1. minsin56

    what would be the most cost efficient and strongest type of fencing for an ostrich pen?

    im planning on getting an ostrich or two but im not sure what kind of fencing would be the most cost efficient but also the strongest
  2. Sire12

    Can you use tarp sheets to line a chicken run to make it easier to clean?

    I'm moving soon and I'm going to make a narrow run for my chickens about 4-5 foot wide and 40 foot long, it's going to be connected to their coop and nest boxes and il only put them in here when it's dark so for most of the day they will have free run of the rest of the garden - but since their...
  3. Woodey2

    bobwhite and coturnin

    Can you raise bobwhite and coturnix in the same pen? I have bobs now, but am thinking of adding the coturnix to the mix. Any advice would be of great help. Thank you, Brenda
  4. olayak

    Chicken Run - Buy or Build?

    Hi, We bought a great chicken coop for our babies but now need a chicken run. I thought I found one that I could simply modify, but it was sold out :( We live in the country, plenty of mice, weasels, foxes, feral cats, coyotes and even a bear or two (although it has not been seen near where I...
  5. Nats Chickens

    Best bird?

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyway, I have a 13 square metre area with a 1 metre high fence. What is the best type of poultry to keep in it? [Not including chickens] I have a few plants growing in there and I want the type that causes the least damage and is the...
  6. Chickadooo

    I'm new here and new to raising chicks too

    I've got 6 chicks that are approximately 2.5 weeks old and I've got 4 chicks that are approximately 1 week old. I've attached a picture of their setup at the moment. I try to keep one side of it around 80 for the older ones and under the lamp gets up to 100. I started mixing in chick grit to...
  7. Amenbrotherben

    Had Enough. What’s y’all best advice?

    Im so tired of predators. I feel like no matter what we do to our pen, something will eventually slaughter them. Any tricks aside from having a good pen? I’m open to any suggestions. I have a new flock of bantams that want to last.
  8. Sagey_7878

    Will my hens be fine in this space?

    Hello everyone! I live in suburban Australia and I’m wanting to upgrade my coop and run. I’ve attached some photos so you can visually see the space. The coop and run will be for 5-7 hens and they WONT be let out of the run to free range (maybe once a week) The run is approximately 20 something...
  9. Thechickentrainer1999

    What type of roost should I use?

    I'm currently building a new coop and I was just wondering what type of roost would be better/more comfortable for my hens. Should I use a 2x4, or a rounded roost like a broom stick or something else? GOD bless.
  10. Thechickentrainer1999

    How many chickens can roost in an 8x5 coop?

    I'm currently building a new coop and I'm wondering how big it should be built. I plan on having an 8x5 sleep area with a 30ft run and I want to know will it hold at least 20 chickens minimum?
  11. 1B07DC9C-871E-4B20-BB07-3437F64D8870


    During the build process. There are the same number of roosts at opposite ends of the henhouse. There are 20 nests along the back wall. Along the same wall are two windows and under the front edge of the roof is venting that stretches the full length of the house. The house itself is 8’ x 20’.
  12. Keeperoflock

    Heat Stress or Something Else?

    It's HOT! Lower to mid 90's. Heat indices are in upper 90's. I have 2 Jersey Giants that are 3 mo. old. One of them seems to not tolerate the heat as well as the others. Beak open, panting, wings flared, etc. All the while the other 16 3 mo. old's seem to be tolerating it fine. I did a...
  13. mdees88

    DIY Quail Cage 3.0

    Well I started on this one a few days ago. It is very similar to version 1.0 but has some improvements built in. This one is 5ft x 2ft x 18 inches tall. The floor sits 3 and a half feet off the ground to help protect them from predators. It has an egg trough and a metal roof. After a trip to...
  14. mdees88

    DIY Quail Cage 2.0

    I decided to build this cage specifically for breeders. I wanted it to require as little "maintenance" as possible. It needed to hold a lot of feed, have an unlimited water supply, and have a large roll out egg catcher. My goal was to design a cage that "could" be left unattended for up to one...
  15. mdees88

    DIY Quail Cage 1.0

    I got into quail a few years ago and did a bunch of research on youtube before I built my first cage. I have since built a much larger cage and I learned from my first one and did things a little different in it. I'm going to show ya'll my first cage then I'll tell you a few things I wish I had...
  16. peacockfarmer1

    building new pens

    im thinking about building some new pens my idea is to build them 12foot wide and 40 foot long should i go on and make them wider or do yall think this would work for breeding trios? thanks
  17. fe0208

    New and looking for info!

    Hello all! We are looking at getting ducklings in the spring to raise for eggs. Originally we were thinking chickens but I am starting to sway towards the idea of starting out with ducks since they are hardier and seems like their housing would be easier to get up and running. Our house sits on...
  18. Sakiza

    Outdoor Peafowl and Pheasant Pen

    Hello! First time poster. But I have been reading BYC for a while. My family and I have a small hobby farm with a variety of birds. The next big project is an aviary for our peafowl (one male, four female) and pheasants (one male, one female). We live in upstate New York and we get a lot of...
  19. WindDancer

    Coturnix Quail — Planted Pens

    I currently have one male. I am going to get some hens and babies next week. I am wanting to bring them inside (they are in the garage in a cage now) for winter. Does anyone have any recommendations for a planted pen inside (basement)?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Crystal
  20. K.Riggs

    Plants in duck pen

    Hi everyone, i have two Cayuga x Muscovy female ducks coming tomorrow and i started constructing their enclosure for night time and when i am not home today. I really want to put some large potted plants in there does anybody have any ideas about plants that are safe and they wont destroy?
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