opal legbar

  1. alknoll

    ISO Opal Legbar and pure Ameraucana pullets or hatching eggs.

    Located in SE Michigan. Working on raising layer hens for Spring. I have some chicks hatched 11/6/20 that I could put new ones with. Let me know what you have! :)

    Opal Legbar, Black/Lavender Ameraucana, Crele, Isabel cuckoo Orpington and more!

    We just updated our website and Facebook pages with some of our available hatch and waitlist opportunity. We have recently added Hatching Eggs with phenomenal fertility rates! You can checkout our website CCFARMTN.com, email [email protected], or follow us on Facebook @ccfarmtn.

    Tennessee Chicks Available

    We currently have a full incubator with chicks available and additional hatchings this weekend. We are NPIP and can ship weather depending. All are straight run except the Opal's. Olive Eggers Easter Eggers Crele Orpington Isabel Orpington Opal Legbar (Male/Female) Ameraucana's Black and...
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