8 weeks old. I notice the wattle on my Scarlett girl is growing a little faster than her litter mate "Ruby" of the same breed: New Hampshire's. I purchased them from TS and I know sexing is not 100% when they are chicks, and even after...
  13. SenpaiChickens

    What breed is Rolland?

    He kinda looks like a new hamshire? I know he’s not a Rhode Island, or Cinnamon queen. So is he a New Hamshire
  14. C

    What have you cross your CX with?

    Any pictures and stats, of the F1 cross, or first generation of the cross would be greatly appreciated. :wee Live and carscass :D
  15. S

    NEW owner of Chickens(New Hampshire Red's)

    I raised these from hatchlings, are they roosters or hens?
  16. C

    Polish Golden Laced Roo 10 wks old (Boston/NH)

    I have this beautiful Polish Roo and sadly I just found out he is a Roo. He's been raised with 4 Silkies, 3 other Polish, and 4 other regular chickens. He's about 10 weeks old. Looking to find him a Happy Hen house as I can't keep any roosters in my town. Thank you
  17. C

    What a hen.

    Does anyone know who owns this beauty? Or know anyone that may sell some some that look somewhat familiar. Love the light orangy color And question, would this be German or an American line?
  18. Jayecookie

    New Hampshire Red? Truly Magnificent (and sussex, wyandotte, jersey giants)

    What do you guys think about new hampshire chickens? When I first started researching about chickens (to get ones myself) I've never heard of them. After the research I did for my blog, these girls are amazing! I put them second on my list. Great learning experience! Still happy with my choice...
  19. Deano603

    Breeders/Hatcheries located in New England

    Hi there, My apologies if this is a redundant topic, but I have searched high and low for months now in an effort to track down some local people in the New England region, particularly NH, who are looking to sell/swap eggs/chicks. I have been researching much of the winter looking at...
  20. AnneDrum

    Newbie from South Africa.

    Hi all! My hubby and I have started a small pastured chicken egg operation. Our first batch of babies have started laying eggs and our younger batch are around 6weeks old. There is an egg crisis in SA since a major outbreak of Avian Flu. These are our Potch Koekoek chickens (7 mo): These...
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