pasty butt

  1. J

    Frozen Poop

    Hey all, So one of our Easter Eggers has a frozen ball of poop on her feathers. It’s getting bigger and bigger and the weather here in Northern MN has been in the negatives the past couple days. We are thinking of bring her inside tonight to let the poop thaw out and hopefully fall off and...
  2. R

    Bump under the vent

    One of my chicks has had very minor pasty butt. When I cleaned off the vent today, I noticed that there is a hard bump about a centimeter down from the vent. Is this normal? The other chicks don’t seem to have it, though it’s hard to tell because I have only soaked the one chick’s rear. She also...
  3. Jacqui66

    This is my first chicken rodeo!

    Hi BYC Community, My name is Jacqui Myers and I am new to chickens. I currently have fifteen 16-week old chickens and twenty-four 9-week old Guineas. I have a Silkie, a few Rhode Island Reds, some Lace Wyandotte’s, a California Gray, a Light Brahma, a few Bantams, and the rest I think are a mix...
  4. boggart

    Chick is lethargic and has an empty crop

    Good morning. My little chick “Roo” is very lethargic today and will hardly pick at his food. His crop is empty/squishy compared to my other chicks, he has a poopy butt, and he is wobbly on his feet with low-hanging wings. Any ideas of what could be wrong and what I can do to help?
  5. FrostyWind

    My baby chick has pasty butt and is getting weaker?

    For 2 days now my baby chick butt has been sticking and fulling with poop. No matter how many times I've cleaned it off, it keeps coming back and the chick is getting weaker? What can I do? Is it already too late for the chick to survive? I've cleaned it just now and he's sitting and closing...
  6. M

    Pasty butt...I think. I need cures!

    Hello, I am now the owner of 5 chicks. theyre estimated about 2.5-3 weeks old. All of their little butts were fluffy until I noticed a few days ago that one of our chicks, Wynona, has what looks to be pasty butt. Wynona had previosuly been chirping loudly almost non-stop for a few days and some...
  7. BeccaDoe

    Sticky Bum Methods?

    Good evening, everyone. I hope you're all well! Tonight I was thinking about my little girls as I usually do before sleep, and I had a thought. So, two of my girls look like they could benefit from some posterior maintenance. Their vents are clear to poop from, but they still have a little...
  8. Chikibabymom

    Bad case of pasty butt!

    I recently became a baby chick mom and got one cockerel (Stanley) along with four pullets. They’re all about 1-3 weeks old and have had a pretty good transition into their new brood. But I’ve noticed that Stanley has a case of pasty butt, I’m not sure wether it was because of the stress he was...
  9. Kris5902

    Chick with malformed vent? Please help.

    this is my second hatch, things went overall quite well, my chicks are now 2 days old and I’m concerned about the vent on one, I thought it was just pasty butt yesterday, however on cleaning it again today I noticed I can’t find the actual vent? today I also noticed it’s a little lethargic. The...
  10. L

    Apple cider vinegar and cord in chick water?

    Hi, I have a week old chick. The chick has pasty butt and every time I wash its vent off it becomes clogged again. I've heard that apple cider vinegar helps with this, but you're supposed to put it in the chicks water and I already have Corid in my chicks water. Is it ok to have both Corid and...
  11. L

    apple cider vinegar and Corid?

    Hi, I have a 5 day old chick. The chick has pasty butt and every time I wash its vent off it becomes clogged again. I've heard that apple cider vinegar helps with this, but you're supposed to put it in the chicks water and I already have Corid in my chicks water. Is it ok to have both Corid and...
  12. house.of.ducks

    Please help!! I think my goslings have pasty butt or are sick??

    I have two 4 day old chinese goslings. They seem to be healthy and act normally (in my opinion) and to be happy. This is my first time with goslings and i’m terrified that something will happen to them. Earlier today i noticed some poop hanging out of one of them so i gave them both a bath and...
  13. trumpeting_angel

    First chicks, questions already!

    So our local farm and feed store told me my chicks are a week old, at most. I have 2 Buff Orps, a Gold-laced Wyandotte, and a Black Australian. First question. They don’t seem to want 95 degrees. But really, I don’t know. I brought them home after five, got them settled, then was busy making...
  14. selenag

    Pasty butt or umbilical cord?

    I got a new batch of chicks and one of them has this hard poop looking stuff near their bum and i could use some advice on what it is.
  15. L


  16. 5arrowsfarm

    Swollen chick vent

    I have a polish chick that is about a month old. She got pasty butt a few weeks ago that I thought I treated. Her vent is now swollen and gets “clogged” fairly easily but it’s not pasty butt. She’s in the house so that I can keep it clean. I’ve been rinsing it with warm water and applying...
  17. theinwardcold

    Can someone diagnose this?

    One of my rouen/pekin cross ducklings has something on his vent and has had it since he was in the egg. I'm not sure if it's just a bad case of pasty butt or if it's something else
  18. ReeRee14

    Mag Citrate for chick’s pasty butt?

    I’ve lost two chicks to pasty butt and now it looks like another one is getting it. I tried to save the other too by patiently pouring warm water and dawn and rinsing it off but i think it was already too late. I read you can add magnesium citrate to adult chickens water... see link below...
  19. C

    Pasty Butt Discovered Too Late??

    hi. I just want to say before since I did not check sooner: this is my first time doing chicks without parents help!! I did not know to check because we have never had this issue before. I picked up chicks from tractor supply on Thursday. one of the chicks would sit and chirp a LOT. I check on...
  20. A

    Pasty butt help! 4 day old chick

    I have a four day old buff orpington. Day 1 and 2 she was active, drinking, and pooping, no signs of pasty butt. Day 3 she became very lethargic. She slept most of the day and barely got up when you would touch her. She would get up, but then go back to sleep a moment later. She was still moving...
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