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  1. O

    9 week old Olive Egger - pullet or cockerel?

    Hi, this Olive Egger girl was purchased from a farm store, which claims they have a 90% accuracy rate on sexing and offered in a bin full of all females. It doesn’t have much of a comb (which is very pale), and its behavior is extremely timid. It’s size is approximately the same as the other...
  2. Backyard Divas

    Future Hens or Roos? FBCM X CCL

    I have 3 five week old French Black Copper Marans (roo) X Crested Cream Legbar (hen) chicks and of course I am trying to figure out if I have pullets or cockerels. The mom lays fairly olive colored eggs already, so I would think the eggs of these will be even darker olive. I only plan on...
  3. proudduckowner22

    Olive Egger Breeding

    Hi, I got F1 olive egger roosters, whose parents are black copper maran and legbar. Was wondering if I bred the roosters to my Lohmann brown hens who lay a nice brown egg, or my buff orpington hens, will I get the green eggs that a olive egger should lay? Thanks!
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  6. Flora and Sweetpea

    Flora and Sweetpea

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  9. N

    Has anyone on here crossed a Speckled Sussex with a blue egger to create a olive egger? Is it possible?

    I read online that crossing a brown egger with blue egger with create a olive egger and Speckled Sussex lay light brown eggs so I was wondering if crossing them with a blue egger would create the expected outcome by what I've read. If anyone on here has done it pictures of the cross would be...
  10. TexasGirl97

    Is Smoky an Andalusian?

    So as some of you know, back in February I got 6 orpingtons and 6 olive eggers from Tractor Supply. Out of the 6 olive eggers, one of them was very different from the other 5. I thought maybe Smoky was just a different mix of olive egger but now I'm not so sure. The reason being, for the past 3...
  11. O

    Help Me ID My 6 Week Olds

    Howdy! First time chicken lady here, I’ve got a small flock of 5 that are 6 weeks old I believe. I know for sure one is a roo (not pictured) but I’m wondering about my other 4. I also need some breed help with numbers 1 & 4, number 1 is supposedly a Olive Egger and number 4 is supposed to be a...
  12. TexasGirl97

    That Was Unexpected!

    So I went out to the chicken coop probably about an hour and a half ago. While I was out there, I checked for eggs (there were none) and cleaned out their water container... I noticed one of my olive egger pullets acting funny... she was being very vocal and going back and forth from the water...
  13. nekocafe

    Are these olive eggers?

    Hi! My friend needs help so I’m posting for her. She bought these 9-10 week old chickens - they’re supposed to be female olive eggers. Can you help us determine if that’s correct or if they’re a different breed or gender? I am thinking the white one is a Roo because of the comb being bigger & so...
  14. Chaunchie

    Rumpless Araucana/Welsummer Cross

    Howdy, all! Has anyone here crossed a Rumpless Araucana roo with a Welsummer hen? I am the very proud owner of Rumpless Araucana SR chicks and Welsummer pullets. I will be keeping one of the Rumpless Roosters so I can have blue eggers and olive egger chicks down the road. I would love to...
  15. 0range

    Olive Egger 🫒

    Still very young I know but I'm starting to think all but one of my Spring girls are boys :idunno This one is a 4.5 week old Olive Egger (cuckoo marans x CCLB I believe). Any guessers? Thanks!
  16. 0range

    I see 2 girls & a boy - what do you see?

    These little ones are 4 weeks old. Just for fun, I see pullet (blue copper marans) pullet (mystery chick) roo (olive egger or golden cuckoo marans). What do you see? They are all meant to be girls but that doesn't mean much in the chicken world :p This is my first hybrid so maybe my sexing...
  17. C

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and Olive Egger Rooster - Miami

    Looking to rehome two roosters, one red olive egger and a blue laced red wyandotte in south florida/miami area. I thought the BLRW was a girl but “she’s” been crowing
  18. Biele Coop Page 🥳

    Biele Coop Page 🥳

    Unfinished :)
  19. ahenchey

    Olive Eggers

    I was thinking Of breeding my Copper Marans With my cream legbars to produce olive eggers. Does anyone know if the offspring would also produce offspring that also lay olive eggs or is it just a first generation thing ?
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