1. A

    Dubbing for frostbite opinion

    Hello all, I am in south Texas and after the horrible cold front we had this past week with snow, ice and freezing temps, as well as with working, today was the first day I was able to thoroughly go through and check my entire flock of chickens. All of my hens are fine, as well as four of my...
  2. Madimhunter

    Opinions on what gender my bird is?

    5/6 week old - Opinions?!
  3. M

    What would you charge...

    hello all, hoping I chose the correct forum to ask this. We are looking at moving into town where we may only be able to have 8-10 of our chickens. Therefore having to look at selling our established flock with 21 brand new layers, and 25 1 year old layers. In our area good laying hens go for...
  4. AbigaelR

    Thoughts on Mycoplasma

    Hey all this is a bit long but would love peoples thoughts an opinions When I first got chickens I purchased them from a local no-name feedstore. It was so run down and all the chicks were kept in fairly terrible conditions. Of course I had to save them! Fast forward to the chickens being about...
  5. G

    Bumble Foot, will it require surgery?

    I have diagnosed bumble foot in one of my Roosters. He had been limping for a while and every time I would check his foot, his foot looked normal. Until I realized two of his toes were swollen. Here is some basic information on him. - Species: Golden Laced Wyandotte - Age: About 1 Year and 1...
  6. Dani & Mikey

    Can we just talk BJG?

    Hi all, I have been searching & stalking the threads just to read all I can about Black Jersey Giants. I am intrigued by them! We have 2 7 week old BJG pullets who are so sweet and funny, along with 2 ISA, and 3 EE. I was just hoping anyone who has or has had BJGs can just share their...
  7. Colly1470

    Chinese or Tuften Roman....Which is better?

    I found someone nearby who has chinese and tufted roman hatching eggs. I just want a pair of geese as pets, and can't decide which breed to get. I like the appearance of both, and it sounds like both can be good pets.... So I just want some opinions. Temperament is obviously priority, since...
  8. ChickenGirl555

    Bonding With Chicks?

    I have 6 pullets that are 7 months old and now they walk up to me and peck me and act as if I’m not some mean human but one of them. They didn’t act like this as chicks. They were scared and freaked out even when I looked into their brooding bin. Luckily as they matured and came out of the...
  9. B

    Opinions on Ideal Poultry Hatchery?

    Hello, I'm having a shipment of bantam chicks coming in tomorrow from Ideal Poultry, and I am curious about anyone's experience with the hatchery. Have it been a positive or negative experience? What was the quality of the chicks once they grew up? I want to know what to expect.
  10. SugarGroveFarm

    Chicken Flocks: Mixed or All One Breed?

    Hello guys! I was just curious about everyone's opinions on different breeds in a chicken flock. Do you guys normally have several different breeds in a flock or is it more common to have a flock of one breed? Just curious one everyone's views on mixed versus all breed flocks! Let me know what...
  11. The Salmon Faverolle

    The Salmon Faverolle

    I have decided to make an article based upon my success with the well-known breed, Faverolle in hopes to help new backyard chicken keeps looking for a friendly breed. I started raising a mixed flock earlier in the year of 2016. Not my first flock, but my first flock involving a bearded and...
  12. DaviJones

    Opinion: Japanese Bantams

    I came across some pictures of Japanese bantams and thought they were interesting(especially the tail). I have gotten advice to avoid bantams, but have seen plenty of people who own and love them. So, I figured I'd ask the good people of BYC their opinions on Japanese bantams(or just bantams in...
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