new hapshire red

  1. analyticalblonde

    New Hampshire Reds Ducking/Squating

    So I have two young New Hampshire Reds that I have raised since day-old. While in the brooder, I picked them up and handled them with all of the love any person on this site would do. They are now about 19-20 weeks old and when I go into the run/coop area, they squat/lower themselves down as if...
  2. M

    I have a 6 week old red of some sort...any ideas what kind or if I'll have eggs or an alarm clock?

    Our school hatches chicks every year, this year I had the joy of teaching in a room with some chicks and was fortunate to have a good batch in our room. We only had 1 that had a very difficult time hatching and at lunch day 2 I helped the little chick out. When the kids went home for the year we...
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