partridge rock

  1. R1V3R20NG

    Pretty, 4 year hens re home NoCal.

    First up we have Paisley, who is 3 years 10 months. She is a partridge rock. Next we have Lucy. She is the same age as Paisley. She is a Silver Laced Wyandotte We have one more hen we might be getting rid of but I won't be posting her here yet. We also have a gorgeous white Yokohama rooster...
  2. shaw613

    Raising my own crossbred hens

    Does anyone out there have experience using either Partridge Rock Rooster or Brown Leghorn rooster over assorted hens for egg laying? I have reds, rocks, delaware and australorp hens and would like some hybrid egg layers. Thanks
  3. The O’Aces

    Virginia Flock Rehoming

    Due to my husband’s medical disability, we are beginning to plan for an eventual downsizing/out of state relocation and need to start the process of rehoming our flock. The chickens are a year old. We have 9 Wellsummer hens and 5 French Black Copper Maran hens. We also have three gorgeous...
  4. Squeak61

    Chickens in CT

    Hi everyone, I have 3 hens and one rooster for adoption. I have a partridge rock hen (listed on a previous post) and three black turken growouts. The partridge rock is a beauty, and she’s from Meyer Hatchery (is mareks vaccinated). She’s about 8 months old, and lays consistently. The three...
  5. Squeak61

    Several pullets

    Hi everyone! I have four pullets that are looking for new homes! I have three 1 month old black Turkens (sexed pullets from TSC) and a 5 month old partridge rock pullet from Meyer Hatchery. They’re all very healthy. The rock doesn’t get along with my new rescues, and she’s picking on them pretty...
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