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  1. C

    Thoughts on what breeds these are? Cochin, Brahma, RIR, PBR, B. Orpington?

    I’m a complete newbie; starting out with 8 chicks, hatched 11/4/2019. I wanted a variety and thought it would be fun to figure out what they were from a couple of the Meyer’s assortments. I ordered 3 from the production pack, 2 from the rare assortment, 2 from the rainbow assortment and also...
  2. waywind

    Comb and wattle growing white hairs

    Hi all, My two buff orphingtons are doing great, after surviving our first broody breaking just a few weeks ago. Egg laying and all other behaviours are back to normal. They are now about 8-9 months old. The only thing I've noticed is that their wattles and Combs aren't the nice full red...
  3. jennkretz

    2 Year Old Buff Orpington Sick - I don't know what's wrong

    In the last few weeks my 2 year old Buff Orpington hen has had a droopy, purplish comb. She's been eating well and getting around find, so I haven't worried about it. But the last 3-4 days she's not going into the coop at night (she has to jump up) so we've been picking her up and putting her...
  4. G

    Buff Orpington Leg Injury or Illness?

    Hello All, My beloved 3.5 yr old Orpington has gone lame this week. My husband noticed she was walking slower on Sunday of last week and by Thursday evening she was lame and laying down. Her left leg works fine and she will try to get up, however she doesn't stay up due to the balance issue...
  5. T

    Orpington chicks advice (gender and brooding)

    hi! I’m a first time chicken owner living in a neighborhood with close neighbors. After a lot of research we ordered some buff Orpington ladies from cackle hatchery for their gentle and quiet nature as pets/egg layers. They’re about 2 weeks old at this point. I’m looking for some advice on 2...
  6. P

    Lethargic, sleepy chicken

    My hen has been lethargic all day long. She has been just laying on the floor of the coop with her eyes shut, basically like she's dead. She has barely walked today and did not eat/drink. I brought her inside just now because I'm worried whatever she has will spread, if its contagious. However...
  7. M

    Wanted: Orpington Exhibition/Show Lines Blue, Black & Buff eggs or chicks

    Looking for Show/Exhibition Lines of Big and Beautiful Orpingtons! Preferred colors of Blue, Black and or Buff. We are located in Colorado. Maureen 719-213-1298 cell [email protected]
  8. Genders of Chickens?

    Genders of Chickens?

    My two straight run chicks are now 5-6 weeks old- before modeling my coop, I need to know the genders of the two. Moose (light brown/tan color) is A Buff Orpington, and is usually always chasing and pecking Quill (Dark Brown with black) The Sicilian Buttercup.
  9. Y

    Hello peeps

    Hello everyone, I've lurked here for a few years now, but had a sick chicken question, so decided to make an account here for the first time. I live in Wisconsin, and the village that I live in allows a max of 6 chickens, and of course no roosters. I started my flock with 3 Buff Orpingtons...
  10. JaneBrook

    Newbie.... HI EVERYONE

    Finally I joined ‘back yard chickens’ site as I have 10 hens - 6 bantams & 4 ex battery hens that I saved from slaughter. I’ve often used this site as reference for concerns (in panic usually) & reading others ‘problems’ helps calm me to diagnose symptoms & treatments! SO THANKS TO YOU ALL- for...
  11. Archer123

    Buff orpington sneezing and runny poo

    Hi, I think my Orpington is poorly. She's had runny poo for about a week now (mainly light brown in colour) and has now started sneezing. She's lost weight and I don't think she's eating much of the layers pellets as her ceop is still feeling quite soft at the end of the day. She's definitely...
  12. UseEveryColor

    Sort of new again in Florida

    Hello! I'm a former chicken owner who is getting back into it after about five years. We left our last little flock in Colorado and have finally settled in here in Florida enough to get started again. I just picked up 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Buff Orpingtons, and 2 Australorps. Had to hit two different...
  13. RaeLynne


    Hi Cynthia & those I’m sure I’ll soon become acquainted with. I’m RaeLynne. This is my first year to ever do anything w/chickens & now I’m mama to 12 6 Americaunas & 6 Buff Orpingtons❤️ So far they’re doing wellTy Jesus & Cynthia. I just had to enlarge their run-they grow so fast I’ll post pics...
  14. Mamasea

    Transferring Chicks to Coop

    Hi everyone! Newbie chicken person here. I have exhaustively researched caring for chicks. I have the brooder box ready. I’ve ensured there is enough room, adequate heat based on age of chicks and I plan on moving them to the coop around 6 weeks of age based on the reccomendations I’ve read...
  15. S

    Is this a problem: Buff Orpington's legs have turned pink?

    Hello! We have a Buff Orpington who is about 3 years old. Typically, her legs have been a light tan color. For the last few days, they've been quite pink. If anyone has witnessed this in their Orpington, could you please let me know whether or not this should be of concern? Thank you!
  16. R

    Blue Brahma Buff Orpington Cross

    Hello We are thinking of leaving our blue Brahamas and buff orpingtons together, and seeing what sort of chickens we get - has anyone any experience ( and photos) of what this cross could bring ? Many thanks
  17. C

    Hatching Orpington Lemon Cuckoo

    I have a black Orpington cuckoo rooster and he's in with my Buff Orpingtons to make lemon cuckoo. This is the way, right? Anyway, the chicks are hatching this morning and they are coming out blackish/grey. I was expecting buff puffballs. Are they coming out black cuckoo? Could they be solid...
  18. L

    Which breed of barred rooster should I use?

    I have been wanting to breed a new unrelated line of buff barred Orpingtons. I have been unable to find any barred orpingtons near me. Which breed of roo should I use to create this new line? I would prefer that the offspring of the first generation maintain good egg laying abilities and be...
  19. mamato8chicks

    Hen (Big Mama) acting so strange, heart breaking.

    My alpha Hen, Big Mama, has been acting so strange today. Big Mama is a 4-6 year (we are second owner of just over a year) old Orpington hen. She’s beautiful and i just adore her. Today out of nowhere she jumped on top of the coop and just started doing this random cluck, so weird i got up to...
  20. Royal Red

    New homestead for my beautiful RIR and English OB roosters...

    Hello BYC friends, I need your help. I have been flipping my coop over from Tractor Supply Co. chicks to breeds from the Poultry Conservation List to move a few birds off the threatened list. My last visit in April to TSC I received and raised eight chicks and four of them where roosters. I...
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