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  1. R

    Chickens at school

    Hi i'm new to this forum, although I browsed it in the past when I ran into problems similar to ones posted here I never made the jump to make an account until now. I've had chickens now at my own property for just about 4 years now. I've wintered chickens one year and that always seems to be a...
  2. S

    5 day old baby duckling

    I have 2 white crested ducklings. I was letting them walk around. When I came back I noticed they were playing with a tiny object. Turns out it was a piece of soap that I have no clue where they go it from. Only one ate a little bit of the soap. He keeps making a sound as if he’s coughing and...
  3. A

    New Iowa kid on the block.

    Hey everyone, my name is Amanda and I’m new to the community. I’ve wanted to raise chickens the majority of my teens/ adult years but never got the opportunity to do so. This year- I’ve got my own house and my own yard along with living in a city where I can. So I have 2 bantam black laced red...
  4. Amyannlease

    Hello all.

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I'm definitely not new to chickens. I've been raising them since 97. When we first started I was in 7th grade and I had been living in cities for my entire life up to that point. We first moved to the country in 96 and we bought a 13...
  5. W

    Gettin' some yardbirds

    We are wanting to add some yardbirds to our menagerie for both eggs and harvest. Just getting started and want to have enough eggs to cover down on 18-24 a week. Also to have chicken 1-3 times a week. I will soon be building a coop on our 2+ acres that is fenced in by chain link fence. The plans...
  6. kylemsenger

    New Member

    Hey, Everyone! I'm Kyle! I wanted to post and say that I am new to raising chickens in Cleveland, OH and like everything else in life, Google has been my best friend in answering questions and learning to set up my coop and run. Backyardchickens.com forum has almost always been the number one...
  7. R


    Hi! I'm from Florida, I'm just 19 and have no intentions of having a job related to animals, but I would gladly do voluntary work! I'm very passionate about animals and I have recently started taking an interest in ducks since I recently moved to Florida from Central America. I look forward to...
  8. chanchicks

    new chick mama!

    hi! i'm chandler. i recently got some lovely young hens and wanted to join this wonderful community. here's some more info about me and my flock :) (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I'm relatively new to raising chicks. I had a small flock of three a few years ago...
  9. EmilySmith2525

    I’m new introduction !

    :DI have been around chickens for many years thanks to my grandad and have currently just started hopefully becoming a mum to my own chickens. I’m currently incubating silkies but at the minuite I help look after multiple white Sussex, road island reds and black rocks. I came to this website...
  10. Swastik Choudhari

    Fried egg for chicks..?

    Hello my chicks are two days old..can i feed then fried eggs...which i will scrambel....or only hard boiled eggs to be feeded...?? Any reply appriciated.
  11. Lavender Ro

    New Member

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have had Chickens for about 7 years. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Right now I have 31. (3) What breeds do you have? I have many breeds like Cubalayas, Ameraucanas, Leghorns, Hamburgs, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode...
  12. C

    New member and egg question

    I learned about your page on FB, have followed for a while and signed up today. My husband and I have had 4 Barred Rock hens for just over a year. We love them! The ladies have personality to the extreme. We also have 2 Dachshunds and a cat children. We have a new raised bed garden that takes...
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