not hatched

  1. Z

    Day 24- passed the float test and I candled them

    It is now day 24. I had 4 eggs in the incubator. One hatched on day 20 and he is happy and healthy. However the remaining 3 show no signs of growth. I did the float test and they all passed, meaning they floated slightly above the surface. I even candled them and I saw the body and veins. Is...
  2. S

    Internal pip but no external pip.

    So today is day 21 and there has been some wobbling and I can hear a few of the chicks cheeping. How long should it take from internal pip to external pip? Really don’t want them to run out of air 🙁 I am hatching chicks over a blog with my preschool class as they would be missing out due to...
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