old english game bantams

  1. Old English Game bantams

    Old English Game bantams

    A pair of spangled Old English Game bantams under a year old. The cockerel is named Finn and the pullet is Enna.
  2. ChickChic00

    Looking to see what breed my 2 bantams will have.

    I have a Black Male Old English Game Bantam, and a Self Blue Female Bantam. I got them from a boy and his family at a flea market. He said that if I breed them together that i would get something, but i cant remember what he had said. Any clue? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  3. HuffleClaw

    Old English Game Bantam Thread!

    Hello and welcome to the new OEGB thread! :frow **ALL BYC RULES APPLY AND UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES WILL BE FOLLOWED** Old English Game Bantam mixes / crosses are allowed in also! This thread is to show off and chat about OEGBs! I hope everyone has fun! And feel free to spam with...
  4. ourcozycoop

    Old English Game Bantam Question

    Hey Y’all Below I’ve posted a picture of our little bantam flock (some not pictured) The mama is the one standing proud. She hatched 4..3 pullets and a roo Anyhow laying there in the middle was the last to hatch. Her colour is very bland and isn’t what is expected. Can anyone tell me why her...
  5. A

    Looking to buy OEGB

    Hi. I'm very interested in buy some pairs of OEGB. Self blue n Blacks. May interested in other mutations too. I live in Cleveland Ohio, I'm willing to drive, but I'm willing to pay shipping too. Reply with pics please. Thank you very much
  6. Feather Hearts

    Share Your Bantam Pictures And Stories! All Bantam Birds Welcome!

    If you have no interest in reading my entire bantam story(I can't blame you, it's pretty long) then just read this. SO basically this is a thread for lovers of bantams(Large silkies are allowed as well) (Chickens or Ducks) to unite, chat and share pictures, all breeds are welcome(mixes also)...
  7. sylviethecochin

    What is the breed standard for Old English Game Bantam (duckwing)?

    We traded for a bunch of OEGBs last about two years ago. We wanted bantams, the fancier who was getting out of it (at least, that's how he presented himself) wanted laying hens. It worked out well for everyone. He said that they were show quality birds. Well and good. I never plan on showing...
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