1. S

    Hello and Questions from ENC!

    Hello everyone! I joined this site at the recommendation of a coworker who had chickens to help answer some of my questions. My husband and I don't have any hens yet, but we are looking to move to Lenoir County just south of Grifton, out of the city limits to start our flock! The questions I...
  2. Kilvarp

    Need help! Change the ordinance!

    Hi, I live in Amherst Township, Ohio and am fighting the good fight to try to change the ordinance to allow backyard chickens in parcels under 2 acres. If you all would, please sign our petition at gopetition.com (search save the chickens of amherst Township). Also, if you live here, please...
  3. A

    Currently lobbying for backyard chickens for my country neighborhood.

    I live in a neighborhood of 7 homes on 2-3 acre lots in a rural community 3-4 miles from the nearest town. The younger neighbors all desire having our own chickens for all the reasons people here understand. When the community was developed by a local landowner 20 years ago specific...
  4. BockBegock

    Found Nest in Yard

    So we've managed to come up with a way to keep the chickens in their enclosure. However on of our Cuckoo Marans, that we affectionately refer to as the escape chicken manages to get out every day. I believe my son just figured out why she's been so persistent. He found her sitting on a nest...
  5. N

    New Member

    In googling/researching city ordinances that allow chickens, I came across this site, and signed up. We are retired from farming, moved to the city to be closer to kids and grandkids. The city doesn’t allow chickens in city limits, and I want to get that changed. Today was my first step going...
  6. Shannon93

    Chickens allowed in Newburyport, MA?

    Hi all- I know its a stretch but does anyone here know what the laws are in Newburyport, MA? I am hearing different things and the ordinances online are very confusing. Or any tips on how to clarify regulations in our favor?? ;) Thanks!! Shannon
  7. K


    Chickens may be kept within the city limits of Arlington, provided: (1) No more than seven hens, including chickens and chicks, may be kept per single-family residential lot. (2) No roosters are allowed. (3) Henhouses, coops and chicken...
  8. wildela

    List of Texas cities that allow chickens

    Hi all I live in El Lago, TX and am working getting the ordinances that prohibit backyard chickens changed. I am utilizing some of the great information already shared on BYC, and I thank you all for the hard work you have done. One thing I cannot find is a good list of towns/cities in Texas...
  9. G

    Could I « Rent A Chicken » At a Hatchery Nearby?

    hi everybody! I have never raised chickens (but my father has) and we want to get a few, but our city doesn’t allow them! We were thinking that maybe we could keep chickens at a nearby farm and collect the eggs there, but they won’t live on our property. It’s like a person who practices...
  10. Dominic Giroux

    Camden Village, NY, Oneida County

    We're in the process of buying a house there. I've been searching the webs and I can't find the zoning maps and ordinance to determine if I can have chicken and what limitations may apply. If anyone has links or knows who to contact, it would be much appreciated. Regards,
  11. Minjojojo

    Muscovy Ducks in Ridgefield NJ?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking into zoning laws and even NJ Fish and Wildlife website but can’t seem to find exactly whether I can keep Muscovy Ducks in my backyard. I found this ordinance that says chickens are strictly forbidden! At https://ecode360.com/9122736 But there is no mention of Ducks...
  12. PeleKai

    Info on current ordinances in Rockville and Takoma Park, Maryland?

    Greetings! First time poster, long time listener. My family and I are moving soon and trying to narrow down locations in Maryland (preferably within an hour or so to DC). I've found the pages on the site regarding the ordinances in Rockville and Takoma Park. Anyone have any insights or...
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