1. Old Ohio Coops... Chronicles of a Renovated Money Pit

    Old Ohio Coops... Chronicles of a Renovated Money Pit

    Funny thing about renovating this 1860’s coop…. I realized I am a TERRIBLE tracker of progress through pictures. But then… Hindsight IS 20/20! When moving to this Southeastern Greene County farm 8 years ago, this old building was moving well into its 2nd century and quickly...
  2. LizzzyJo

    NW Ohio: 5 week old Jubilee Orpington and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

    Broody raised. Breeder quality. Private message me for details :)
  3. kgsess

    Rooster needs rehoming - Ohio

    We confirmed this week that one of our four April chicks is in fact a cockerel. This has been a suspicion because of the protectiveness and top of the order up til now. We bought bin chicks so do not know the breed. Pretty white bird we will miss, generally friendly - not up for holding much...
  4. S

    Mount Vernon, Ohio

    First time exploring the site. We live in Mount Vernon, Ohio. We inherited a flock of 12 two years ago when we bought our home. This spring we were already down to just 5 from the original flock. We lost 3 to illness and 5 to predators. We decided to try our luck with some chicks. I thought 8...
  5. SugarDucky

    White Bantam Call Ducks - Cincinnati Ohio

    Hey there! I have a couple young call ducks from my breeding trio (and more to be hatched soon this week) I live in Cincinnati Ohio, this is a local listing. I am willing to take 20 ea. for rehoming or in exchange a bag of feed [for my chickens]. My hatch rates are much higher than I...
  6. S

    WANTED Egg laying hens Southeast Ohio

    Looking for 3 or 4 egg laying hens in Southeast Ohio. Possibly would take younger hens that haven't started laying eggs yet. Message me or post to the thread! Thanks!
  7. Gertie Greenbriar

    Hello from Orient, Ohio!!

    Hello there! We are Michael and Lindsey. My wife and I bought an old farmhouse on 2.25 acres in a farming community located in Orient, Ohio last year. Now that the house is mostly taken care of with repairs and maintenance, we have been working on turning an old barn-style outbuilding (10x15ft)...
  8. Gertie Greenbriar

    In search of 4 or 5 chickens: Buckeye breed pullets or hens (Orient, OH)

    Hello! We are first time homesteaders on 2.25 acres in a farming community. We are trying to find 4 or 5 Buckeye pullets or older hens in the Ohio area. We just love these birds! However, we are having trouble finding them other than baby chicks. They will be well taken care of and loved! If...
  9. T


  10. christatothemax

    Hello from NW Ohio!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? -- I am new to chickens. Having dreamt about having them in my backyard my whole life, I am happy to say in a couple of months my dream will be a reality! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? -- Zero. I am thinking of...
  11. dmb1994

    Npip Ohio

    Im needing to get npip before we move out of state. How much does it cost in ohio and is it per bird?
  12. jsullivan704

    iso ducks northern OH

    Hello i am in search of preferably female ducks that need rehoming in northern ohio or close by. I’m willing to drive. I am mostly looking for pekin, khaki, and muscovy. :) if there’s a small group of females id be willing to take a drake as well. I currently have 5 ducks and want to surprise my...
  13. everydayarts

    Free Polish cockerels to a good home

    We have eight young roosters Free to a good home, two months old, Vaccinated. Do not hesitate to contact me, and i will appreciate if you guys could spread the word because we need these cockerels gone ASAP to a good home. Located in Cincinnati Ohio and will be in the Dayton area tomorrow May...
  14. O

    Eggs hatching soon!

    Hi I am a small breeder in circleville Ohio I am hatching chicken eggs l. The eggs are hatching in 11 days. I have barred rocks, Rhode Island reds, buff Orpingtons, Easter eggers, olive eggers, silkie bantams, Cochin bantams, chicks are 3.50 each. Call me at 7404973326 for me to reserve them for...
  15. green_thumb

    1st Timers- Recent Chicks? Breeds? Come share pictures!

    I've spent most of my time so far in the coop/run forums and I am so excited to make the jump over to here. I'm a first-time chicken wrangler and am set to pick my chicks up at Meyer Hatchery on May 28th (I'm lucky I live only 45 minutes away!!) Here is what I have ordered: 4 buckeye females...
  16. green_thumb

    Run Construction w/ Deep Litter- Lumber Dimensions, etc?

    I feel like this is my millionth set of questions, but I just can't pass up the fount of knowledge that is this group :) I'm building a run similar to the one picture below: rectangular with a lean-to metal roof, w/ hardware cloth and a hardware cloth apron around the perimeter. I have some...
  17. L1015

    Battery Hens near Cincinnati

    Hi there, I am wondering if there are any local rescues/farms that adopt out rescued battery caged hens? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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