1. PA Suburban Chicken Coop

    PA Suburban Chicken Coop

    I am completely new to chickens and after discovering BYC and looking through literally hundreds of coops, I pulled together a design that I hope will work well for my ladies. I started out with 5 day old pullets (Mildred, Mabel, Ethel, Lupé, and Harriet) about 5 weeks ago, and I’m obsessed...
  2. PhillyDelcoChix

    May need to rehome 8 hens due to A hole neighbors

    Just putting it out there now. We’ve had complaints to our township about having chickens. If we lose our case, I want to rehome them with someone who raises laying hens, not for butchering or something weird. We’re located in south eastern PA, about 15 miles outside of Philadelphia PA. Any...
  3. PouleNoire

    Hens Again In the East: My Flock's Autobiography

    :frowHello, Hola, Hallo, Ciao, Marhaba, Nǐ hǎo! Greetings from the flock! To introduce their caretaker, I have been raising chickens since 2015, originally in the high elevation of Wyoming until life happened and now we're settled on the east coast in Pennsylvania! We're just getting our flock...
  4. DrVeghead

    Newspaper article: rescuing ducks

    This article introduces a woman who rescues ducks in north central PA! Excerpts: Whether it’s ducks or scrapbooking, hobbies certainly vary. Debbie Colucci...
  5. PhillyDelcoChix

    Homesteading/Off Grid Living near South Eastern PA?

    Hello all, Looking for anyone knowledgeable about living on a 3-5 acres or more, relatively inexpensively in this area. We really love the area near chaddsford, brandy wine valley, and Coatesville. This is all assuming my husband will be working for the same company, but we’d like much more...
  6. S

    Looking for a rooster catcher in Pittsburgh, PA.....

    Two years ago, someone dropped off two roosters in my neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past two years, my family and I have fed and cared for these roosters on a daily basis. Unfortunately, one of the roosters earlier this year had a leg injury and died. We are currently feeding the one...
  7. B

    I'm new here!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am certainly not new to chickens. Our oldest girls are about 6 years old. We ordered chickens about 6 and half years ago through an online catalog. Since, we rescued a rooster and eventually we've raised a few of our own chicks...
  8. Thaney Design

    ISO Silkies in the Lehigh Valley (PA/NJ)

    Please reply here or text me pics at 8453842639.
  9. Dayswithducks

    Ducks in PA

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I do not have any chickens, I am instead a duck owner. I started with 3 babies in 2016 in Missouri. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Right now, I have 2 adult ducks: Meeko and Fauna, and three ducklings: Huey, Dewey and...
  10. Chelsa'sChicks

    Rooster Needed

    I am looking for a rooster that is in need of a good home. I lost my last one to a predator. Will be the only rooster to 12 hens. I am in Erie PA so preferably close so I can pick him up.
  11. The O’Aces

    Virginia Flock Rehoming

    Due to my husband’s medical disability, we are beginning to plan for an eventual downsizing/out of state relocation and need to start the process of rehoming our flock. The chickens are a year old. We have 9 Wellsummer hens and 5 French Black Copper Maran hens. We also have three gorgeous...
  12. S

    Changing the ordinance to allow Backyard Chickens in Montgomery Township, PA

    Please support the movement by signing the petition and spreading the word. We want to change the law to allow backyard chickens in Montgomery Township, PA.
  13. cuckleberry

    Button Quail for Sale (PA)

    Hello! So unfortunately due to complications at home, we have come to the conclusion to sell our button quail. (Excluding our tame one.) This is due to funds at home being low, and therefore not being able to provide for them properly. I've done my best to keep the roos and hens separated, but...
  14. Shellebelle920

    Cock-a-doodle doo... I’m new!

    Hi everyone. On a whim, I ordered four chicks from a lawn and garden place. They are due to arrive in mid and end of March. I have spent the last 6 days obsessively reading about everything I can regarding chicks and chickens. I’ve also ordered my coop, my run, feeding/watering supplies and...
  15. oli220

    Looking for Emu Eggs

    Hello All! I am in central PA and am looking for emu eggs (for cooking). Are there any farmers around PA, MD, OH, WV, or VA selling emu eggs?
  16. KDOGG331


    Thinking of moving to Pittsburgh. Any advice, neighborhoods to never visit or move to, etc.? Thanks.
  17. NJClucker

    Lebanon Valley PA Poultry Show

    My wife and I are going to this show in October for the first time. Would love to hear your experience if you have been to it before. We are going with a bit of a shopping list so we hope there are a lot of good breeders with birds to sell there. If you're planning on being at this show to...
  18. CzyChikenMath

    Breeders in NJ, PA and DE NPIP

    Hi all :) I'm trying to get a list together... If you know any good breeders, poultry farms, hatcheries physically located in these areas that are NPIP (or close to them), please add the info on this thread...
  19. Laptopmom

    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    We've been raising barred rock chickens for about 10 yrs now. It's been a great learning experience for my kids. Which were pretty young when we started (all teenagers now). I'm a stay at home mom and sell my creations on Etsy. I love living in such a rural area now, going on 15 yrs in a few...
  20. Autmizak

    Baby silkie very lethargic 1 wk old

    So I hatched out 7 peeps, 2 of which were silkies. Yesterday, everyone was totally fine and good then today I come to see that one silkie peep is dead and the other is acting so strange. Like looks like she/he is dying.. doesn’t want to eat or drink or move. No injuries that I can see and if you...
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