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  1. Sez007

    Old English Game Bantams or what?

    These were sold to me as sapphire olive eggers, born April 12th 2021...they’re small and look more like OEGBs... can anyone confirm or tell me what they are?
  2. K

    5 - 5 week olds- Hen or Roo?

    Hello! I have my first batch of babies from a broody hen. It was an exciting experience. I have a feeling I have one Roo... but could there be more? These babies are about 5 weeks. They are a cross of olive egger and black Maran Thanks for your help! 😊
  3. N

    Ameraucana and Olive Egger Sexing

    Hello! I have one Olive Egger I am fairly certain is a rooster and one Ameraucana I suspect is a rooster. I also have one chicken that I hope is an Ameraucana but suspect it is an OE. I ordered 5 and got a 6th so I’m not sure what the extra is. I am guessing they were at least a week old when I...
  4. Maleficent265

    Can I wing sex this “breed?”

    Hello!! I’ve done wing sexing before when I crossed my leghorn over a few different hen breeds. Just wondering if I can wing sex Olive Eggers... I’ve got marans roosters and I crossed them over my Ameraucanas to make Olive egger babies. I’m okay with waiting it out, but a couple friends of...
  5. Harmoni

    5 toes???

    Dad is suppose to be a Maran, mom I was told is an EE but suspect OE. One of the 2 babies has 5 toes! Attached is a pic of mom, dad and baby's feet. Maybe a birth defect? The one toe doesn't look right.
  6. Harmoni

    What are mom and dad and what color eggs could be laid?

    I was told Dad is a Maran and mom is an EE. Mom looks more like an OE, I think. Babies hatched from light green eggs. Would they be likely to lay green eggs?
  7. TillieMama

    Guess the breed (BCM, OE and EE) and the sex please!

    we picked up day olds from a local farm. We were told we were getting 2 Black Copper Marans, 2 Olive Eggers and 1 Easter Egger. None were sexed. So I’m hoping you fine people who likely have more experience than I do, can help me identify which is which and then also perhaps what sex. Note that...
  8. Harmoni

    Sharing cuteness

    Hatched 4/22/21. Dad was a black Maran, mom was told was an EE, but based on pictures pretty sure she was an OE. Adoptive mom is a RIR. They were allowed to integrate immediately. We even had 2 surprise unfertilized eggs left in her hatching nest ( I created it after that lol).
  9. gizzard73

    New and need help identifying sexes and breeds

    Hi all! I recently purchased seven chicks and its probably still a bit early to confirm sexes and breeds for sure but I'd appreciate any help you could provide on this! I know at least two chicks are not the breed we thought we bought, I now suspect they are Olive Eggers. The others I think...
  10. lancasterflock

    I’m baffled.... anyone else?

    Well, I thought I knew a smidgen about sexing chickens but I am now questioning everything lol. I have 4 olive eggers. I was told by this breeder that they were all F3 olive eggers. But truly.... I have no idea lol. I bought them straight run and originally had 7. 3 of which I had already...
  11. T

    Possible Olive egger cockrel? Age 5 weeks

    I know it is a bit early at age 5 weeks, to tell in appearance. But if ya'll could possibly help me with this POSSIBLE cockrel OE. He/she's personality and stance is very different from the others. Meet Jasper...If indeed is a roo. Jasper...If indeed is pullet. (Thanks Dad😑) Jasper's...
  12. A

    Olive Eggers

    Hello there, Alfie here Question: when breeding to make olive eggers 1’s, 2’s and so on does it matter witch parent lays blue or brown? For example: I’m going put my Blue/green Silverudd roster on some Copper moran hens. Would this work? Thank you all!!! 🤓
  13. M

    Pullets or Roos?? Cream Legbar x FCM mixes

    I bought these 2 from a lady downsizing her flock. They are olive Eggers, they were 14 week's when I got them. The cross parents are cream legbar and FCM. I can't tell if they are roosters or pullets. They are 2 days from 17 weeks old in the photos. Any information would be greatly appreciated...
  14. Tintedwinged

    Advice needed: Solo Roo

    Hi everyone! Back in early December, I rescued a late bloomer chick from a farm that didn't want it, presumably an Olive Egger but a mix of sorts (see a video of its fam members at the farm attached). It was born later than its siblings so it was by itself and was picking at some of the quail...
  15. W

    High-end colored egg breeder/supplier

    Happy New Year. ISO recommendations for a supplier of intense colored eggs (Black Copper Marans or other very dark chocolate egg layer, diverse Olive/Moss/Sage Eggers, Americaunas or Easter Eggers, Turquoise Eggers, any other extraordinary colors. Color intensity, diversity, and reputation more...
  16. alknoll

    8 week old OE - cockerel or pullet?

    Hi there. Here is my now 8 week old Olive Egger mix. S/he is SO friendly. I used to think s/he was a boy, but then her/his comb stopped progressing ahead of the other chicks. And now, her/his tail feathers look a bit pointy to me, and I’m not sure I can rule out that this chick is a boy. What...
  17. KCkitten05

    Getting serious about breeding

    Hi all! I'm looking to start getting serious with chicken breeding.. as of now I have a mixed flock.. like a very mixed flock! I'm trying to decide which breed to go with after I sell off my hens (which is going to be heartbreaking). I've got a gorgeous lavender Ameurcana rooster... And 5...
  18. RevlisRemmah

    Countdown to the first egg. Buckle up, it could be awhile....

    As of October 5th, my 15 pullets are 18 weeks old. I also have a cockerel from my MIL who is 2-4 weeks older. I am (im)patiently waiting for my first egg. In the meantime I’m going to post a profile for each of my chickens. One a day. Hopefully it will help the next 16 days go fast and maybe...
  19. Tac01711

    I need help!!

    Back story, my brother in law went about an hour away to a massive hatchery and bought about 10 different breeds of baby chicks some of which were for us, when he got home some started dying and of course some were the ones we wanted, so the breeds kinda got mixed up, we ended up with only 2...
  20. halefamily_flock

    Chicken Math & Genetics Experiments in Southeast Missouri

    I recently left city life & corporate America after 20+ years and moved to rural southeast Missouri, to restart/rebuild the family farm where my dad grew up. I got my first chickens --4 Dominique hens and a Rooster--from Cackle Hatchery in June 2019. I thought I might expand the flock in 2020...
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