pictures &stories of my chickens

  1. WhatTheDuckingDuck

    Welcome to Insanity!

    Welcome to my Madhouse! Please join me in the insanity and feel free to share your insane experiences! I’ll start off with by listing my “herd” * 50+ chickens egg chickens and meatbirds * 11 Ducks 1 pekin, 5 mallards, 5 khaki campbells * 4 Toulouse goslings, more eggs in the...
  2. Tre3hugger

    Earthen Acres Homestead: First mixed laying flock

    Hey everyone. My partner and I have a fairly new 5 acre homestead in New England and have recently added 10 birds, 9 pullets and a cockerel, to our growing self sufficiency. I am already completely smitten with them, and people in real life are tired of hearing about them! lol Figured I'd share...
  3. cluckmecoop7

    Cluckmecoop7's Thread *COME JOIN THE CHAT!*

    Come Join The Chat with Cluckmecoop7! I own chickens: I own fish: So why not share stories, pictures, facts, etc. about our pets????? I made another thread sort of like this one, but it did not get very many replies. It only went to page 3. I want this thread to GET...
  4. ourcozycoop

    Chicks and kittens!

    I often hear of broody hens mothering the barn litter of kitties We have had two barn litters but no luck on a broody hen making all that cuteness happen, anyone experience their broody hen mother kittens? Growing up we’ve always had rescue pit bulls, one guy; Oden use to gather the kittens...
  5. (chicken pun)

    Chicken Photos!

    Welcome! This thread is all about posting cool pictures of your chickens! I’ll start!(You can post pictures of other kinds of fowl too!) Please note that these pictures are a little outdated and some of the chickens here have noticeably aged, so I’ll try to post newer pictures of them soon!
  6. Couldn't resist, Emergency housing for Muscovy Duck FamilyS

    Couldn't resist, Emergency housing for Muscovy Duck FamilyS

    Hi everyone. I was offered free Silkie pair of chickens.:love I love Silkies but gave all mine away when I went back to work. So this was great since I was already set up. When I arrived to pick them up, they were Cochins. No matter I had a lovely boy who I wanted to mate with a frizzle, but...
  7. kriz the farmer


    LET'S START WITH A SHORT INTRODUCTION NAME= MIKU BREED= INDIAN GENDER= HOPEFULLY MALE AGE= 2 MONTHS DATE OF BIRTH= 21st MAY 2018 i got him when he was 1 week old. he is adorable , lovely , cute , and arrogant chick atleast for me . well he is rooster but pink in colour . crows on roosting bar...
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