1. DontChickenOut14

    What is your favorite bird (chicken, duck, quail, etc. )?

    I want to know which bird species is your favorite, mine is chickens but that is just because they are all I've ever had (and they are fluffy lol). Vote on the poll and comment why!
  2. Nendei

    My handsome Kirby

    My handsome Kirby 💕
  3. O

    Young 8 week old Cockatiel

    What mutation is this? And is it a male or female?
  4. TheSmallestEgg

    Rescue Conures: how to socialize?

    Hello friends, I have recently acquired 2 rescue conjures, Boo and Mango. I have zero information on them, except they belonged to a woman who passed, and they were sold at an animal auction to someone I know. The person who gave them to me didn't handle them at all. When I met the birds a...
  5. S

    Toys for quail???

    So I have quail, and would getting parrot toys without the perch work to keep them happy? I know they can’t perch, but what toys are there for quail and does anyone have ideas? From all i’ve seen, they just like to play with string and roll things around, so would parrot toys(maybe slightly...
  6. NineChickens

    Best parrot?

    I love having my chicks just sit and perch on me but I dont think they'll be quite as willing (or small) to do it as they get older. Also they probably wouldn't be able to come inside. So I was thinking about looking into parrots. I already have research under my belt from previous years but I...
  7. NineChickens

    How loud are African Grey's?

    Ive read multiple places saying they are good apartment birds and other places saying they're loud. So what's the truth? And I dont mean talking im asking about when they scream and how often they scream.
  8. E


    Hello, I am from Azerbaijan. I am intended to buy macaws and cockatoos and create my own small aviary in Azerbaijan. I kindly ask experienced users to help me find reliable suppliers. I want find a parrot breeding company/aviary that can ship birds to Azerbaijan. I will ask for certain proofs...
  9. Quails1

    How messy are parrots?

    Just like with my previous threads I've started on the mess factor of doves/pigeons compared to gamebirds and waterfowl, just how messy are parrots? Now that I know doves and pigeons are cleaner than ducks and chickens, for this time, what about parrots (in general)? I do know psittacines are...
  10. Dylan's Story

    Dylan's Story

    Hi BYC folks, I know that you do not know me yet. I am new here, but I have had chickens, and other birds, since 1978. Yes, I know, “Pre-Internet”. Yes, I am old. My kids told me that in 1999! So, not new info. Why am I here? When I should be just moldering in my grave? I have retired and...
  11. peacockfeather

    Cockatoo Bite Advice?

    I've had a U2 for about 6 years. He is a rescue and I am not his first owner. Overall, he's a good bird, but sometimes he will bite that (seems) so come out of nowhere. He is very playful and typically in very good spirits, but every 4-6 months, I'll get a very aggressive bite. I don't react...
  12. Parront

    New in AZ

    Hi, I am a new member to BYC. I owned chickens in the 80's -- I ordered a box of 50 chickens from Murray McMurray, from their catalog. I have been enjoying reading this forum without joining for a few years now, because I was chicken-less. Now, I have retired and moved to Prescott, AZ and am...
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