1. gardenerds

    New Chicken Parent Ahoy!

    Hello all! My husband and I took the plunge and ordered 10 Ameraucana (really Easter Egger) chicks from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries. We got 11 and the are all still with us today! (Which is only 4 weeks now). We are currently building a coop and are using permaculture methods for most of what we've...
  2. DoozyWombat

    Building a Woods Coop for DLM in the Shenandoah Valley

    I am just getting started building my first coop, in the northern Shenandoah Valley (Clarke County.) I will probably make lots of mistakes, but if more experienced folks want to help me spot mistakes before I make them, that would be fabulous. The plan is for an 8x12 coop using the Woods...
  3. NutrientDensePermaculture


    my wife and I recently bought 6 acres and immediately acquired ostriches, geese, ducks, guinea's and of course chickens. organic/sustainable permaculture is the name of the game! I am excited to banter with like minded people for better homesteads all around!
  4. growurfood

    Mama hen and baby chicks

  5. Heididi

    Hi! I'm Heidi!

    Hi, BYC! Let me introduce myself. Among other things, I'm a master gardener and composter, teaching in public schools and community gardens, and as such I'm a total nerd, researching everything to do with growing food sustainably. So of course, when I decided it was time to keep chickens, I...
  6. animalyodelers

    Show me UGLY coops- where my peeps at?

    I'm literally throwing together a makeshift coop, to be improved upon when weather gets better. I had a small playhouse I was modifying, but it got frustrating and wasn't big enough anyway (thanks chicken math, we have more than planned). I love to get inspiration for DIY projects from seeing...
  7. Palestinian Farmer

    Raised bed as a permanent residence!

    Hello everybody, I just had a crazy idea, and I wanted to run it through you guys:- Introduction: I have a large farm of mostly olive trees, fig trees, pomegranate trees, and guava trees. The trees are planted in rows, and there is a 6 m (20 ft) between each tree. I currently plant vegetables...
  8. DHutchins

    Hi There! I'm New Here.

    Hi there, my name is Dawn Hutchins, I wanted to introduce myself and answer the questions! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I've had chickens for almost two years. I rescued three from a neighbor that was moving and didn't want them any more. When we were...
  9. growurfood

    Free range chickens + pioneer plants

  10. aquila

    Our Farm ~ stories and pictures

    Hi there! My name's Rebecca and I live on a small farm in western Oregon. I've already made a thread about our growing flock of chickens, but I thought it might be nice to have somewhere to post other, less chicken-specific goings-on at our farm. Our place is something between a small family...
  11. MotherOfPeepPeeps


    I have been in love with the idea of Egg-Mobiles ever since I first saw a YouTube video of Joel Salatin's laying hen setup on Polyface Farm. I just discovered five acres of nice level but overgrazed pasture that is available on a reasonable rent-to-own option. I am trying to crunch the numbers...
  12. U

    Portland Oregon Urban Chiclets

    Hi there, My wife and I are raising our 3rd brood of laying hens on our 10,000 sq.ft 'farm' in the city of Portland, OR. We have 4 hens: Meri- our Americauna; Aussie - our Austrailulorpe; Dotty - our Wyndote; and Del-our Delaware. Dotty currently has a prolapsed vent and possibly gleet. Happy...
  13. candacemusarra

    Coop Placement

    Hi Everyone! Trying to place a coop for the long run. Has anyone watched Edible Acres on youtube? He has a really interesting chicken set up where they work all his composting material, in addition to the deep litter method. Anyway, I'd like to implement some permaculture practices and I...
  14. Erin Meta

    Mealworm compost

    Hi all- I'm considering starting a mealworm farm for my flock of 5 hens, and am wondering if anyone has tried using mealworm waste as a vermicompost product. Years ago, I had a set up with red wigglers to create the infamous "black gold", and I'm curious if mealworms can produce a product...
  15. betR2

    New to Forum

    Hi Everyone, I've spent some time on the main site, learning and yearning, but have only just ventured to the forums. I look forward to sharing in the wealth of knowledge, meeting chicken owners from all over the world and finding out all about our different lives with poultry. I am on the...
  16. C

    New to raptor motherhood

    Hey there never raised birds before. My husband and I have been dreaming of having a big property and raising our own food. We are living on ten acres now in a travel trailer while a new manufactured home is built. We have been researching what we we want to raise and how for over 2 years. We...
  17. HeidiEmbrey

    Vote for me to help me get my chickens please?

    Hello, I am in a contest to win a $500 grant from the Florida Permaculture Convergence to buy the things I need to finally get my chickens. If you would be so kind as to vote for me please send your name (you may use an alias) and the subject ''Voting Heidi's Chickens'' to the Florida...
  18. M

    Chicken Coop Over Raised Bed

    Hello all, I had an idea hit me yesterday after watching a Justin Rhodes video. Right now I have 10 chickens over a 1/4 city backyard. I use 4x12x12" raised garden beds in my back yard to grow vegetables. I want to place coops over two new raised beds and slowly add hardwood mulch over the next...
  19. C

    Coop/Run design suggestions in North Florida

    Hello, We recently moved our family to a couple of acres in Gainesville, FL and are looking at incorporating some animals, namely chickens, to our homestead. Having never raised chickens, my questions are numerous—but to begin—I am wondering what housing styles others around this area have found...
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