pekin drake

  1. AshleyNicole06

    Duck Attack!!

    This happened last night or early morning. What would do this? There has been a weasel spotted. Hes walking and acting fine! I will do a warm.bath. Can I do epsom salt? What else?
  2. Got any grapes?

    Got any grapes?

  3. 0ddaudd

    Male Duck Wont Mate With Female Duck !!

    Hello ! So about a year ago I got two Rhode Island Red hens and a Pekin duck. They grew up peacefully and it wasn’t until recently that he (Eli) tried mating with my hens ! So i rescued a little 1 year old female duck in hopes it would calm him down. The rescuer unfortunately didn’t know what...
  4. 0ddaudd

    Male Duck Trying To Mate With Chicken Hens !!!

    Hey ! So around March of last year I got a Pekin duckling and two Rhode Island Red chicks. At the time, being a new poultry owner, I didnt think too much about the sex of the duck. I raised them all together and they lived quite peacefully together. But these last few weeks Eli (the male pekin)...
  5. DutchDuckies12

    Has anyone had their duck X-rayed? Was it useful?

    Hello, In my previous post, I have more details but short story I have a limping Pekin duck with no trauma or Bumblefoot. I want to know what is going on with my little man and was wondering if taking an x-ray would reveal something. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it possible to...
  6. DutchDuckies12

    Limping Pekin with no injury or bumblefoot

    Hello all, I have a nearly 2 year old male Pekin who has been limping for about 2 weeks now. He is quite a big boy and started walking with a slight limp maybe 2 months ago. He could still keep up with his 2 other Pekin females, no problem. His limp got really bad about 2 weeks ago and was very...
  7. tayjamieson

    Pekin Ducks Chasing each other, pulling out neck feathers - normal?

    Hello! So I have a total of 12 pekin ducks, 5 of them are males. One of the males named Angel (named Angel because he unfortunately developed a mild case of angel wing & we did try wrapping but the other ducks always found a way to remove it for him, little stinkers). Angel chases the other...
  8. hugitnotnugget

    Duck crossing legs when walking.

    I have a pekin drake that is 3 years old. Within the last month he started limping and now his legs cross when he walks. He is not walking much now. Any suggestions? Everyone else is well.
  9. SniperGoose

    My new ducks!

    The other week my cousin contacted us saying that his buddy was getting rid of his ducks and wondered if we would take them. We've had so many ducks over the years, and love them, so we said yes! Though they never said what breed the ducks were or anything. So I was curious as to what they were...
  10. Anasenes

    Male Pekin Duck needs a new home (Northern Illinois area)

    I have a male Pekin duck that I need to rehome. I do not have any other ducks, and he isnt lonely right now, my fear is he will become lonely later on or when winter comes freeze (he mounted a hen so he free ranges during the day, then is locked up safely at night). He is nice, but a bit shy. If...
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