newbie chick mom

  1. B

    New to chickens

    Hi! My name is Brenda and I live in Syracuse. I’ve always wanted chickens and now have 3 baby Silkies that are 3 weeeks old today. I am in love with their sweet little faces. I’m new to chicken ownership and hope to get help and advice on how to care for my babies
  2. kelzey

    hen or rooster

    as anyone would be, im incredibly curious about the breeds of my babies & i’m not too sure what to look for when it comes to finding out about genders and such. they should be 16/17 weeks now i’m assuming & have not started to lay yet, but im sure that they will soon when they are ready. the man...
  3. L

    New backyard flock

    I am Laylah and I’m in Washington state. I am new to raising chickens. I purchased 6 baby chicks, hatched on April 2nd. 2 silver spangled hamburgs 2 Salmon Faverolle 2 Blue laced red Wyandotte’s I’m really loving these birds... I’m excited fir them to start laying. Thanks for letting me join...
  4. Coffeewastedmomma

    New Member here

    Hello! First off, I am sorry if this is the wrong place for introductions. I did follow the link...and ended up here. LOL copy/paste intro Qs (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am! I have my first chickie babies. They are 9 weeks old! (2) How many chickens do...
  5. L

    First Flock

    Hi! My husband and I have our first flock of chicks (2 weeks old) and live in the city. I have new mom anxiety and so many questions. Thank you for providing this forum. I look forward to learning along the way! Lisa
  6. FLXChicken

    Hello! Been a "lurker" for years, finally brought home chicks and decided to join BYC!

    Hello! We're Tracy (and Gordon) from the Finger Lakes in New York, and I've been visiting BYC for years looking for advice and information while we decided on if and when we should get chickens. I'm excited to join BYC because I have been reading posts on this site for years since it comes up...
  7. Holland Homestead

    Hello Fellow Chicken Keepers

    We are just beginning our chicken adventure. We have had chickens in the past but honestly not as a serious hobby. We appreciated the eggs but also let the ladies free range a great deal of the time and unfortunately ended up with a predator issue. This time we have a much safer redesigned coop...
  8. One_chick_Mama

    Transparent Egg - What caused it?

    My little Dee Dee finally started laying in the nest box and not in the neighbor's yard. She's a good layer and averages 2-3 a day. But this morning I found this in the nest box next to a regular egg. at first glance I thought it was a brown egg. What caused it and how do I fix it? I feed her...
  9. B

    Eggs are day 14 and day 10..

    Ok so this is my first batch of hatching eggs.. I have 4 eggs that are on day 14 and 14 eggs on day 10.. all are Silkies I haven't recently candled any yet.. I did last week, kind of nervous to do it! it was still little hard to tell. I took a flash light to some this morning seen a few...
  10. xleslieanne


    Hello all! I'm Leslie, located in southeastern Michigan and am pretty much completely new to chickens! My best friend had some as pets growing up, but it's been about 20 years since then, haha! My fiance and I have been discussing options for quite a while and my daughter has developed a...
  11. 52katalac


    I am Kathy and I have 8 baby pullets. 4 Polish Crested, 2 Frizzles, 2 others that may be white leghorns or Red Rocks (Tractor Supply). My friend who lives 20 miles away has a small farm and I usually get eggs from her but I decided I was tired of driving so I got my own chickens
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