open air coop

  1. 8' x 16' Woods Open Air Coop

    8' x 16' Woods Open Air Coop

    Our coop is based on the K.D. Woods design.
  2. T

    Chicken coop setup opinions needed

    Hello!! I had a local guy I found on Facebook build a chicken coop for me for my 4 chicks who are still living in the brooder. It was just delivered yesterday. Curious as to the set up inside the coop. I have attached pictures. It’s an open air style coop which I believe should be fine since I...
  3. Custom Shade Screens

    Custom Shade Screens

    We have a mini coop that we brood chicks in and plan to modify for possible broodies at some point. Our yard gets quite a bit of sun which shines through the front of this coop during certain times of the year. Eventually a tree in the front yard will be large enough to help with this. Until...
  4. A Desert Oasis Updated 2/2020

    A Desert Oasis Updated 2/2020

    We live in the desert which means hot temps, frequent wind and the occasional haboob in summer, then we freeze in winter. So when planning our coop we realized we needed versatility. Not only did we need lots of air flow, we also needed simple options to provide shade or button it up tight as...
  5. brendave

    My 6x10 Woods Coop

    My DH surprised me for my birthday last April with a chicken coop bought from Sam's Club and an order for 3 chicks from a hatchery. I have always wanted chickens but I until recently, couldn't have them. We had moved from a neighborhood that didn't allow chickens to 5 acres and I had talked...
  6. B

    Lime whitewash

    so ive decided to go the lime option. Since my first coat is so sloppy, is it ok to do a second coat? Will it wash off the first?? Thank you!
  7. Rob Reintjes

    Woods Style Open air coop - Operating Instructions??

    HI folks, I finally finished my 8' x12' ft Woods Style Open air coop and will post construction photos FYI soon. In the meanwhile, I am looking for guidelines from other owners of Woods Coops regarding when to open / close various combinations of windows. I have a pair of "hand crank" monitor...
  8. Ms Biddy's Upcycled Swingset Coop

    Ms Biddy's Upcycled Swingset Coop

    Years ago, I helped my uncle put together a wooden swingset for my aunt. It was a place to sit together, relax and laugh. We enjoyed it for over a decade until time and the elements took their toll and the thinner boards on the seats began to rot and crack. My aunt and uncle aren't with us...
  9. Rachealx4

    My Coop; A Process

    Ok guys, I am so stinking excited I just have to share! :weePlus, maybe it will help someone out. :D I decided to build my coop rather than buy one. I have never built anything bigger than a small birdhouse in my life... and that was a kit! My brother-in-law helped me build the floor and my dad...
  10. My Positive Local Action Coop

    My Positive Local Action Coop

    While I had admired my sister's chickens and considered having backyard chickens of my own for years, I never had a good idea as to where in our yard might work for a coop. Then last November, as my husband and I were covering our fenced garden area with black plastic for the winter, I suddenly...
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