1. L

    Wild Peacocks - Want to identify breed, find peahen

    Hi All, I live in Lucas Valley California and there are wild peacocks on my family's property (since before we moved in in 2004). THe last peahen had four boys and we only have two peacocks now it seems and no peahen. Can someone identify the breed ... possibly Emerald? It's not a straight up...
  2. MountainUp1

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    We have flock of twenty-some chickens. About five months ago, a lone peahen arrived from 'nowhere' and began free ranging with our chickens. She's never left us. She is so beautiful. We named her Lucy. We'll be hatching some new peahens from purchased fertile eggs next spring, and building a...
  3. MountainUp1

    Twenty-some chickens, two dogs, two cats, and a peahen on a mountaintop

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Grew up and lived in urban city center until five years ago. Then we moved to a remote mountain in a rural setting. Started by building a small 3x8 chicken tractor. Then an 8x8 coup. Added an outdoor 4x8 run. Now another 8x12...
  4. M

    Seeking advice: wild peahen laid eggs on rooftop

    Hello! Seeking advice from those experienced with peacocks—have lived among them for a long time but know nothing with regard to their care. I live in a suburban neighborhood that has a hundred-year-old community of wild peacocks that coexist rather peacefully with the neighborhood. Today...
  5. E

    Looking for peacock

    Hi, I am in Caldwell Idaho and am looking for a peacock. We lost our 4yr old this morning and are feeling pretty terrible about it. We have 2 peahens and really want to find them a new guy-I'm not sure if they will, but I'm afraid they will leave if we don't! We don't care what color, age is...
  6. FortCluck

    Peafowl Question

    I'm just entertaining the idea of getting peafowl since the previous owners of this property had them... Can they free range or do they need to be caged up or fenced in? - I wasn't sure if they fly off Can they live with chickens?
  7. jojo2bobo3

    What would these babies be?

    I recently bought a new male at the beginning of breeding season. I was told he was an IB split to Purple WE Peacock. (picture attached) But he has a White Primary Flight feather on both sides, and it is just the one front feather. Because of this i was told he could be a IB Pied Split to purple...
  8. KsKingBee

    Fall Peafowl Sales List

    Fall Sales List, shipped from Spring Creek Peafowl in Marion Ks. 2016 India Blue cock out of Opal Silver Pied $175. 2015 IB Black Shoulder Silver Pied cock $475. 2014 Opal SP split Purple BS, makes Taupe $400 2018 IBBS split Charcoal hen $300 2016 Opal hen $275 2016 mid/high Spaulding cock $300...
  9. ecb4156

    Peafowl pair in South Carolina?

    I am looking for a peafowl pair, I’d like for them to be friendly. I don’t care about colors or anything like that. I just want to expand my farm :) I’m located very close to Charlotte, NC area. Thank you!
  10. StPaulieGirls

    Stray peahen & chicks in residence...what to expect?

    Hello friends, This summer, a peahen showed up on our fruit farm. She's hatched a clutch and we see her in the seaberries and vineyards with her 4 chicks. She's noisy but we enjoy her company. We don't really know what to expect. Will she and all the chicks likely stick around our farm...
  11. T


    Hi! I am new here. I don't have any chickens etc, but used to! Currently I have a parrot lol. I found this site threw one of your members who passed away a few years ago. She had a hobby of raising peafowl. I bought many feathers from her. Naturally molted, lightly cleaned & frozen before...
  12. W

    Figuring out a way to keep a tame free roaming Peahen safe

    Hi All We recently had a free roaming, but very tame Peahen adopt our family on our ranch. The whole family loves her, and she is incredibly sweet and tame (probably someone's pet at some point), but we don't know how to keep her safe. Does anyone have advice for setting up roosting boxes or...
  13. L

    What is the normal temperature of a peahen/cock?

    I have a 3 year old lethargic peahen. Its temperature is 41.2oC. Does anyone know if this is normal? Chickens can have a temperature of 40-42 but I can't find any information about peafowl temperatures?! I have started worming with fenbendazole. Anyone any ideas?
  14. Kalimak

    Peahen showed up!

    Hi all, Yesterday a peahen suddenly showed up in my yard, she left in the evening because of the neighbors dogs barking. She was back first thing this morning. She looks like she wants in so bad with the chickens. Is it safe to let her in with them?
  15. Mahapoultry

    ISO Peafowl & Pheasants

    Hi, I'm searching for different bloodlines of Peafowl and pheasants. I am willing to do eggs, makes shipping much easier on everyone. If you, or you know someone that has a really good stock, please contact me at [email protected] with all the info, and maybe some pictures of the stock...
  16. Pfau

    Peacock not mating with hens

    My Peacock seems to have some sort of problem, he isn't mating with any of his peahens. They're all over 3 years old, so I'm pretty sure they should be mature. He'll fan out his train and stare down a potential mate, and when she presents herself to him, it's like he just doesn't know what to...
  17. BirdsBeesTrees

    Spalding Or when Incubation

    First off Spalding Peahen Eggs are huge, and maybe that's the problem with trying to candle them but it has been 10 days and I can't see really anything. I candle other eggs and see something... clear, or veins, or black eye, etc. Has anyone hatched Spalding Eggs in an incubator? These are from...
  18. rosefarm

    Hi,everyone! Can you please help!

    This is one of our peahens and her eye has been like this for about a week now. I've put her ointment for respiratory problems and doesn't seems to help. Any suggestions what can cause that?
  19. ChrisG1

    Who can settle this?

    alright so our peafowl is now 8 months. It is indoor during cold and outdoors to bathe. was a wild rescue since family was eaten by coyotes. Was curious....think it’s a male or female and why? And type? We want to ensure we raise to become a beautiful and healthy peafowl.
  20. Akwasi

    Peahen fertile eggs

    I need about a dozen fertile peahen eggs to buy. Please respond if you can ship. Thank you
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