1. B

    Chicks upper respiratory illness oxytetracycline dosage?

    I have 2 batches of chicks with sneezing, wheezing symptoms. Came vaccinated and fed medicated feed. My best guess upper respiratory infection. Been cold and wet here. Got oxytetracycline calf scour boluses as can’t get any other antibiotics w/out vet visit. Read here to dose at 800 mg/gallon...
  2. Chickerella2012

    Oxytetracycline and baycox?

    Can Oxytetracycline (injectable) and baycox (orally) given together? Are there interactions between the two? Thank you!
  3. FiveFootmama

    Can Ulcerative Enteritis in Coturnix Quail be passed on through eggs?

    Hi, I'm dealing with Ulcerative Enteritis in my quail aviary. I've lost about 4 birds in the last month, and just realized what the problem is after some serious research. The vet is ordering me some Duramycin to treat them with. Regardless of the illness, I've been planning to replace my...
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