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  1. H

    How Humane Are No-Crow Rooster Collars?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a local rescue. He’s an absolute sweetheart, very nice and not aggressive. But he crows, without fail, at the crack of dawn every morning. He’s fairly quiet the rest of the day though. We’ve been looking in...
  2. dirkapitation

    my big boye

  3. dirkapitation

    my beautiful baby boy snickles will occasionally roll his head back when he crows

    he has a rooster collar on if i take it off my mom will have him turned into a nugget and a half is this normal is he just acting real funky is something wrong im worried
  4. Queensilkie

    Crow Collars: Humane or No?

    As a fellow chicken owner within city limits, I know many people share the frustration of not being able to own a rooster, much less keep one to breed or keep order in a flock, as it is in a rooster's nature to crow, and select few bitter neighbors, and the city lawmakers, would rather not deal...
  5. SilberHenne

    Buzz Lightyear's Fancy Bowtie

    Buzz Lightyear has a habit of crowing at midnight when he hears the neighbors come home, so we are trying a collar to see if he crows a little softer. Of course I had to add a bowtie. I want to make a bowtie for Sheriff Woody as well, but he is such a good boy that I dont want to bother him...
  6. Lleal90

    No crow collars?

    Ok folks. I’d honestly just like anyone’s feedback they can give to me as far as if they have used them and if they consider them humane. In essence from the research I’ve done, it seems to just limit them from expanding their throat out to get a good crow. I’m in a town where I need to have so...
  7. grolarbear

    1 rooster, 15 hens - why so much crowing?

    I have one Ayam Cemani rooster and 15 assorted hens on 1/3 acre. We live in the 'burbs and no one else around has chickens. I was hoping having a large harem and no competition would reduce his inclination to crow. My neighbors haven't said anything but the coop is near my bedroom window...
  8. JBirdy

    Any Tips on Rooster Collars for Bantams?

    Hi Everyone! We recently purchased the No Crow Collar for our bantam cochin rooster. I'm really hoping that it can help with the crowing to some degree, as we aren't allowed roosters where we live and he is very bonded to one of the other chickens in our flock. I'm wondering if anyone has...
  9. Shortblondemommy

    Home made no crow collar.

    I’m sure I’m going to get the negative opinions of some people. If you are one of those people I respect you and the way you choose to raise your chickens please show the same respect to me, even if you don’t agree. With that being said I woke up this morning to the first crows from my 20 week...
  10. H

    No Crow roo collar?

    Hi guys, I am considering adding a rooster to my flock but i live in an area where roosters are banned. I was wondering if roos would actaully be quiter than hens with a collar. My thoughts would be that if the rooster crows 10 times a day, and the hens do 10 egg songs a day, what would be...
  11. Joeschooks

    Yes or No to No-Crow Collar?

    We have hatched some Lavender Araucana chicks that are now 9 days old. I plan to raise them all to 16-18 weeks, sell 7 and keep two to add to our existing flock. I would love to keep a rooster but we do have neighbours. I would be very interested to hear the opinions of those of you who have...
  12. WildCHILD400


    Hi so I just received my crow reduction collar for my bantam. How can I introduce him to it.
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