1. chickenchicklady

    Treats for meatbirds

    Is it advised against to give meat birds treats? Specifically oatmeal? It’s a cold day today, and I just moved my 4 week olds to the tractor yesterday. I can tell they’re a bit chilly, I was thinking maybe I’d give them warm bowl of oatmeal to warm them up.
  2. chickenchicklady

    Raising meat birds outside

    At what point can I move my chicks from their brooder to their chicken tractor? They’re a week old right now. Out temperatures are 30s-50s at night and 70-80s in the day. They’re out growing their brooder faster than I had expected.
  3. N

    Alone pullet and introducing new chicks.

    I have the worst luck. I purchased 6 chicks and ended up with only one pullet she’s now 8 weeks old. The 5 roos were sent back yesterday. I purchased 2 new chicks but they are only 5 weeks old (one speckled Sussex, and one golden sexlink), I didn’t want my female to be alone. I have yet to...
  4. Chicken run123

    Is it too early for freedom???

    We have three road island reds. I think they are about three weeks old. I have been letting them out in a wire box staked to the ground and I give them food and water. I make sure that they have both shade and sunshine. It’s about 80 or 85 degrees outside. They seem to do fine but should they be...
  5. catcat

    Young 'uns don't want to go outside

    I have five new pulets (7 weeks old or so) who are now bunking with my 5 older hens in the shed that is their coop. But the pullets have been staying in the shed all day every day. It's been almost a week now. I'd like to see them get some fresh air (shed's getting hot during the day now.) Do I...
  6. eve the chicken whisperer

    HELPPP!! How old do my chicks have to be to go outside?? Read below :)

    Hello, and thank you so incredibly much for reading this. I am wondering how old my chicks have to be to go into the big girls coop. They are already fine with each other (which is great!!!!) so I am just wondering about weather and temperatures. I live in Illinois, and this weekend, my chicks...
  7. 0ddaudd

    When Can I Bring Duckling and Chicks Outside? (not permanently)

    Hey ! So I recently ordered 2 female Pekin ducks and 4 Rhode Island White hens, I was wondering when I would be able to bring them out? They’re 1 week old right now. Not move them outside permanently, but to just feel the grass and see the outside world haha. I would put them in a small fenced...
  8. MamaGer8ty

    Can they go outside?

    Our “Hen House” used to be our doggie house and we insulated it, added a heat lamp and also put in hay for when she wanted to be outside and it was snowing. We have converted it into our coop now. The heating lamp is very safe and out of the way so nothing can hopefully mess with it and it cause...
  9. WildCHILD400

    Ear mites

    Hey so I noticed my rabbit has a mild case of ear mites in his left ear. I did some research on what to put in it to get rid of them. I was wondering what I should do in terms of cleaning his stuff. I used a diluted bleach mixture on his indoor crate and bowls and rinsed very well. I plan to do...
  10. M

    MOVE to the barn. Advice Please.

    I currently have a mixture of baby ducklings and chicks who are now 3 weeks old. Chicks are more feathered than the ducks. I live in Oley, PA (between reading and Philadelphia areas). They are currently housed in my guest house bathroom. Heatlamp was removed one week ago in exchange for a...
  11. M

    How long can chicks stay outside.

    How long can chicks be out in regular conditions before going back to the brooder.
  12. KaleDaDuck

    When can I release these guineas to my garden

    Hello everyone, I have 5 Guineas that has been to this cage for about 2 weeks in not sure how old are they but how much should I wait till I release them outside the cage.. Because there are wild chickens that enter our garden.. Thanks. —Kale
  13. M

    3 Goslings & Their Housing/Protection

    We have three goslings - 4 weeks old pilgrim female, 2 weeks old not sure on gender or breed, and almost a week old pilgrim male. I've done a lot of searching but I feel like I have specific questions that I haven't found an answer for so I'm sorry if my questions are repetitive/annoying...
  14. Anime2lover

    Duckling follow the leader (a chat post)

    When one duck goes, they all go!!! These are all my baby ducklings and they seem to love follow the leader.
  15. cluckmecoop7

    Help please! Some chicken questions!

    Hi all, I am super nervous about tonight! My almost 10 week old chickens are outside for good! They are going to live in my coop for the rest of their lives. I have a list of questions that I need answered ASAP! Because it is already 11:55 AM. So, here are my questions: 1. Should I put water...
  16. M

    When To Go Outside

    Hey everyone, my chicks are now 5 weeks old and most of them are pretty feathered out. I'm thinking of putting them outside either next week at 6 weeks of age or the following week at 7 weeks old. The frost date is May 1st, but during the day we should be getting temperatures anywhere from 60 to...
  17. Mtnboomer

    Baby its cold outside

    Hello, Another question about our ducklings. I have read that they should have all of their feathers by 6-8wks a d can self regulate body temps. That would be about mid April. But I also read that they should not be outside when night time temps drop below 50 degrees. Where I am in VA we...
  18. R

    Are they old enough?

    I have some Barred Rock chicks that are 2 and 1/2 weeks old and I was wondering if they could go outside. They were from a hatchery, so they don't have their mamma with them. Not permanently, just for a little each day and only when it is warm.
  19. CheepThrillsAcres

    They choose to sleep outside...

    Greetings! I have run across some unusual (to me) chicken behavior, my flock just will not sleep inside the coop. My background. Originally from upstate New York (basically Canada), my childhood was spent on a small farm with cows that we boarded / raised / slaughtered, and chickens that we...
  20. T

    Moving quail chicks outside in the winter

    I live in N VA and the lows at night can get into the twenties. My pen outside is 8x6x5ft tall, on the ground, using straw as a deep litter method for the winter. Half is covered by a tarp for rain and there is a "coop" box that is shielded from the elements (straw deep litter too). I have 12...
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