olive eggs

  1. AnotherMeOhMy

    Her name is August

    Mystery solved!! I am very happy and proud to announce that my baby girl just laid her first egg!!!!! August is an Olive Egger hen!! <3
  2. Just Rosie

    True Ameraucanas?

    Ok, I've seen this thread a million times, I'm sure you're all sick of seeing it :lol: but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I did a lot of research before purchasing my chicks from a very nice breeder that was quite a drive for me. She was listed on the ABC breeder directory, though I...
  3. I

    Egg color

    Hi everyone? Today I gathered my eggs and noticed I had one olive colored egg / mocha colored. I own three barred rocks that lay beautiful pink light brown eggs, 2 Amerucana , 1 bcm and 1 olive egger. Could this egg be from my Amerucana hen? Until today I was receiving one blue egg everyday...
  4. iroeldjoeldj

    Redlands CA Blue/Green Egg Chicks for Sale

    Gorgeous baby chicks for sale. 1 week old. Mother hens are Easter eggers, olive easter eggers, and Ameracanas. Rooster is Black jersey giant. I'm hoping these chicks have deeper blue and deeper green large eggs with this cross. I’ll take back any that become roosters. #babychicks #greeneggs...
  5. Geneticsnut

    Speckled Green/Pink/Brown Easter Egg Hatching Eggs

    I have speckled brown, lavender, pink, green, etc. hatching eggs available. Most of the speckles are brown but some are lavender and occasionally blue. This flock has been selectively bred from crosses of Americana, Heritage Welsummer and modern Welsummers. None of my breeders have beards...
  6. karlyjordan86

    I cannot figure this hen out! Help!

    This pretty girl is the sweetest chicken, always wants to be right next to you (including my toddler!) and let's you pick her up, always. She was grabbed as a reddish chick out of a "ornamental mix" sold at Murdoch's. I feel like the chicken expert and can always answer my own questions but...
  7. First Breeding Experience

    First Breeding Experience

    Hello Everyone! A few weeks ago I posted some photos of a new rooster that I bought from a local farm and an Olive Egger hen whose eggs I wanted to hatch. I admit, I am interested in green and blue eggs. My chickens are not pure breed chickens. I study up on correlations and genetics and I...
  8. venymae

    Green Egg Envy: Our attempts at breeding our own olive eggers!

    I have always wanted a colorful egg basket. While white, brown, and even blue egg layers are available in my area. BUT, green eggs are not. And since I would love them to accent my color basket, I thought, "why not breed them myself?" This will be my notes, thoughts and results page, so feel...
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