1. Q

    Rejected Chick

    There was a lost chick in my yard today. I think he must have been recently hatched because I found a peahen laying a nest on the other side of the fence. I brought him to her and she hissed. I tried putting him under her feathers but she keeps pecking him. The chick won't stop running to me...
  2. NatureGirl74

    First egg not fertile, could the others be

    The first egg my peahen laid didn't have a bullseye in it. She's laid 3 other eggs and hasn't laid for a few days. If the first egg wasn't fertile could the rest of the clutch be fertile?
  3. F

    Help is this a egg still alive?

    hello i found a peafowl egg that was a pretty cold and immediately brought it back to my home to heat it up. i did the water test and it floats and the air sac seems quite large for for its age which i estimate to be about 1-3 days old. does anyone think it has a chance of being alive?
  4. E

    2 new peahens escaped... What should I do?

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. :) In short: I bought two new peahens this morning to join our peacock family. Despite getting their wings clipped this morning, they managed to fly off as soon as I opened their boxes in our pen (which has high walls, but an open roof out of necessity). I...
  5. P

    Please help! Face growth on precious peahen!!!

    Hello, I have a darling peahen named Bubble, sadly in the last few weeks I noticed a growth appearing under her beak on her face, I wasn’t sure what it was and whether it was something to worry about or if it would just go away on its own. Unfortunately, the growth has not gone away and has...
  6. White Valley Acres

    How to tame a peachick/peahen/peacock

    Hiya, I'm currently looking for suggestions on how to tame my White Peahen (Hera) and my India blue Peacock (Hercules). They were both semi-tame when I let them loose to roam our farm, where I could pet them, but now they've become quite distant and reluctant for me to pet or hold. Does...
  7. F

    Urgent help - Peahen not eating

    Hi My peahen is making strange positions after picking a little bit of food. She stands straight after eating as if something is stuck in her neck. Its 3 4 days now and she is not eating enough. I checked the throat with flash light but is was clear. Dont know what to do, she is getting weak...
  8. NatureGirl74

    Peahen losing feathers on stomach

    My peahen, Penny, has a bald spot on her stomach. Is it possible that it was caused by a fight with one of my cockerels? Is it normal for her to have a bald spot there? The male doesn't have it.
  9. CountrySoul

    Peafowl candling - duds?

    I haven’t hatched peafowl in years. I have 4 eggs in my still air incubator. Today is day 17. I’ve candled every few days since day 7 and I haven’t seen veins at all. The eggs are very hard to see through so I wasn’t too worried. But the development seems to have stopped. I can’t find any good...
  10. S-t-o-n-e


    Some random wild peahens wandered into my yard and are trying to hang out with my chickens, currently I’m keeping them separate, what can I feed the peahens that they will like?
  11. Christopher28fair

    Peahen wanted in Devon Pennsylvania

    I'm hoping to find an India Blue peahen for free or not too much, or maybe in trade (very reluctantly) for my all white peahen. I have an India Blue peacock and the peahen just will not give him the time of day. Chris in Devon PA, posted May 15 2021
  12. D

    Will a scared peahen return to the nest?

    Hi, I would just really love some advice. The farm I am on has Peahens and I've accidentally scared one away from its eggs when doing my jobs, do you know if it will return to its eggs please and will they survive this? Thanks.
  13. NatureGirl74

    Young peahen's toes turning white

    I have an 8 month old peahen. She did something to her toe and her nail fell off. It was a little swollen and a little white. A new nail started growing in immediately and the swelling went down after the old nail fell off. The white went away too. I noticed this morning that the toe is turning...
  14. P

    ISO Peafowl

    ISO several different colors/patterns of Peafowl both chicks & adults, if you have any available please contact me. Thank you
  15. L

    Wild Peacocks - Want to identify breed, find peahen

    Hi All, I live in Lucas Valley California and there are wild peacocks on my family's property (since before we moved in in 2004). THe last peahen had four boys and we only have two peacocks now it seems and no peahen. Can someone identify the breed ... possibly Emerald? It's not a straight up...
  16. MountainUp1

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    We have flock of twenty-some chickens. About five months ago, a lone peahen arrived from 'nowhere' and began free ranging with our chickens. She's never left us. She is so beautiful. We named her Lucy. We'll be hatching some new peahens from purchased fertile eggs next spring, and building a...
  17. MountainUp1

    Twenty-some chickens, two dogs, two cats, and a peahen on a mountaintop

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Grew up and lived in urban city center until five years ago. Then we moved to a remote mountain in a rural setting. Started by building a small 3x8 chicken tractor. Then an 8x8 coup. Added an outdoor 4x8 run. Now another 8x12...
  18. debbiexdeby


  19. M

    Seeking advice: wild peahen laid eggs on rooftop

    Hello! Seeking advice from those experienced with peacocks—have lived among them for a long time but know nothing with regard to their care. I live in a suburban neighborhood that has a hundred-year-old community of wild peacocks that coexist rather peacefully with the neighborhood. Today...
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