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  1. KristaHB

    Help me figure out my mystery 5-toed chicken?

    I bought 2 mystery chicks yesterday. They're a week old. They have the sweetest chipmunk markings, hairy legs, and one has 5 toes! Likely some sort of cross? What might they grow up to be? I just love them so much!
  2. E

    Roo or Pullet

    10 week old Olive Eggers. Can anyone confirm roo or pullet?
  3. A

    8 Week Old Olive Egger Roo - MA

    We would love to keep him, but unfortunately we aren't allowed to given we live in the burbs. He's been crowing already for a couple weeks - he's super friendly so far as we've been handling them and hand feeding them pretty often. We got him from our local Agway and I believe they get their...
  4. raenapaige

    Sexing 5-6 Week Lavender Orpington & Starlight Green Egger

    We have 8 chickies, all different varieties, but are most worried about these two. Any guesses? Here’s our straight run Lavender Orpington, Meredith Grey. Also, any thoughts on her feathers? I know they can be slow to develop, and she certainly has been. Here she is weekly: Here is our...
  5. M

    EE or OE and sexing help

    We just got 4 chicks on April 17th. These are two and I’m hoping one is an EE and one is an OE and that they are both pullets. Can anyone help?!?!
  6. montanacowgirl

    Rooster or Hen....

    I’ve recently added 4 pullets to the chicken family. We got two pairs from two different breeders. Two of my girls are no doubt hens, but the other two are beginning to be a little questionable. I got these two from the same breeder, who told me they were the same age. I think my Ameraucauna...
  7. L

    Chicks in Montgomery, TX

    Hello, I hatch chicks weekly and these are the ones I have available right now. they were all hatched April 29,2020 I have the following available: 7- whitening true blues -$5 each 2- Olive eggers -$4 each 1- black birchen marans - $6 pick up in Montgomery If interested please text...
  8. Sqwidy

    8-week old pullets - Austin, TX

    Hi BYC, I'm in Austin, TX. We're moving unexpectedly, and I am so very sad to say that I have to re-home my mixed flock. The flock has seven 8-week-old pullets, one suspected 8-week-old roo (not sure of breed), and two older birds that are still laying, but coming to an end. I hand-raised all...
  9. mandymcg05

    Are these EEs or did I get played?

    Hey guys! I found this lady online ( I know. Insert eye roll) and she advertised that she had a ton of EEs that hatched around 4/20 (she was unsure of the date) So I go to her place to pick them out. There’s literally HUNDREDS of baby chicks there. And then she’s like “oh there’s probably some...
  10. S

    Olive Egger Roo?

    Our 4-5 week old Olive Eggers have different combs. Would this one absolutely be a roo? The coloring is very pheasant-like which has me confused. It’s so sweet I really hope not.
  11. E

    Splash OIive Egger 11weeks - both cockerels?

    These two have me stumped. They’re very similar and I can’t figure out if they’re both cockerels or not....I realize I can wait a few weeks but like guessing...and planning. They’re 11 weeks old. I’ll post pics of #1 and #2. I always thought #2 was more girly with a Single row pea comb but now...
  12. BestDiscoMan13

    My friendly loving smart broody Rooster

    I’m positive he’s a maran easter egger he loves to sit in my lap and he is very docile and friendly and sweet he’s a little bit shy sometimes he’s very pretty and colorful. I recently read more about the maran side and noticed that their very rare and that he fits the description of the French...
  13. S

    Easter Eggers/Olive Eggers - 7-8 weeks old

    Hey everyone, first time poster so I hope I’m doing this right! I picked up 6 straight run Easter Eggers/Olive Eggers, should be about 8 weeks now but I’ve got one that’s much smaller with a smaller comb. I’m wondering if it’s maybe a week younger than the rest but I’m also hoping it’s a pullet...
  14. Operachicken

    Gender in Breed?

    This little sweetie is nearly 4 weeks. It hatched from a Black Cooper Maran egg. The farm I got it from she thought it could be a black crossed with an olive egger, or maybe just a really dark Blue Cooper Maran. Out of the bunch it’s my favorite. The comb is prominent but there is no sign it’s...
  15. lcvedder

    Blue/Green/Brown/Olive Egg Laying Hens Finger Lakes Area- Upstate NY

    Save yourself the time and hassle of years of work and get a flock that lays a rainbow of eggs today! I am thinning out my flock to make room for more chickens and have the following birds available. Each are priced individually. I would consider offers for all 4. 1. A Black muffless Easter...
  16. cluckingGOODtime

    Olive egger genetics

    Just to make sure in on the right page, a brown layer and a blue layer crossed are olive correct? I saw a post that said only a brown gene rooster over a blue hen will produce olive. I tried to find info in search but this exact comment did not show. Thank you
  17. E

    Newbie genetics and egg colour questions

    Hi all, I’m new to breeding and understanding genetics and have so many questions. To start, I’m wondering how the blue/green egg genes translate and what happens when you breed a Silverudds Isbar with blue egg layers (cc Legbar) or olive layers (marans/ameraucana mix)? Does the green genetics...
  18. Olive Egger

    Olive Egger

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