1. chickenchicklady

    Is this a Silkie egg?

    Is the egg that the red arrow is pointing to, a Silkie egg? It’s rather small, compared to the others. It would have come from one of these two chickens. I don’t know the sex of either one. I’m pretty sure naked neck is a roo because I’ve seen him crow. But then again, I’ve read on here that...
  2. chickenchicklady

    Female or male

    Hello! How hard is it to tell female vs male in a silkie? I have two silkies, they hatched may 11. I am just wondering if they should be laying by now or not if they are female. I’ve included a picture of my Naked neck, Ms. Frizzle😍
  3. C

    Have you heard of this term/color variety?

    Hi everyone! Not new to chickens but new to breeds other than BYM or your standard feed store dual purpose/layers. I recently decided to work with silkies as well as one other breed. I want to learn the SOP and breed towards it I decided to begin with a black pen for silkies .. I noticed that...
  4. L

    Cochin stopped laying! Too hot?

    Hello all! I have a Partridge Cochin, just shy of a year old! She was a good layer through her first winter and spring; smallish brown eggs but very consistent; always 6 or 7 a week. She did go broody in May and stopped laying, but we were able to isolate her and snap her out of it pretty...
  5. 2 Weeks Old

    2 Weeks Old

    2 weeks old and getting pretty heavy
  6. 1 Week Old

    1 Week Old

    1 week old and a hefty 43g
  7. N

    Urgent advice needed on hatching partridge eggs

    Hi there, a few weeks ago a well-intentioned family member popped some abandoned partridge eggs underneath the chickens we own in the hope that the hens would sit on the eggs and raise them as their own. They’ve sat on the eggs happily until now, but have started to attack the chicks as they’ve...
  8. TwoChicksChix

    ISO Partridge LF Cochin Pullet! LF

    Hey everybody. My friend has been trying to get a large fowl Cochin for awhile. She had a very sweet blue girl who sadly passed away due to unknown circumstances. She of course was heartbroken. So she bought a straight run partridge Cochin. Who is now about 6 weeks and I’m pretty positive is a...
  9. chickenchicklady

    Pasty butt, going on 2 weeks

    Good morning! I have one chick (naked neck partridge silkie) who continuously has pasty butt. I clean her off multiple times a day, they have probiotics in their water, I change the water 2 times a day, the temperature is steady, I have her on an in medicated organic starter feed, and she has...
  10. chickenchicklady

    Silkie chick genders

    I know that silkie chicks are more difficult to figure out the gender, but about how long do I have to wait until I will be able to tell? Picture of one of my newest flock members, A naked neck partridge silky named noodle.
  11. Clappmeg

    Silkie coloration

    Hi all! I'm wondering what you think of this silkie roo of mine. He's got a silver/red/partridge coloring with tan/brown spots on his wing feathers. He's obviously not show quality but I think he's just gorgeous! I've never seen any other silkie that looks like this! Thoughts?
  12. NSKDodge

    HELP me sex my chukar

    Why is this so difficult? Maybe someone here can see what sex my little birds are... Chukar #1 is the more petite one, the body and head are smaller but it has little bumps where spurs would be. Chukar #2 has a larger body... more block headed but zero spur bump... I asked the vet and they say...
  13. maridybear

    Store said Cinnamon Queen, but....

    Our girl is 11 months old and doesn't look anything like the Cinnamon Queen Tractor Supply said she was. As a chick she was "chipmunk" coloring (which fits a CQ) but her body shape and feathering does not match. She's also bantam sized. If she had fuzzy feet, I'd say she was a partridge Cochin...
  14. Clappmeg

    (another) silkie gender Cmb, silkie, gender, rooster,

    Hi all, So I'm going to post a few pics of my two 7.5 week old silkie chicks and I would love for you to give me your thoughts on the partridge chick! I KNOW the white chick is a roo. He's had a comb and wattles since just a few weeks old. While mama is a show quality hen (blue ribbon winner...
  15. Clappmeg

    Late Hatching Egg Viability and Genetics Question

    Hi all! I've had a Silkie sitting on a small clutch of 3 eggs for 3 weeks now. 2 of the eggs hatched (one last night, one the day before). I' don't think the last egg will hatch. The other day I could not find it in the nest to check and it had been buried underneath some hay and although was...
  16. H

    I’m Newly Hooked on Silkies

    Hi All! I’m from San Martin, California and in April I took a Silkie that was hatched from a preschool and now I have an obsession. She ended up being a partridge hen and then I went and bought a blue rooster to have some fun! She has laid her very first three eggs as of Saturday so they are now...
  17. Laker Chicks

    1 week old chicks! Silkie? Ayam cemani? Cochin?

    My daughter's high school biology class hatched chicks last week and my daughter brought 4 of them home for me to keep. I'm wondering what breeds these might be? I realize that they may be mixed. One of them is tiny and has 5 toes, I'm thinking it's a silkie. The all black one has a black...
  18. Robynnlou

    Help me name my babies.

    I would love some help with my new sizzle babies. They’re currently just over 1 week old and I would really like to name them! I would love names that really suit how they look. I’m thinking one will be white and the other partridge? White perhaps more frizzle? What do you think of...
  19. johnwesleybarke

    Red Legged Partridge (Chukar) orphans

    I came home 3 days ago and a Red Legged Partridge was 'waiting' outside our duck pen. She had about 10 chicks with her. They were so tiny. I think they were hatched the same day. Then I left them alone. Today we came home to find her outside out back door and she all the chicks under her wings...
  20. Happy Henny

    What gender are my silkies, Satins, and Frizzles?

    Hello, a Do you know the gender of my silkies, Satins, and Frizzles? All of my silkies in these pics were born March 27th this year... 1. Blue Smooth Satin 2. Splash Frizzled Silkie 3. Splash Silkie 4. Gray Partridge Silkie Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thank You!:D
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